Male Stabbed in Eureka


Law enforcement at the scene of today’s stabbing in Eureka. [Photo by Oliver Cory.]

At 4:30 p.m., a male was stabbed on 3rd Street near Commercial Street in Eureka. According to scanner reports, he has at least two wounds. An ambulance carried him to the hospital.

Sgt. Travis Braud of the Eureka Police Department said officers are talking to witnesses and attempting to learn where the suspect might have fled.



  • Another day in utweeka. It’s not just here, it’s everywhere. Localy, we need to repeal prop.47! It sounded good at the time, but now here are the repercussions. More jail space, with inhouse re-hab. All the tweeks know they’ll never be jailed. Or helped.

  • It did sound good until all the crime increased.

  • Question: Does anyone think that this crap is just going to go away? Something needs doing, NOW. We have put up with this for too long.

    For the money this county has spent painting the damn courthouse, and the money this county has spent refurbishing the “Palace” (the county offices on 5th above the pizza joint) we could have added 300 beds and 200 cops to this weak-kneed town. We need pols and cops with DRIVE, to get it done RIGHT!

  • Just a shame the impound lot is right across the street from the mission. I feel for that business, bet they have seen it all and then some..someone has to man the forte 24/7

  • Check the 5th street Shell. He’s probably there doing his Scratchers and picking cigarettes out of the garbage.

  • I grew up in Del Norte County and many of migrated to Eureka and surrounding areas. It was the best of everything. We had the beauty of our area with all the services and shopping of a larger area but the small town atmosphere which was perfect. I’m sure I am not the only one saying “what happened “? My friends from other areas are saying that it must be a ghetto with nothing but drugs and violent crime. If something isn’t done. That’s what it will become. This place has too much that is wonderful to let this ugliness destroy it.

  • Start drug testing to receive welfare and they will leave

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