Grieving Sister Waits to Learn Whether Remains Found Near Hoopa Belong to Jeff Joseph


Jeff Joseph

Could human remains discovered January 28 near Hoopa belong to Jeff Joseph who has been missing since 2014? His sister Vikki Joseph is waiting to hear answers as law enforcement investigates.

“This last week was Jeff’s birthday,” Vikki said. She’s missing her brother terribly. She’s hoping to find some answers but at the same time she doesn’t want to learn he is dead.

Joseph, a marijuana collective owner, disappeared on a trip to Humboldt County in June of 2014.  His phone pinged for the final time in the vicinity of Bloody Camp within 20 miles of property he was leasing near Weitchpec. With the criminal investigation opened after human remains were found late last month near Redwood Grove Road in the Hoopa area, his sister Vikki Joseph says she is anxiously “waiting on those remains to be identified.”

If the remains belong to her brother, she needs answers on how he got there. If the remains aren’t his, she hopes that renewed attention to his case might give her clues on what has happened to her brother.

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A picture of  a vehicle very similar to Jeff Joseph’s.

Cell phone records are consistent with Jeff driving up I-5 on June 20, 2014 and reaching the Weitchpec/Hoopa area on the morning of June 21 after driving through the Willow Creek area. The last ping reportedly came around 11:20 a.m. from Bloody Camp cell tower.

He was driving a green 1998 Toyota Rav4 with an LSU sticker on the back window. The vehicle has Louisiana license plate #XMZO62.

Neither the vehicle nor Jeff has been seen since. If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

There is a $10,000 reward for finding Jeff and for the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for his disappearance.





  • Hope the family gets some closure soon, & that he is alive of corse.

    Tho foul play is often suspected, lets remember that we have some wild places where one slip on a steep slope can do you in, or a tire off the side of the wrong road can pull you down the hillside.
    Especially after all the rain, the family may want to hike/fly the area again as slides and winter leaf loss can visually open areas hidden in summer.
    I mean Survivorman couldnt hack it and had to cancel his filmed trip into those forests after a few days.

    Wasnt it big lagoon that a car was pulled out recently with a missing person from years ago?

    • Freshwater Lagoon actually but I agree lots of places in that country where one could drive off the wrong spot on a road and not be found for a long time

  • I’m so sorry Vikki,I hope you get some answers soon.God Bless you

  • I also hope the family has closure soon. Best of luck to them.

  • Thanks for your continued interest in this story Kym. I lived with and worked for Jeff from 2007-2010. This guy was one of the coolest, nicest bosses you could imagine. Always upbeat, helping people out an actual real live humanitarian. I remember after raid #2 where they came at us blindside with more agencies than I could recognize, this guy not only let me continue to live, rent-free, at Organica, but went out of his way to find me another job. This poor guy was pretty much just a guitar player, thrown into a shark-tank world. Thanks again Kym and Thanks to all you folks up north for showing interest in Jeff.

  • There really are so many things that can happen besides foul play. I’ve known folks who had lived here their entire lives to disappear in minutes by accident. I wish for answers to ease this family’s hearts.

  • If you have any information, please reach out.

  • Contact pd, pi or family with any info

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