Rumors and Follow up: From a Body in Fortuna to the Human Remains Found in Hoopa

Readers often have questions about stories. They ask us what happened next? Or they wonder about incidents that never get written up. What happened over there? Sometimes we get answers that aren’t really an entire story but are of interest to us and, we believe, to our readers. Sooo, here’s a short recap of four stories we think you might want to know more about:

Rumors of a Body Found Near Riverwalk/101 Offramp Near Fortuna: a reader contacted me with a rumor on social media that a body had been located in the Fortuna area today. Large number of law enforcement were gathered near the 101 Offramp and Riverwalk, according to one source. Fortuna Police told us that there was no body found. Law enforcement had been in the transient camps there.

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's Office BlurThe Human Remains Found Near Hoopa: On January 28th, human remains found on Redwood Grove Road near Hoopa were reported to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The remains are extremely decomposed, according to Deputy Coroner Ernie Stewart. He said that his department sent off samples and suggested possible matches to the Department of Justice. “It is going to be a DNA show,” he explained. (See here for earlier story.)

Possible Arson Behind Bayshore Mall: Around 11 p.m. on February 6, a caller told 911 that someone or someones were attempting to set homeless camps aflame. A fire was found but one engine was able to deal with the incident. According to Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department,

Officers responded and contacted several people who had been camping in the vicinity of the fire.  Nobody saw how the fire started and no one suggested that it might have been intentionally set.  Officers attempted to contact the caller but there was no answer and the voicemail box was full.  The caller did not leave a name.  Humboldt Bay Fire did not find anything suspicious in the fire that would suggest it was intentionally set.

(Click here for earlier story.)

image1 (1)Woman Assaulted in Garberville: A woman reported being assaulted around 11:15 p.m. on February 6 in Garberville. According to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, when officers interviewed witnesses, the woman had gotten intoxicated, then tripped and fell receiving facial injuries.

(Click here for earlier story.)



  • Wait a minute. Wasn’t “Woman Assaulted in Garberville” the article where comments were made about the homeless being responsible and locals needed to take action? Now we find out she was crap-faced drunk and fell on her face? Sounds about right.

  • What about the report in the traffic scanner about a male who picked up two hitchhikers and was possibly raped. Never heard another peep. That was from this week.

  • Don’t give hitchikers rides, ever.
    Not that anyone deserves to get punished for a good deed like giving a complete stranger a ride, but if it backfires on you than you are at fault yourself.
    Hitchhiking is and remains illegal.
    Just look at most of the faces on one’s with their thumb out, scary!
    Stranger danger, since hitchhiking was invented a hundred years ago it has cost many their possession and even their lives, you just don’t know what that strangers agenda is. So there’s no need to reward a useless pack by giving them a ride, unless it’s to get the hell out of the county on a greyhound bus or the sheriff’s inmate transportation bus.

    • Hitchhiking in the United States is legal. The confusion lies with the United States Uniform Vehicle Code. The law states: “No person shall stand in a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride.”Jun 9, 2014

    • Picked up a guy heading north out of redway. He was insane. Started making strange growling sounds, loudly! Told me they called him “growler” when he was in Vietnam. Asked for money, after I had given him a ride all the way up to Eureka. Worst thing was, his hash was really shitty.

    • YES!!! I completely agree I tried to be a good person & give some kid a ride, had a credit card stolen from my wife’s purse for my trouble!!! I used to hitch a lot in my younger days so I was trying to pay it forward or back or WTF ever direction I’m not going & that was the thanks I got for my trouble!!!!! 8^C

  • Whatever happen to the young guy from Lake County and his underage girlfriend who shot a guy with a crossbow out at a homeless camp near Manila? Never heard anything more after they were arrested – are they still in custody awaiting trial?

  • old town observer

    good, thanks Kym, followup is hard and stuff…but it usually has your name on the byline.

  • Thank you for the update kym. I was told last night if we were waiting in DNA it would be a long wait. I guess we are. Thanks for the update. I appreciate it! 🙂

  • Kym has there been anymore information on the Casey Campbell murder (aka) the WHO done it murder

    • I don’t know anything more. I will add that to my list of questions to ask about.

    • thank you for caring Kaos,
      I would like to be able to tell his sons the whole story someday,
      and that the scum that killed their daddy are being punished for it…

      • My son went to school with Casey &his brother Shane is one of my best friends &I believe that his family & friends deserive to know the truth & that there are people who love &care hope fully if people keep asking ? The EPD will start looking for answers

  • How about the bicyclist that was killed at Trinity and “F Streets in Eureka. Early reports were that he blew through the stop sign but no final report, esp. as to if he was recreational cyclist, transient, idiot, etc. Thanks.

  • What about that DEA and forest service raid in Fortuna awhile back?

    • An arrest was made, the woman is in jail. Its been said that she was involved in a grow on forest service land or that she was only bringing food to the growers and got caught up in the mix.

  • Way to stay on top of all of this, thank you!
    I vote for a salary increase 😜

  • What ever happened to the male body found just outside Garberville, on the Alderpoint road? There was never a follow up to Identification.

  • Hey kym do you know what ever became of the giant bust up on island mountain buy the hart wood Institute it belonged to the calif voice cannabis I think that’s what they call themselves but it was just a gigantic bust and nothing ever became of it ,and nobody’s ever been in charget that I know of ,so do you have any information .

  • Just want the end of the story

    Good work Kym. It’s frustrating not to hear the end of a story. One other one, the girl who was unidentified for days who was found in the Arcata Forest. I remember someone alleging to be her uncle posting on LoCo about how she was loved by her family. Did anyone ever claim the remains? Or did the taxpayer pick up the bill. And was it a suicide? (women do not walk into the woods with no purse, backpack, etc. – someone must have taken her things)

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