Man Arrested With 1.65 Pounds of Meth

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

GUERRERO-ANGELOn Saturday, February 6, 2016 at approximately 12:00pm the California Highway Patrol conducted a vehicle stop on a vehicle on Highway 299 at Fawn Lodge in Trinity County.

The Officer who conducted the stop requested a Sheriff’s Office K9 Team respond to their location.

The Officers identified the driver as Homero Guerrero-Angel who was the sole occupant in the vehicle. The Sheriff’s Office K9 performed a search over the exterior of the vehicle and the K9 alerted on the vehicle. 1.65 pounds of methamphetamine was located in the vehicle along with approximately $1,032.00 in US currency.

Guerrero-Angel was arrested and booked into the Trinity County Jail on the above charges. His bail was $200,000.00. Guerrero-Angel bailed out of the Trinity County Jail on February 8, 2016.

Agency’s involved:
California Highway Patrol
Trinity County Sheriff’s Office



  • I wonder if any bail amount would have held him. That was a LOT of crank; lot of awful stuff could have come of its use. Why do speed dealers get bail at all? af

    • Why hold him?are non using dealers in danger of extinction.and the users are easily,tho temporarily,be made into nondenominational it a joke?payasos?

    • It’s called the Eighth Amendment of our Bill of Rights unless there’s reason he’s a flight risk or a capital offense. Homo may be a Mexican citizen so I don’t know how that plays. Perhaps they’ll just drop him off at the border and call it even.

  • were never going to see him again…

    • Correct. Like the dudes from Fortuna that own a string of taco trucks that were busted for mucho heroin. They are now back in Oaxaca.

  • That shit is nasty.glad it’s not going to the streets.nice stop.and ya we will never see his ass again!!!he’s blowing in the wind,couldn’t help it

  • Brutal. Meth is too easy to make and take, just like cigarettes only far more insidious and far more disgusting.

  • Probably on his way to mexico,and the great thing is that.crank will not ruin lives ,and the county of trinity got 20 g s

  • It’s debatable whether or not we will see him again. I think he’ll pop up again. We may not see the name Homero Guerrero-Angel, but we’ll see that face again. What incentive is there for him to stop what he is doing?

  • old town observer

    hey Kym, ever find out about the Palco Marsh fire?

  • Pure cristal.eureka as low as 300/oz.mexico $6.25 1/10 gm.ounce not available for addicts distribute to young and intolerant.1 person uses up to 15 gm a day.australia,new Zealand $ 600-900/gm. Parts of china,150,000/kg,that’s 150/gm,at kg price.what I’m getting at is,here,rehab,and poli,are ,in my opinion,necessarily corrupt.from a nasty combination of fear and greed.those who supply it can be bought as mexican private security they are,in my opinion better trained and show better posture in public.

    • Zoltan : really , one person uses 15 grams per day ?
      are you sure of your figures ? 15 grams is very close to 1/2 ounce. I dont think that is possible for a person to use that much.

      • Gary Coleman was up to 19g a day according to him and Dr. Drew.

      • 15grams is actually more than a half ounce.

      • I’m an ex user. The most I did at my peak use was about 6 grams a day. I was smoking it through a glass pipe. Smoking 6 grams throughout the day will keep your eyes wide and your heart around 140 resting beat and no sleep of course. Stayed up for 8 days on my longest run. But that was pure clear or blue cyrstal we were smoking, not yellow or brown bathtub dope. Glad to be free of it for 9 years now.

  • Mr X? Barry? Aka Zoltan??

  • We all know Obama and all the president’s before him are to blame for not securing our borders.
    Anyone that’s ever Crossed at San Ysidro knows that it’s a joke. To all you other unraveled north coast hicks, I challenge you to do some travelking.
    You will see that there is so many Hispanics in california that it leaves you wondering what actually happened to the melting pot, because it’s looking like a bean stew from mendocino on south.
    If Jose gets caught with a pound of meth, surely Juan or Carlos will bring up 2 more pounds for being late, no shortage of meth or Mexicans as the open border makes is easy enough to get the job done.
    This also ensures an ongoing war on drugs etc..look at the big picture..

    • Thank you for pointing out the underlying story here. Really you “immigrate” to this country, or any country, and resort to this heinous drug peddling of the worst kind? Donald Trump has similar concerns about this as well. Estimate $6 BILLION to build a wall on the border. Money well spent from my view. Time to make this country safe, sane, and secure. Do it now or do it later.

      • Will the wall go underground as well? There will still be plenty of tunnels. Watch the movie Sicario if you get a spare moment.

    • Have you ever looked up the word “bigot”? I believe you will find your photo accompanying the definition.

      • You should look up the word bigot, there is nothing in the definition stating that someone worried about the Sovereignty of their country is a bigot. Without borders there is no country.

  • What a country!

  • In Humboldt County the Sheriff just releases the cartel drug runners on their own recognizance, usually within hours of busting them. They don’t even bother with bail.

    I guess the cartel has more influence and better connections here in Humboldt than in Trinity County.

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