Bring Kharmah Home, Begs Family of 6-Year-Old Humboldt Girl Stranded in Missouri After Her Mother’s Murder

Kharmah and Lindsay

Kharmah is second from the left in the arms of the woman in pink. Lindsay is on the right in green in this photo taken several years ago. [Photo from the GoFundMe account]

Six-year-old Kharmah, born in Humboldt County, is a ward of the state in Missouri today after her mother was allegedly murdered by her father on February 8. Kharmah’s mother, 26-year-old Lindsay Arnold who grew up going to school in Blue Lake and Arcata, was allegedly shot in head by her long time boyfriend, Carlton Wallace.

Arnold and Wallace met in Humboldt County. While living here in 2008, Carlton Wallace was arrested for “sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls” at an Arcata motel. Then as he was awaiting trial in the Humboldt County jail for this, Wallace alleged that another inmate attempted to recruit him to kill a 16-year-old girl. However, Wallace contacted authorities and reported the attempt. This resulted in charges being brought against two other men.

Kharmah was born to Arnold and Wallace in 2010. Three years later the family moved to Missouri. While there, the Greene County Sheriff’s Department responded several times to their residence for domestic violence issues.

On Monday around noon, Carlton Wallace reportedly contacted his mother telling her that he was ready to go to the store. When she wanted to know where Arnold was, he replied that she “is with the angels.” His mother, a former resident of Arcata, told officers that she noted blood on his pants and shoes. She “discreetly” contacted 9-1-1.

Wallace then reportedly took his mother’s car without permission. He had reportedly threatened a murder/suicide situation previously so officers were particularly concerned. A manhunt followed and six-year-old Kharmah was taken into protective custody as authorities were fearful that her father might injure her. Wallace was eventually arrestedand is currently in jail for second degree homicide.

While Kharmah stayed with her teacher the first night, she is currently a ward of the state. Her Humboldt family is hoping to get her home as soon as possible. However, facilitating this will be expensive. A GoFundMe site has been set up to bring this small victim of domestic violence back to this community and to pay for the funeral of her mother. Almost half the requested $5000 has been donated already. If you would like to help, follow the GoFundMe link. There is also an account at Coast Central Bank, Lindsay Arnold’s Memorial, that people may donate to.

“[Lindsay] was a card,” said her mother, Renee Plumlee. Plumlee said Lindsay’s three sisters will miss her very much. “She found laughter and happiness in the worst situation,” Plumee said remembering her daughter, “and she is very much missed.”

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Carlton Wallace mugshot provided by the Greene County, Missouri Sheriff.



  • What a piece af shit. Any man who lays hands on a woman, needs to die. NOW!!!! His life must end. Death penalty in that state? Hope so…..

    • You don’t know that?
      Lady stayed with him for years, why?
      Moved away from her family with him and never went back.
      Innocent until proven guilty. Grandma could move to Missouri for a few years and should if she believes her grandchild in danger.

      • Blame the victim. How original. Hoping for the best for the little girl.

        • I don’t care if you believe or not but karmah wallace is my little sister and I don’t think that anyone should add comments if all you know is what they read yes it is true Lindsay Arnold died that’s true and no karmah is not stranded in Missouri so please don’t act like you know my family and let I be.

      • Just reading this comment. Lindsay Arnold was my only big sister, and since she isn’t alive to stand up for herself I sure as hell will. Now let’s state some facts for you know it all comment. Lindsay was living in California had Kharmah in California, was a single mom with Kharmah in California, untell kharmahs dad was released from serving three years in prison for firearm charges. He took Kharmah while my sister thought Kharmah was just visiting her dad and she would later pick her up, so after Carlton moved her daughter all the way to Missouri. My sister didn’t have meaning, she wanted her daughter back and to be nothing but her mother. So she packed up and moved, she took a greyhound four days to go be with her daughter. And the whole time she was they, Carlton and Ester had custody and control of when or if Lindsay saw her. They controlled Lindsay’s paychecks, taxes, mostly everything. I have my sources one being Lindsay. Everytime she would get ahead, even when it was legally her time to have Kharmah she was threatened by Carlton and his mom. They threatened her life and her freedom. I will be calling the detective on my sister’s case tomorrow, plus all media station is fair grove, spring field, everywhere back there. My mom is still weak from her passing, and my sister is no longer able to fight. So Her little sister has to be strong for them both. Yes Lindsay could have left her daughter, and went back home. But she simply didn’t have it in her. She loved Kharmah. She didn’t see a life without her. Carlton was never honest, he didn’t help pay for anything with Kharmah, no bills,no nothing. All Lindsay. She even gave Carl’s mom money for Kharmah. My sister was barely getting by. The only family she had back there was Kharmah. She was mentally abused, she basically faught everyday for Kharmah to make sure she knew her mom never gave up. My sister had her issues but she didn’t deserve to die. And btw our mother kharmahs grandmother wasn’t able to just fly back there from California. Not everyone just has that kind of cash. Fyi. So before you pass judgement many you need to stop and realize things could be more serious then they are said out to be. My sister’s case and her storie hasn’t been fully told, it hasn’t even been fully looked into. My mom, and family have had no calls,no questions or no information about the trial,Carl nothing. So I have to call and fight to find someone who can help put Carl away for my sister death.

