Supreme Court Justice Scalia Found Deceased


Official Supreme Court Portrait. [Photo found here.]

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (age 79) was found deceased today in Texas. Appointed in 1986 by Ronald Reagan, Scalia was the longest serving justice on the Court. Known for his brilliance and wit, Scalia was found in a 2005 study to provoke laughter with his remarks more than any other Supreme Court Justice. (See more here.)

A staunch Roman Catholic and a conservative, Scalia’s death will likely shift the balance of power on the Court as President Barack Obama will likely appoint a more liberal successor. That will make five liberal justices on the court.


By Stephen Masker (Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



  • Very sad for conservative America. Anyone who is happy another human is dead because he chose to uphold the constitution and believe in conservative ideas is exactly what is ruining this great nation.

    • Well, I’m hardly happy over the death of anyone… But thanks for projecting. I’d rather he retired and lived to be a hundred and fifty.

    • Happy he is dead because he was an evil, vile person with no redeeming qualities and this means that he can no longer ply his evil will.

    • He upheld “his version” of the Constitution, and did it with extreme intelligence and aplomb. I’ll admit he had me nearly convinced on a number of occasions, but his politics were clear as a bell.

      This just kicked the whole “presidential election” thing in the ass. If Obama attempts to appoint a replacement, the haters will do what they’ve been doing since he took office – block it every step of the way. However, in doing so, they may risk losing appreciable political capital. It’s all a balancing act for both sides of the coin now, and its unfortunate that the third branch of government will be subject to the politics of the executive and legislative branches. The Supreme Court, right now, is 4-4. This does not bode well for the American public, but boy are we going to get a SHOW over the next few months. They will ALL say stupid things. If Obama is smart, he’ll realize he can’t get a candidate through before the election, since the other side will want to save it for themselves so THEY, instead, can stack the Court with a political crony. So if you can’t get a candidate through, what do you do? Appoint someone of integrity, legal acumen and without a closet full of skeletons and watch the haters fall over themselves trying to stop it. You ain’t gonna get the appointment, but you will get some pretty bad reactions from the opposing party. Should be a wild ride. Personally, I’d prefer to be in Patagonia for the next presidential election, whomever wins.

      • Obama won’t merely attempt to nominate someone to fill the seat, he most certainly WILL nominate a candidate . It is his prerogative and duty to do so. Whether his nominee is confirmed, while he is still in office, remains questionable given this pernicious, obstructionist Congress. It will back-fire on them big-
        time if it is held up for an unreasonable period of time. Just because there may be vehement opposition to his nominee is not a valid reason to ever give in and abandon the proccess. In fact, bring it on!

    • Completely agree with statement made by Timber. Period.

    • SAD? NO.

      I dance on this idiot’s grave. He was a corporatist, sexist, homophobic, racist, Catholic with 9 children and 36 grandchildren. He was a voice to uphold what is wrong for the masses and what is good for the corporatocracy.

      Unfortunately his death was not violent and bloody.

      Since he believes in hell, he is now getting fired and brimstoned, now and forever.

  • One does not have to celebrate his death. But one can be glad that there will be one less reactionary regressive vote for all cases on docket this court session. What’s ruining this country is the same thing that has always been ruining it: regressive tread on me types who want to impose their narrow views on the rest of us. Once the Conservative movement was hijacked by the Moral (yeah right) Majority, it was all downhill from there and it always will be until these hypocrites cease serving as useful pawns for the rich and powerful.

    • Narrow views? I’m confused. The SOJ’s duties revolve around protecting the contract of the nation. This contract protects our right to self govern. For instance, your right to say, read, believe, petition, what you will, where you wish.
      I don’t understand the hatred for those who protect your right to express yourself.
      But, then again, sometimes I wish …

    • Have you read the US Constitution?

      • Ullr, While it’s true the SOJ has gone off kilter, protecting the constitution is still their main job. They are there to settle differences between two (or more) states by basing decisions on the constitution, not monuments. They’re also supposed to protect the constitution from congress/presidential goof ups.

        • My question was directed at Sparklemahn…..

          Scalia ‘s approach to interpreting the Constitution was a small glimmer of hope that the federal creep of power could be held at bay.

