Woman Reportedly Assaulted in Garberville

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Emergency personnel respond to the Humboldt House in Garberville for the report of a woman with injuries from an assault. [Photo provided by a reader.]

A woman reported being assaulted tonight in the Garberville area. She was found around 11:15 p.m. wandering in the parking lot of the Humboldt House Inn.

She had “multiple face lacerations,” according to a witness. She reported being possibly drugged by an adult male but cannot remember the details.

Emergency personnel took her to Garberville Hospital.



  • Omg!!! Please keep us updated. 🙁

  • I was getting of work around that time from Sicilitos and I didn’t hear or see anything.

  • Terrible, i hope its not going to become an epidemic. Its sad how much the homeless drug population is violent at times of stress, hope she is ok

  • Please let us know anything u find out?

  • the Humboldt House is the new Lone Pine—–sit in the parking lot of the restaurant and watch the activity—–yesterday(SAT) was a huge delivery day for meth and heroin—–lots of buyers and sellers.

    • There was a concert yesterday [edit]! Hundreds of people stay at the Humboldt House Inn during shows all the time. Saying last nite was the methheads n dealers showin up, shows how knowledgeable you are of community events. Go read an actual book instead of judging the covers

    • So true. When I drive by I see a lot of shady people around, not tourists. Funny thing is it’s going on right under nose of law enforcement whose substation is is next to the parking lot. When I’m in town I take care of business, shop and get out. There’s so many weird people I’ve never seen before on the streets that look like they’re up to no good. It’s sad to see the this transformation of Southern Humboldt .

  • Maybe the sheriff whenever he can spare some time should perhaps get to maybe if possible check into this,…
    What is really going on? We all know our town is going down the crapper

  • The things you see while running errands in town, and God forbid you have your children with you are seriously not alright anymore. Scientist could actually come and study the demise right here in garberville, a society that looks away and just about allows the worst of human behavior because we are all so busy doing our own thing. It has become a mecca for people young andold that have wasted their their living existence doing nothing but ingest any sort of drug that will alter the mind in any firm way or shape and made thus a profession, not realizing that they have transformed into zimbie like paranoid schizophrenic mentally ill zombies, molesting one another especially after sunset for more drugs or money to pay for more drugs. This is the new face of our little town, travelers refuse to leave after season is done, why have to get in line when you can pitch a tent on hippy hill.

    • Except the biggest problems aren’t timmers and traveling hippies… It’s the local relatives of ours that are strung out and romoing around garberville with almost immunity. I do agree, just watch town. Unfortunately, I’m not a snitch, but it shouldn’t be hard for a cop or detective to figure out who’s really bad, should it?

      • Exactly, if you and I are capable of figuring things out and witnessing these funny business transactions watching the mules and addicts meet and greet while pumping gas or having breakfast or lunch than why is the law not capable, it makes me wonder what they are doing _it our tax money, and unpleasant thoughts towards that arise,… what is really going in?

  • You can see their tents from the 101 while traveling through our area, and tourists that stop further north or south can’t help but ask what is wrong with that little town called garberville, and what the hell is going on.
    Nowhere along the trip had they seen so many scary barefooted junkie looking people that wash themselves in the middle of town from a gas station water fill hose that was intended for topping off radiators in automobiles.
    What did happen to this little town?
    Well who is to blame? And what a down right shame. It’s you and me and everyone else that keeps trying to ignore this phenomenon that has grown way bigger than any other pink elephant in the room that we dare not talk about. The CHP , chippers are too busy pulling over other civilians they’d profiled as they are on a fishing excursion to land a big catch, we all know the bigger the catch the better the boost from Sargeant stetenko from the cheech and Chong days. Harassing the vagrants usually doesn’t pan out let alone create revenue. Last year they talked about more enforcement and presence, measure z and such, and surely the situation spiraled another level deeper into the crapper.
    It’s maybe time to realize that we can’t wait for change to magically be delivered by over challenged county employees , no, change comes from the people , change comes from within.
    With the people lies the power, from and by and for!

  • So we need some input here from the community, let’s hear some thoughts and suggestions, …

    • There is one little jewel of a town on the north coast that is mostly untouched by this plague . The reason? ZERO TOLLERANCE !!

      • Exactly that little jewel of a town has absolute no tolerance policy. Wonder how they do it? A community and police force that cares.

