Burglars Captured After One Spotted on Roof of Liquor Store This Morning

76abd39f-820e-4e30-87a7-9c0ae168326bAbout 12:50 this morning Eureka Police Department dispatched officers to N&S Liquors on 5th Street for a burglary. Responding EPD units requested more manpower to “contain” the building as they had spotted one subject on the roof. They also requested “less than lethal force equipment” to be brought to the scene by responding officers.
Approximately six to eight units responded and as reporter Bob Kroeker got to the scene, one suspect was apprehended in the back of the building and taken to a EPD squad car. Five minutes later; EPD officers called out to the remaining suspect to come out of building. The second suspect apparently  surrendered without any force needed.d2333c00-82ab-4274-8873-4bd477bbcb24 ec05b665-4715-4404-9835-06d153ce23d0


  • They couldn’t wait till 6am.

  • Looks like another transient bum go figure

  • Hahaha I used to work there.and that’s not the way in.you lose

  • Douchetard repeat offenders like these should sentenced to hard labor, even if for a only few weeks. They will keep repeat offending because they never get punished for their crap they pull on the law abiding. California law does not let police do their jobs. It protects the criminals and punishes the law abiding. Sheesh.


  • Its nice that they requested less -than-lethal tools but this is backwards, their standard equipment should be less-than-lethal and they have to request lethal tools.

    • Totally, so when guys like Ricardo Cheney or Aaron Bassler start shooting people, we can just request a fire-arm be approved by the board of supes and then dispatched to the scene of the crime. Right.

  • You never hear about ripoffs of cannabis….YEAH RIGHT!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      This is an alcohol-motivated rip-off. Tough shit, juice head. If people can constantly blame the theft of cannabis on the PLANTS, then alcohol-motivated crimes can be called what they are. DUI, domestic violence, disease, you name it. Get used it.

  • Sounds to me like they were detoxing and needed a drink…..

    Really though why did less than leathel force tools have to be requested to a buglarly? Are officers not equipped with that stuff anyway and taught to use that way of subduing and guns if the lesser means doesn’t work or the situations call for it to defend officers and community? Didnt a law get passed locally back when the mentally ill lady that lived across from Vern’s got killed?


  • Meth at play, let see these mugshots!
    you gotta be one spun meth addict to end up on the roof of a liquor store trying to rob it.
    Eureka finest right there!

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