Vehicle Rollover Near Indianola Cutoff

A vehicle hit the center divide from the northbound lanes just north of the Indianola Cutoff a little before 9 p.m. The vehicle rolled over. Emergency crews are at the scene.

Avoid the area if possible. There are multiple crews on scene or responding.



  • sharpen your pencil

    There isn’t a center divider until you get to the 65….

    • Center divider is a common term for the area separated by double yellow lines–it can have K-rail, have hedges or be an unpaved grassy strip. In addition it is the term used by the CHP dispatch to describe the area in question last night.

  • Hope everyone is ok.slow down folks.

  • Guy who lives nearby tells me they meant the sunken grassy median. Seems like to roll over based on hitting that angle of ground, they may have been driving fast?

    • with the ground now saturated and swampy, especially in a sunken grassy area where lot’s of water drains onto it from both n & s sides of the hgwy pavement …

      hitting that mucky turf even at a reasonable speed for conditions might grab your tires and momentum would run it’s course.

      all i can say is “defensive driving”. i do it.

  • Politically Correct

    This article is an example why a part time [edit] teacher can’t be trusted to report accurate news or follow up. No better than a dirty cop.

    The accident was not “just north of the IC” when it was located north of sunset avenue and north of Arcata tennis courts.

    Copying and pasting incorrect public information officer announcements routinely shows lack of ability to get it right the first time because a gunslinger attitude is shoot first, ask questions later. Greed to get that blog story out there first, apparently.

    • There are massive disadvantages to being a one and a half person show. I wish I could go to every incident. But, I can’t. I do my best to get accurate information and post it in a timely manner when it is still helpful. (A story about an accident when posted the next day doesn’t help people decide to take another route and avoid delays.) But if you want to have a 100% accurate report, you’ll wait forever. There is no such thing. This is the information I had available at the time and this is what I reported.

      • Muddy Silver Dodge.

        Don’t take that so called politically correct persons negative feedback, on your work, to heart. Your doing great, keep up the good work.

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