    • It’s so easy isn’t it? To sit behind a computer screen and play judge and jury! Let’s all remember the real victims in this matter. That child is now without her Mother and Father. She will carry that burden on her shoulders for the rest of her life. What’s done is done! Time to focus our energy and send that little girl the good energy she deserves. God bless her and the family that is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

  • They really need to bring that little girl home before she gets caught up in a custody battle with the killer’s family.

    • Family member could move to little girls state and applied to be a foster parent then she would be placed with them while her father awaited trial. Less costly.

  • how sad is this ?

  • So a lot of mentally ill people meet here in humboldt if you haven’t noticed it’s a mecca for loopy kookoo gagahs . Usually they travel on and we don’t hear from them again at least for a year. This particular story is sad, and it’s for this reason having children should not be allowed for just anyone. That poor child is going to be deeply disturbed and these kind of mental images that are now deeply implanted will certainly trigger all sorts of mental disfunction in the future of this kids life.
    I think you should check on this kid throughout its life, at least once a year.
    If she comes back to humboldt, chances are she will be exposed to a lot of weired things, lewd conduct, drug use and violence may just be a daily, a normal thing to see. We have no clue about the Families reputation in Arcata let alone what really goes on behind closed doors in that household.
    Fact remains, The north coast is riddled with child molestors, criminally insane felons, prostitutes and all sorts of other human waste.
    Let’s get real, this article does not convince me to believe growing up here or and being raised with the victims family is going to be any better or worse. America is a crazy place no matter where you go, the thing that makes humboldt different is that the marijuana industry in the green triangle attracts all sorts of shady caracters and is an invite to wanted criminals and drugaddicts.

    • Fact remains there are weirdos everywhere and you probably have one living nxt door. Yes Humboldt has its problems but so does everywhere else! This family will care for kharmah til the end and protect her from the evils that run rampede in Humboldt. I know because I know this family.

    • Are you really serious? You’re right you know nothing of my family or the situation. This is nothing less than a tragedy and for you to use it as a platform for your opinions on humboldt county is absolutely disgusting. Get over yourself.

    • Who are you to judge our family and say the things that your saying judge humboldt but not the people who live here. your are a very ignorate person its like this everywhere not just humboldt. YOU ARE VERY IGNORATE! Open your eyes its like this everywhere get out of your bubble. All that matters is the well being of that little girl and our family will see that this happens!

    • How dare you to judge the victims family just because they live in humbolt! You’re the kind of person that this family is trying to protect this child from!

    • I live in Oklahoma and lived and grew up in Humboldt. I nor my husbands family came from molesters abusers. I have lived in Idaho and in Washinton, and in Utah for 10 years. I want you to know Humboldt must of went way down hill, because I have always said the part of Oklahoma I live in, is the closest place to Humboldt I have ever lived. The company you keep while living anywhere is what you tend to think about the place. Humboldt is no different, good or bad than any other place. If u surround your self with the insanity, that is what u know about a place. I think it is always your own choice to surround yourself with good or bad. I can tell you, Humboldt has no more, no less than any other place.

  • And by the way, from looking at carltons mugshot, the only thought I get looking at him is get the f away from me weirdo, and yes I am prejudice, I judge the book by its cover and then let the book try to prove me wrong.
    I have the right to pre judge each and every one I feel like pre judging.
    This is called freedom. We were all created equal but you can not tell me we remain equal throughout, no way am I equal to this mentally ill piece of human fecies. If you all want to be equal with him go right ahead, I know I’m not the same as this pile of garbage.
    Little less classy but more of old style, I call truth! And I direct this to all the phony self righteous hippy dippies.

    • What are you talking about? How do you get dirty hippies from mentally challenged murder suspect? Chill out broheim. “Hippies” aren’t the problem with Humboldt. I agree that the “industry” attracts all kinds, but the kind folk aren’t the ones to worry about. Oh, and kind folk don’t need 99 plants to survive.

