Deputy Responding to Call Receives Minor Injuries in Accident


The accident scene was captured by reader.

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On the afternoon of Thursday, February 12, a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Vehicle rolled over causing minor injuries to the driver.

At approximately 4:58 p.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving a 2013 Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Vehicle eastbound on SR-299, near mile post marker 32. At this time the Deputy was responding to an in progress call of a physical altercation in the Hoopa Area. For reasons still under investigation the Deputy lost control of the Patrol Vehicle. The Patrol Vehicle left the roadway and collided with the dirt embankment causing it to roll onto its roof. The Patrol Vehicle came to rest within the roadway. The Deputy sustained minor injuries as a result of this traffic collision.

Humboldt Area CHP is investigating this collision.



  • So how about telling us about the big fight at Ray’s in Hoopa.

  • Yeah how about that, we all have the right to know what’s going on in our community. And how about them reasons still under investigation that sheriff’s patrol car leaving the road way.
    Just because someone wants to be a hero doesn’t mean it’s got to happen risking everyone else’s safety on the roadways.. let’s hear them reasons..high speed perhaps? How does someone trained loose control??

  • It’s getting very very very scary out there in hoopa the only way I’d feel safe going out there is if I was packing ,and that is sad . things are so out of control out there it’s a wide spread epidemic of Mexican crank ,and Mexican heroin,and that is the root of the violence I bet if that was completely eliminated it would be a whole lot safer than the area is now . That said the epidemic is affected every town in Humboldt County # 1 eutweeeka #2 Garberville redway #3 Arcata mckville #4 fortuna I just wish someone would help put a stop or a least slow it down bravo to trinity co 1.65 lbs off the street

  • I see cops driving all the time while typing on their computers eyes totally off road for a long time, they need to stop it….just sayin.

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