  • Yeah sounds simple but if you take the actions required to rid our area of the transient junkies, everyone points thier finger and screams abuse and harassment,the more advocates for homeless we have, the more homeless we get

    • I agree. Every one has to be on board with zero tolerance and that’s not going to happen in Sohum. Even the sheriff is inconsistent , from my understanding no one was supposed to be camping in hippy hill anymore, but people are camping there, cops drive by every day and see it. How many homeless fires are we going to have this summer? How many tons of trash will be hauled away? How much loss of revenue to shoplifting and loss of tourists? The advocates turn a blind eye to these glaring problems.

  • It will interesting to know where she was assaulted. Maybe in one of the rooms. Maybe behind the bar. Maybe just walking home. I hope she fought like hell. Thankful she is alive to tell her tale.

  • I guess you haven’t paid any attention to the Town Patrol. They are an almost nightly group of locals going through town helping people when necessary, cleaning up crap all people throw on the ground, moving drug dealers and users on..etc etc. And then there’s Eel River Clean Up going out all the time cleaning up the rivers, camps and roads. Don’t say nobody is doing anything. How about you go help them, they always need more volunteers. I have worked in town on main street since 1985. I am never afraid on the street. Annoyed yes but I know we are not alone. The stories I hear from travelers and tourists about their city is worse. We need to unite around stopping the use of meth and other hard drugs.

    But don’t blame Garberville, don’t make us all out to be creeps. It’s just not true that you can’t come to town without seeing bad things. If you’re looking for it you will see the dirt…and I bet you’re a glass half empty person. Look for the good in town…GREAT stores, GREAT restaurants, GREAT activities for the children here, lots of culture. It’s all there, just look for it.

    • Well said, Bunny. I have friends across this country, and they are all concerned about how many homeless and “lost” souls are on their streets, for a huge variety of reasons. It’s not just us–we’re just more aware of our problem because it’s in our faces. Our country has some serious issues, many revolving around mental health, education and jobs. So what can we do locally? If everyone volunteered to help our community in some way just once a month, we would be in better shape. The Eel River Clean Up crew are some of my personal heroes. Don’t want to pick up trash? Ok, how about planting some flowers, volunteering with time or money for the Town Square, or Citizen’s Patrol, or for one of the Chamber of Commerce events….or come up with an idea of your own to make Garberville a better place for everyone? Support the restaurants, stores, entertainment, activities and classes in our community and you’ll see more of those things! And yes, if you see something bad happening, call the sheriff’s station. You won’t always get response, we know that, but we have to let them know we expect protection. That is what Measure Z was supposed to provide us, and we should be demanding it. More voices and demands equals more attention.

    • Thank you Bunny! Locals on patrol is short at times where we don’t have enough volunteers to even do our patrol. All we ask is for 4 people and there has been times I have driven 45 min. To come patrolled had to turn around and go home. We are trying to make a difference and need more community members help. The things we have seen in our town at times is absolutely unacceptable. But we do see good nightly too. People helping one another. It will only get better if the people who are bit**ing come and help! 🙂

  • wow—-I was beginning to think no one else sees this crapola—–most of the sheriff hooks are citation and release so I understand the frustration of the sheriffs dept. “Devils Hill” and “Devils Offramp” (sprowel rd) should NOT be tolerated any longer–the guy who hangs out with a lawn chair smoking weed everyday in front of businesses sets the tone of tolerance for the new idiots coming into town—-when the community cares enough–this will stop—-and NO, this is NOT happening like this in every town….good to see that others are concerned–

  • This problem is everywhere not just Garberville. Bigger places allow this to be out of sight out of mind. I guarantee you can find this across the whole US. The youth are restless with not much to go by example, from home to school to our government. What are they suppose to believe in? So if i see a kids or young adults that arent scratching, sweating & talking profusely, i kick them down help & compassion if they need it. I’d help the other ones but they just take advantage this kind of kindness. Only thing i can ever think to offer them is rehab but most dont want it & give you the run around when offered. Ive wondered how the pros deal with the full blown addicts. There still is a human under all the lies, guilt trips, scammin, victim, con, dirt, smell, rotten teeth, sleep deprivation,poc marks, & erratic behavior. How do they crack those disgusting barriers to get to a soul being held captive?

