[UPDATE 12:52 p.m. Generator Shed Burned] Reported Structure Fire On Reed Mountain

12421463_10207189457389479_1039063778_nReportedly a structure is burning on the north side of Reed Mountain. The smoke looks oily and dark.

We’re getting various reports that this is on Upper Tooby Ranch Road or lower down on Tooby Ranch.

Redway Fire is responding.

UPDATE 12:52 p.m.:  CalFire Battalion Chief Laura Coleman said a “generator shed burned” and fire crews are on the scene mopping up.

Redway Fire, Cal Fire and Garberville Fire are all on scene.



  • Three fire trucks on blue rock rd. I saw nothing up there but they passed me on the road

  • Damn I hope this guy can get another generator quickly or has a spare, it sucks when the indoor operation is in full bloom and this happens.

  • Nice that this didn’t happen in September.

  • Isn’t this the same place a generator shed fire took place last summer?

  • So what does mopping up mean and what caused this generator fire?
    It’s sounds screwy, I mean anywhere else in the country on any other news source that reports similar or yet identical incidents of generators catching fire, you hear them talk about faulty wiring or the actual cause,…

    • Mopping up means putting the finishing touches on the cleanup after the fire.

      An inspector had not been at the site yet when I was writing this so I don’t know what the cause was. But, if those other mythical news sources manage to find the cause of this generator catching fire, they sure are welcome to tell you about it. But since no one else mentioned the fire that I know of, I think you’re probably out of luck. However, if you want to ask politely, I could probably be persuaded to try and find out the answer on Tuesday.

      • in Chinese (Simplified) 到达…

      • Would you rather be “on the scene” or “at the scene” of a fire? Me,
        I would rather be at the scene rather than on top of the fire getting my tail feathers singed. Firefighters are trained to say “at scene” but so many report “on scene” that it has begun to sound “normal”. When so many people use the wrong terminology and other lay people hear it then it seems to just self perpetuate. It just isn’t worth quibbling about now that it is so ingrained. I wonder where the person who compiled the free dictionary gets his/her information?…from so many people who have heard incorrect protocol maybe?
        Also, mopping up IS the actual cleanup up of the fire scene and making sure that all
        fire is extinguished, not “finishing touches” of the cleanup. I think it is good to get correct information.
        Information spreads knowledge and helps reduce misinformation. It is NOT being “hateful”, it is being HELPFUL.

        • Oh, for heaven’s sake, pedantic arguments about prepositions aren’t my favorite way to spend my time.

          I could discuss the meaning of “scene” and why “on” works with it and does not mean you are in the fire. I could discuss some grammatical errors in your response but, why? You were clear. I knew what you meant. Isn’t there enough to argue about in this world rather than nitpick at language differences when language evolves constantly?

          I’m sure that if speaking one particular version of East Coast, upper-class English is that important to you, I’m probably not the writer you should read. I grew up in the hills of Humboldt and I don’t want to change my culture or my language to fit some other folk’s notion of what it should be–especially when Oxford and Webster both offer “on the scene” as acceptable—as you would know if you bothered to google it.

  • at scene is how I was taught and our dispatch says at. Different departments and areas are different.I’m at the scene not on it but both get the point across

  • The critics sound like other news sources that are not nearly as reliable news sources as Kym. If you don’t like this site why don’t you look to your other more reliable sources for the news. I prefer Kym’s reporting to any other source in the area, and yes she depends on a lot of locals to help get the news out which gives it local flavor. Only an unwanted troll would be as insulting as some of the mean things recently said here, please move to the other highbrow city news blogs you seem to like and spread your hate there.

  • Did the stored fuel ignite? That is pretty black looking smoke, like maybe a fuel tank went up?

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