Alleged “Hefty Heister” Arrested After High Speed Pursuit in Lake County

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Clearlake Police captured an armed man wanted by the FBI Sunday after a high speed pursuit on Hwy 20 near Clearlake Oaks. (See video above.) A spike strip was used to deflate the suspect’s tires and disable the vehicle.

The Press Democrat reports that Wesley Allen Krohn, age 31, of Antioch was dubbed the “Hefty Heister” and believed to be involved in multiple bank robberies including this one in Rohnert Park. This link has images of the robber taken by security cameras. According to the Press Democrat,

Sheriff Brian Martin said that the Elk Grove Police Department began circulating a bulletin about a week ago alerting law enforcement that Krohn was the robbery suspect. The bulletin also warned that Krohn had allegedly declared to his family members that would “shoot it out” if he was ever contacted by law enforcement, he said.

Krohn was booked into Lake County Jail and awaits a court date tomorrow.Capture



  • Good video !

  • Very smart of him to toss the gun. Seconds later and he would’ve been shot.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Or he could have just left it in the car and not had it in his hand.

      However smart… Lmao, smart would be not involving yourself in anything like this in the first place!

  • Take a bite outta crime

    Props to the cops

  • looking at shadows on the road , thats early , maybe 9 am or so
    i went the other direction out of clearlake oaks to run my dog at cache creek wildlife area . it was 75 degrees at my house at 9 am
    if it was colder i would have been right there , going this morn and driving that road to go to other side of the lake .
    good job lake county cops

  • Least he got in a little sun. It’s likely he won’t see it for a while. A cool criminal moniker. Sounds like something from a comic book. Does he put the money in a Hefty bag? Or is he just fat? The mugshot made me think “Egg Head” from the old Batman series. “Eggcellent”

    • Actually, this person seems to have a mild form of a condition known as microcephaly.
      See: Zika Virus in Brazil. It’s coming to a theater near us soon…
      Zika is in the US now, 8 cases known, and it was just discovered to be sexually transmitted as well as through mosquito bites. (Specific mosquito species, so far.) Here we go again.
      BBC is a good link. af

  • Great video! Thanks to the police officers for a job well done!

  • Dumb ass just has a baby girl brought into this beautiful world an probably won’t see her for a very long time now!

  • +1 to the previous comment. He also has a pretty large extended family that would have done what they could to help out. He is stubborn and selfish and turned to drugs and crime instead of facing his problems head on. At least he will have plenty of time to think about that.

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