Fire in Salmon Creek


A picture of the fire burning from the ridge above. [Photo provided by a reader.]

Private wildland caught fire up Thomas Road around 7 this evening. Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Department responded. By the time most volunteers arrived on scene, the fire had reached wet grass and mostly extinguished itself, according to one of the responders.

Cal Fire is on scene as of 8:30 confirming that the fire is out.



  • Spontanious combustion?

  • Thanks to all fire fighters. Good job.

  • Umm,….let it burn? Wet grass is like having a battalion of fire fighters.
    Best not to have to worry about it I suppose.
    I wonder if it was put out do to technicality’s of burning laws

  • Be certain to take out clear glass bottles, jars, whatever when you leave an area like this. The sunlight will focus through glass with even a tiny amount of water in it, and act like a magnifying glass to start a fire.
    Also reading glasses: if you suddenly realize you’ve dropped them, retrace your steps until they’re found, as they too will focus sunlight and start a fire.
    Our neighborhood has had two such fires in the past 40 years, and they were two too many. af

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