Beverly Lynn McMahan/Sutherland: Dancer and Harley Rider

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unnamed (14) Beverly Lynn McMahan/Sutherland


Beverly Lynn McMahan/Sutherland was born on a Wednesday in Pryor, Oklahoma on the 7th of December in the Year 1960. She sadly passed on Thursday the 4th of February in the place she called home–Miranda, California.

She was 55 years old. She married her high school sweetheart on June 7th, 1978.This marriage lasted 18 years from which she had five children: Jacob McMahan, Clayton McMahan, Richard McMahan, Lindsay McMahan, and Breeanna McMahan. She spent the last four years of her life with her fiance “Georgie” Sutherland.

Her loved ones who passed before her were her mother Betty Bingham, her father Ben Bingham, and her brother Doug Bingham. And, of course, her much loved Casey dog.

She was survived by; Her fiance George Sutherland, her sister Glinda Ssims, and her brother Mike Bingham, also her children Jacob McMahan, Clayton McMahan, Richard McMahan, Lindsay Balliett, and Breeanna McMahan. Her grandchildren were Titus Balliett, Micheala McMahan, Kelsey McMahan, Makua Balliett, Cowen McMahan, Kellen Crosgrove Jr, Sawyer McMahan, Makena Balliett, Aiden McMahan, Samantha McMahan, Dawson McMahan, Carter Crosgrove and another soon to be born.

Some of the things she loved and enjoyed doing or being a part of were: Her Fiance Georgie Sutherland, her family (blood or not), and her dog Casey. She was also a high spirited woman who loved dance anywhere, but especially at the “Riverwood” and the “Angelina Inn”. She liked the feeling of the wind in her face and hair as she rode down the road on her Harley Davidsons. And just as much as any of these she loved to spend time with her grandchildren. She was a great cook, a school bus driver, a scrapbooker and a thriftonator. And she also enjoyed having a good time with friends and family, anytime anywhere.

There will be a celebration of life/ potluck to be held at Beginnings in Briceland on Saturday February the 13th at 1:00 pm. If anybody brings flowers, please no lilies. Mom couldn’t stand the smell of them.



  • Loved the time I spent with her, the story’s she would tell would have us rolling and in tears. She was an amazing woman and will be missed. Your story’s and words of wisdom will never be forgotten.

  • My condolences to the bereaved.

    Kym, I think this is a wonderful service and especially appreciate welcoming remembrances that are not recent.

  • She will be so greatly missed!! Her jokes, laugh and smile I will personally miss tremendously!! ♡♡ </3

  • I remember on my birthday some time ago I was their with my whole family my uncle Fred Deo owed the Inn,and went to get a drink and this women was dancing and was as happy as can be.looked alot like the women in the photo,she was dancing with my uncle!she’s dancing with the Angels now.Bless you Tara and family

  • RIP Beverly.

    Kym Kemp, not sure about the dates on headline. Should be 1960-2016.

  • I love you mom!

  • Bev I only knew you about 4 years, but I loved your smile and laughter since the first time I meet you at Brandy and Jess house. As life decided for us to share in a grandson we became friends and looked forward to seeing you to the two Birthday that Ayden had so far. Next month at his third, it will never seem the same without you. I am sure God will let you watch down and be a part of it. We will all be thinking about you and how much you loved him. Brandy was telling me how excited you were to have him this coming week. We never understand these kinds of things that happen in life, wished we could turn them around, but I promise you I do everything to make sure Ayden knows who you were and how much you loved him. I had already been getting him ready to understand a lot of about Jesus. After he was Baptised it seems to want to understand about him. We talked today about you being with Jesus now and he said yeah she is. It is so cute when he folds his little hands to pray, truly God has his hands on him and he will know him all of his life. Brandy and Jess are so grieving their loss and I know how much they loved you. Farewell dear one, see you on the other side! Much love, Diane (the other grandma)

  • I was so saddened and shocked by Beverly’s untimely passing. I saw her a couple weeks ago, she was out to dinner with her financé. She was beaming with happiness. We hugged and said how great it was to see each other. “We’ll have to do lunch” we said. :-/
    I am grateful that I was able to give her a heart hug so recently.
    My heart goes out to her children, fiancé, family and friends. Blessings to you all and to your hearts.

  • Bev.. I’m going to miss your smiling face, your laughter, and your stories😪 I can’t believe you are gone. This is only proof that God takes the best as his angels👼 Love you Bev! I will never forget the times we spent together💜 RIP Beautiful soul!

  • They say time heals all wounds, right know that seems impossible. I do know one thing, I was fortunate enough to spend 4 wonderful years with one of the greatest ladies I’ve ever had the honor to meet. She blessed me with her love, strength, wisdom, and family. Thank you all for the prayers for Beverly, and the family. I know she’s smiling down right know and dancing. Dance.I.P my love, and you can tell me all about it when I see you again! XO

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