    • But this was more a obituary type piece asking for help. Family is asking for help with their tragedy on here. What your doing, your truth, is just plain RUDE on this particular piece. Mentally ill or not let a family mourn & put out an SOS to their friends & family.

      • Thank you for your understanding words. This is such a hurtful and shocking time for the family. We want the best for our great granddaughter.
        Great Grandma Joyce

  • A sad series of choices led to this sorry state. Best of luck for Kharmah, she’s gonna have a tough road in this life.
    Please, everyone – have the courage to leave your abusers before something like this can happen. In this case, the warning signs where clear.

    • It takes a lot more than courage. You oversimplify.

      • Yeah tell that to the millions of women either killed by their abuser or serving life sentences for killing their abuser in self defense.
        If you have never been in an abusive situation please just count your blessings instead of laying judgement. Pray that you and your loved ones never experience it.
        This problem crosses all classes and is extremely pervasive in the upper class (which I was surprised to learn)

        To the family I am so sorry for your loss and tragic situation. The little one must be terrified, I hope she can be with loved ones very soon and I hope more readers can see thru the other issues to the first big need here which is to be with loving family. I know many folks who had horrible family tragedies as children who worked thru it and are doing fine as adults, talking about feelings as a kid over and over seems to be the theme of what helped each of them, ignore the haters.
        Does anyone know if the Emma Center can help in these situations financially? I would recommend the famiky contacting them as they may have ways to help or point you in the right direction.
        707 825 6680
        blessings to you all.

  • I don’t understand why the Victim/Witness department of the District Attorney’s office isn’t helping to bring the little girl home unless VW is just a California thing…
    Might be worth looking into if all funds can’t be collected by gofundme…

  • The fact that the victims family is being attacked saying the little girl should not go to them is absolutely horrible. I personally know the family and they are far from drug addicts or hippies or crazies. Hasn’t this family been through enough? This tragedy is no one else’s fault but the man that pulled the trigger himself. Anyone sticking up for him or belittling the victims family is just as disgusting as he is.

  • The father hasn’t been found guilty. Is why child has to be left in protective custody? Is the father mad at this “inlaws”? Has one grandma spoke to other grandma?
    This is why living together, having babies is wrong. What a mess!
    Everyone needs to calm down and remember, she stayed with him for years. Once they were in another state, she didn’t run home. Why? My daughter would have. She would have never left. Why are the people “flashing” gang signs?, they aren’t funny.

  • I am terribly sorry for this family’s loss. This child is an innocent victim who will go through life without her parents which is a burden most of us know not. She needs to feel safe and loved regardless of where she might be and not an innocent victim of violence.
    Domestic violence is not a cut and dry situation. It is sadly still an unspoken of crime. Locally I am not sure how many services or how much protection is offered to victims of domestic violence. This should be a higher priority than all the services to the homeless. Our neighboring county DelNorte has highest rate of DV in state and Humboldt is not far behind. How about we as a community take a stand against DV to prevent further heartache like this in our community.
    My condolences to the family.

  • Many differing points of view have been expressed and many are coming up with your own conclusions. Yes, I agree it is a mess, but Kharmah and her family are the victims. With God’s help it will all be sorted out and little Kharmah will be located in the best place for her. Her family here love her dearly. We also loved her mother.

  • People are disgusting. This family is in pain and internet trolls are on it. Really, get yourselves lives. Harrassing people like this isn’t reality. You would never say this to their faces. You’re weak and pathetic. Being a bully to people in time of tragedy? Anonymously at that, no responsibility or consequence. Forget manners, that’s a lost art! I’ve known this family for 30 years and it’s appalling that this kind of commentary is here.

  • Bless the heart of sweet little Kharmah, she is my family as well and I feel deeply for her for the sins of her father and the tragedy she now has to live with is sadly the exact same thing he went through as a child (so this is history repeating itself, her life is a replica of his). But most are on the outside looking in… I just hope that she gets an opportunity to grow and experience love from people who will not allow her the opportunity to feel however she needs to deal with this without the opinions and negative feedback. Just know that she knows the love her parents have for her and no one will ever be able to take that away. This is a tragedy, and she is still a little girl who may have a lot of questions… I am not sure that living with anyone whom will constantly remind her of this tragically difficult situation would be in her best interest. I pray that whatever is best for her, or the court decides is in her best interest. It is always easy to assume and judge. However, none of what is being said makes any difference when it comes to the welfare of this child. May God Be With Her~

  • I’ve know carlton wallace since i was 14 this is truly sad i pray for both families Amen.

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