Lady and the Tramp Are Lucky…For Now; Eureka Has No Animal Control Officer

Stabbing EPD 2Eureka has been without a Animal Control Officer for under a month and it isn’t easy.

According to Eureka Police Department spokesperson Brittany Powell, “Somebody in the department just said, ‘I never realized how much our animal control officer did until we don’t have one.'”

The department is working on filling the position soon but the process is lengthy. Powell said that the person has to go through a background check, take a polygraph test, and get a psychiatric evaluation. “It’s very extensive,” she explained.

Meanwhile, she said, “We just don’t have the resources to respond to a stray dog.” Picking up an animal and taking it to McKinleyville where the animal shelter is located, she explained, “takes an officer off the field for an hour.”

This doesn’t mean that the animal control position has been completely left undone. “We will respond to aggressive dogs,” she said. An officer is sent to deal but in the case of lost or stray animals, the department is depending upon citizens to help. “We are definitely appreciative of anyone who is able to pick up [a stray] animal and take them to the shelter,” Powell said.

Humboldt County Lost and Found Pets has been helpful, she said, trying to match stray animals with those reported lost and get the owners to pick the strays up. People who are able to take strays that have not been reconnected to the owner to the Shelter are helping the department out, she explained.

“We thank the community for working with us on this and hope to be up and running soon,” Powell said.



  • What?? I thought the sheriff’s department did this. When did that change??

    • I thought the same thing. I have called an interacted with the Humboldt County Animal Control several times (as has my brothers family) receiving their assistance inside the city limits of Eureka.

  • Sheriff does not pick up animals within Eureka city limits only county.

  • Good thing we voted for Measure Q!!!!

  • So ummmm how did we end up to the point where we have no animal control officer? Did the old one quit or retire or was he/she out sourced for, i hope bigger and better things?

  • So where is all that money going that we pay in taxes, hello just look at all the sales tax collected by the end of each day in our beloved county, it’s got to be more than a million dollars, and that’s just sales taxes.
    We are paying out the anus and they tell us that there’s no funds, …
    Really, you can tell this to 5th graders and they know this isn’t true.
    So where is all that money going, we would like to know.

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