Over and Over Waves Slam a Range Rover


Since Saturday, Samoa Beach has been serving up a lesson in why not to drive your vehicle too close to water.

According to Jack Birdwell who provided these photos, he was on the beach and watched the accident happen. “I saw a Landrover going at a high rate of speed on the wave slope at Samoa Beach,” he said. “It rolled over…Six young people and three dogs got out of the wrecked vehicle.”

Birdwell said that no one was injured.

Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said, “As of yesterday, we are working with the legal owner to have it removed.”

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  • The ocean crushed this vehicle.

  • Thank you Mr Birdwell for these photos!!! It doesnt seem to matter to most people how dangerouse it is out there!!! They have to learn for them-selves. To bad such a nice vehicle is thrashed now because of them being stupid

    • sharpen your pencil

      Too many commercials showing this sort of activity for range rover…. the fine print on the bottom apparently isn’t enough for their customer base. It seems like this had happened atleast 3 times in the last year involving a rover and asshat driver thinking “hmmmmm it seemed easier in the commercial!.!.!.!

      • Dodge tried making a commercial on one of humboldts beaches. They too got stuck and the ocean claimed the vehicle.

      • There is a very big difference between a range rover and a discovery 2. And the vehicle in the foto is a discovery 2. I own a land rover discovery 1 and have driven many off road trails so the vehicle can advertise what it can do. Its not there fault who bought it and how thay drive it

  • For Sale: One used Sand Roller.

  • This shows how powerful the waves are.

  • “You’ve got some splainin’ to do, son!”

  • Stop driving on the beach.
    problem solved

  • Do you have the allstate ????

  • I hope his insurance laughs at him!!so glad everyone is ok,their very very lucky.what a genius

  • Did it spill oil and gas in the ocean?

  • 6 young people and dogs got out , thats good
    working with legal owner ??????? is that related to one of the young people or borrowed or stolen vehicle
    guess i need more whisky to figure that out

  • Now I’m a yuppie too!

  • ya nobody here was ever young-i’m sure that being young was why it got rolled-then the surf comes in fast and again,being young doesn’t supply you with the experience to deal with it in time.but i don’t understand why sum sort of authority didn’t act on getting it removed before all the fluids in a vehicle was sucked out and deposited in the ocean waters.if that was a highway accident hazmat would have been involved.instead it rolled around in the ocean for 3 or more days?????????

    • One vehicle’s worth of fluids…a drop in the ocean

    • The arguments over whose jurisdiction likely are ongoing. …

    • They haven’t filed a proper EIR! They have tried for 3 days and it keeps coming back. Return to Sender…Address Unknown ………now how does that go………??.

    • I have been driving on our local beaches as long as i have had a license, never had anything like this happen, but i have come upon many other vehicles abandoned in the surf just like this one. Some of them were missing the license plates but all vehicles have vin numbers that lead to the owner. If you are uncapable of driving on the beach without getting stuck then dont drive on the beach. If you do and get stuck get it towed, if the the authorities get involved they need to track down the owner and stick them with the bill for the removal. If the owner has already filed an insurance claim, deduct removal and cleanup fees from the insurance settlement. Particularly in a case like this one, glad there were no injuries, now its time to learn what accountability is punks. Clean up your own mess and dont just assume someone will do it for you. Just Sayin.

  • I always thought they would make a better submarine…

  • “The parts you see falling off of this vehicle, are made of the highest quality British craftmanship!”

  • How to kill a Range Rover. Top gear should take notes.

  • So the kids and dogs are alright ? Awesome ! The alternative is lame.

  • “They want my vital fluids!”

  • Always knew salt water was corrosive, but wow! I remember Dad saying. “What did you do to my car!?” It wasn’t a Range Rover, and it wasn’t that bad. Guess I was just lucky to grow up middle class, and not live near the ocean. Looking back, I guess I was just lucky to grow up.

  • You can probly buff that out.

  • Should have gotten a Toyota. It’s been proved you can’t kill a Toyota.

  • and remember folks… your insurance coverage stops 10 feet off the paved road…. can you say oh crap!

  • Is there a fine for pollution? All the chemicals that were in that engine and systems are now in the water

    • Check out the maritime laws for ships out at sea. They’re allowed to dump any trash they deem necessary once they’re 10 miles from the coastline. They’re polluting far more than one vehicle on the beach. I do agree that this vehicle surely did pollute the beach, but there are much larger fish to fry when speaking about pollution.

      • This is not true. While there are guidelines which allow dumping refuse once a vessel is far enough out, at no distance are ships allowed to dump floating plastic, and oily water discharge is extremely regulated, and only really allowed if the vessel is in distress. Still, that they can dump trash at all is bonkers. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MARPOL_73/78

  • SOME FACTS, people:
    1. It’s NOT a Range Rover. It’s a Land Rover Discovery II, a less-luxury model by the same company.
    2. It’s NOT a new vehicle. They stopped making this model in 2004.
    3. Fluids DON’T randomly leak out of a vehicle. Unless it actually had an existing severe fluid leak, the vast majority of the fluids (petrol, coolant, various oils) are contained because they have to be, otherwise the vehicle would not run. These are not contaminating the beach and will be removed with the vehicle.
    4. The corrosion on this model will be minimal because many of the panels on a Land Rover are made of aluminium (for you Americans: that’s pronounced al-u-min-ee-um) not steel like most vehicles. The damage you see is caused by the accident, in which the vehicle rolled at high speed, not by the waves or any form of corrosion.

  • The vehicle was crushed in the rollover accident, the ocean has done her share of damage as well. Stupidity knows no bounds.

  • Why does it take our local authorities so lo g to handle such an easy task.
    Rope it , tie it and yank it out…
    They all jump on being a hero when it comes to high speed chases endangering themselves and all others , but when it comes to a much simpler task they want to apply all safeguards…explain this ..

  • plastic and fiber. An old Landy 110 would not have trashed like that, strong waves or not.

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