          • UllR, thanks for clarifying.
            I agree, Scalia tried. Boy how he tried.

            OT: word has it the “Collective Common Good” will begin their war against obesity within the next 18 days. Every person will go on a diet whether they need to or not. The stores will not exchange food & other goods for the paper dollar. I hope the word is wrong, but, just in case it’s not, people should know they have short amount of time to purchase extra rice, beans, medications, pet food, … The sky is falling scenario might be real this time.

  • God bless his family.may he rest in peace.What a great job he had!!!

  • This is such sad news. He was a great judge. Let’s hope his position is refilled by a person whose honor & love for country compete with his for the win. It would be a shame to unbalance more the already unbalanced court.

    • HEY SHAK “Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached” A. Scalia, as a justice of the supreme court in a death penalty case. Are you sure you think he is such a great guy, willing to execute an innocent person if the court procedure met his approval? Really.

      • Veterans-friend, that was an out of context quote. He was talking about the Habeas corpus.

        I know he was the one who defended video games & stopped their bans. I thought maybe everyone was trying to blame the new rash of teen mob violence on him and his stance.

        Thanks for the sample though. It’s frustrating trying to learn things in a bash thread. I appreciate your post.

  • This guy was evil and I’m glad he’s dead!!!

  • I think there will be a vacancy on the court for some time. A number of decisions have been decided by one vote. Now there’s a real chance that the court will join congress in the world of gridlock. The next year should be interesting. A lame duck executive and a non functioning court and congress. That may not be all bad.

    • I don’t think congress will allow anyone to be appointed until after the election. The next president will likely appoint at least 3 justices.

      I agree that we may be better off with the politicians doing nothing.

      Dave Kirby for supreme court justice. We could do worse. (And have)

  • You say you hate the man, but more correctly, as you have never meet him, you only dislike his policies as they are different than yours. You call him a hater but your hate is vicious, most sane people talk well of the dead, but not you hate filled liberals. If anybody does not agree with your opinions you libs go ballistic. you are pathetic.

  • All you people who are glad a person is dead,shame on you!!!keep that shit to yourselfs.i didn’t like the man either,but he had a difficult job.And he has a family as well.shame

  • The SOJ is supposed to be non-biased, non-political, in balance for determining non-partisan decisions. They make decisions, not laws. Sometimes their decisions aren’t correct. Sometimes they are.
    I wish every council comprised of one of each party. City dweller, redneck, dem, repub, independent, poor, rich, atheist, evangelist, minority, majority, … with salaries capped at minimum wage. Perhaps then they would stop feeding off each other long enough to take charge of the issue at hand.
    Let’s hope the replacement is fair & square & centered completely around his/her duty to protect the supreme law (contract) of the land.

  • wow, what a Valentines Day gift; though it guarantees nothing there is a bit of hope now that the Supremes balance could shift…when you have a job for life its reasonable to cheer, at least quietly, inwardly, that your nemesis will expire, been hoping for this day for years…well, the Dems on the court are much older…

  • I was a registered Democratic for over thirty years and voted for Obama in 2008. Not only am I completely disgusted with him I’m also very disappointed with you so called “liberals” that jacked the Democrat party. You people are not liberal in any way. you people are authoritarians and your setting a very dangerous precedent by allowing “your” man in the whitehouse to circumvent our constitution and become a soft dictator. Just remember dems won’t always be in power. To those who think that Republicans are any more corrupt then Democrats, you are delusional. Both political parties have been bought off by the same international corporate interests. The only way that will ever change is to get money out of politics and to stop voting in life long politicians like the bushes,Clitons,Rubio,Sandersetc.. Also if capitalism is so bad and our country is so broken then way do people from mostly socialist countries flock here by the MILLIONS every year? And do you really trust our government to control even more aspects of your life? Because that’s what socialism is…

  • I don’t vote party,I vote for the person best for the job,we need some serious help.If they would all get together us out instead of fighting with each other.Last nights debate was a bunch of children bickering.thats what’s wrong with our government they refuse to get along,well isn’t that just helpful

  • Best Valentine of this century

  • For those who don’t know, Scalia cherished the constitution, not the parties. The constitution is that annoying contract that assures our inalienable rights are ours, not the government’s.
    Here’s his final warning letter to all:

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