Suspects Free on Bail in Stabbing/Home Invasion Case


From left to right: Ryan and John Long

The two suspects in Tuesday’s stabbing on H Street in Eureka are free on bail. According to John Chiv (click link for more information), court watcher and guest writer for this website, the two were out yesterday after being booked. Charges have yet to be filed.

Brittany Powell, a spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department, stated that about 8:48 p.m. on the 9th, the victim called emergency services saying he had been stabbed. Officers located him on the porch. A blood trail led from rear of the residence, Powell said. This was why part of road was blocked there as officers cordoned off the area to look for information about the suspect.


Officers look for evidence the night of the stabbing. [Photo by Oliver Cory.]

While this was going on though, Powell said, “Officers received a call from one of suspects saying that they had been stabbed.” The two suspects, brothers Ryan and John Long, were on their way to the hospital.  At first the officers didn’t know that the two stabbing incidents were related but after investigation the two were linked. “Officers responded to hospital, interviewed the two brothers, and put the two stories together,” Powell explained. Evidence found at the scene corroborated the statements from the brothers and the victim.

Based on the investigation, Powell explained, it was revealed that one brother, Ryan, attempted to gain entry through the front door. Meanwhile, the other, John forced his way through the back door.”The victim heard and armed himself with a knife,” Powell said. “The victim and John met in the kitchen and a violent struggle ensued.” During the struggle, Ryan made entry through the rear and joined fight. “All three received stab wounds or cuts,” Powell said. Eventually, the two brothers left the residence and went to the hospital to get treatment for their wounds.

Powell said the three “were acquaintances from the marijuana trade but it is not believed that robbery was a motive or that anyone owed anyone anything.” While the brothers had out of state drivers licenses recently, “it looks like they have been here [in Humboldt County] for a few years,” Powell said.

All three were treated at the hospital. The brothers were eventually booked into jail.

At this point there is still no motive for the altercation.

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  • I saw John at the DMV this afternoon. I even asked him if he was a Long brother.

  • So these guys try to break and enter, and are criminally insane, and they get released? It wouldn’t be so funny if they broke into a cops house and did some bad stuff to the cop or family members,..they’d never see the light of day, but hey this sort of scum is what we get to walk our streets. And then you want to give law abiding citizens shit for carrying a loaded gun,…

  • Humboldt justice. Swift and sure. Swiftly you are out the door

  • Oh cool! So they just broke into the house and everybody started stabbing? And they all know each other from growing and swinging weed but it has nothing to do with weed or money? And they’ve had out-of-state licenses until very recently but we should consider them as locals and just be cool and cut them loose before charges are even filed? Am I the only one seeing how screwy this reads? Because these are exactly the kind of people we want locked up!! Or wait, maybe I’m not being cool.

  • 911 is joke in your town!………..Easy E

  • Stab and release? I thought Flemming was going to be tough on crime, sounds like the same old, same old.

  • Will power alone isn’t enough you need a tax base that can support more district attorneys more jail capacity more deputies more everything and right now you have a divide those living in the rural areas of this county are not in support of those things. Legalization could create a situation much more favorable to better law enforcement but growers and law enforcement are resistant to change it’s a classic catch 22.

  • It is not believed that “anyone owed anyone anything”? Where do they get this kind of “logic”? The ONLY reason you take two guys to break into a friend’s or acquaintance’s home is if there’s some big-time owage. Not necessarily money… but somebody needed to pay in some way, obviously. Somehow i feel that this incident did not settle the scores.

  • Give them Bill’s old cage at the zoo! There’s an alternative to catch and release. Parents could take their kids to the Sequoia Park Criminal Zoo. ” See what happens when you don’t eat vegitables and go to bed on time! ” Most likely they will have to put up a plexi-glass barrier for the poo throwers. Might even become a tourist attraction. Cheif Mills: Note to self; Must build bigger monkey cage.

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