  • It all comes down to MONEY, there is no money in arresting people without money. The police have turned into armed revenue collectors for an out of control, bloated, corrupted and incompetent federal and state government. Not to mention for the last 35+ years this county has been trying to turn itself into the drug capital of the US. Seriously what did you expected would happen? All drugs can be used to help,but all drugs can be abused and cause damage to both individuals and community’s. Idolizing any drug is not healthy regardless of the medical properties of said DRUG.

  • I don’t live near Garberville. I spend my time between Trinidad and Willits and so I see and know a little bit about Arcata, Eureka, etc. over these last 30 years. Sure I have some long-time SoHum friends. So here’s an “outsider’s” perspective, and shared by many I speak with- your town has gotten very, very bad. We don’t even stop for gas after dark. It’s weird and feels dangerous with all the hanger-outers who appear either on bad drugs or mentally disturbed or both. Arcata Plaza is sweet compared to what you got down there. Eureka is not nearly as sketchy. I’m sorry but you do have a problem and it’s very apparent to the rest of us! And it has been for years. Everybody is busy in the hills and the townsfolk are in denial? Even at hippie festivals you need some heavies to run out the troublemakers or it goes to poop…

    • Oh, and reading this story makes me think there was a roofied drink involved? So, probably not even a street person! There were problems with that activity up in the college bars of Arcata a few years back. They drug the girls, walk them out and rape them and the woman wakes up disoriented and too confused to even press charges. It was being covered up because nice college town reputation as a safe place and such bullshit. Heck- they even caught a guy with a drugged random girl in his van and Gallegos let the charges drop to nothing so…many factors at play letting these predators roam.

    • I don’t agree. The scene here in town ( G’ville) is a few blocks long. The mess goes on for miles in Eureka/Arcata. The one on one violence is nothing here compared to the stabbings/beatings that occur on a regular basis up there. Of course that does have to do with a larger population but there are places in Eureka that are just as “sketchy”as anything in SoHum. Its been my experience that the folks most threatened by the street people are the street people.

  • Can we please put cameras up in Garberville? Video surveillance can go a long way in getting the meth and heroin zombies off our streets.

  • I was in town after Christmas with the cleanup crew and we cleaned up a whole bunch of trash in front of Siciltos and in the alley across the street. While I was waiting for the other people to show up there was a guy in a truck and I asked him if he was part of the cleanup crew. He looked kind of annoyed and said no and then 2 sheriffs showed up and one of the store owners told me that the guy was being arrested for being a known meth dealer they search the guys truck.The store owner told me how this man used to sell meth from the church steps over by Sprowl creek, and this is behind the humboldt house when it happened. I disagree that things have gotten worse. I lived here for 30 years and we had things like murder for pot deals many times.
    think Sean A. think the woman in Salmon Creek, the Benbow shooting by fuys feom Oakland with local accomplises. , rememebr countless others. we’ve had people being stabbed in town we’ve had drug sales going on. Of course it’s a problem no doubt about it, but I witnessed firsthand a man being arrested behind the humbloldt house by the sheriff who for selling meth

    • I’ve been in Sohum for 45 years. Yes, there are crimes that have happened here that happen everywhere. But since when has Sohum needed a town patrol or a weekly cleanup of tons of trash? This is indicative that things aren’t like they used to be. There are many good people here and many good things happening but there is a bad element permeating the area that can’t be ignored, I can feel and see it when I’m in town.

  • Why isnt Estelle doing something ? Where is the local Sheriff? Where is the measure Z money?? The Community needs to take a stand and demand answers

  • I walked through that parking lot an hour earlier. I remarked that it looked like downtown San Francisco at rush hour. Full of cars coming and going in a sudden jam of lights and people yelling. The HHI was hopping last night! I love Garberville and have lived here 21 years. It has had it’s dramas like all small towns, but it has only really been bad, scary bad, in G-town the last 4-5 years. That is when I started being accosted and affronted walking and shopping in town anyway. About the same amount of time the heroin epidemic in California and the nation began growing into huge proportions. I am so happy that the town patrol has been able to make a difference. I see them helping the police fight crime, giving service to the those who are truly needy, picking up trash and drugs left scattered, while consistently asking for respectful behavior from those who need to hear that. Bravo Bravo! Some people talk talk talk… Some, like those town patrol folks, walk their talk and get it done! Suggestion: Walk with the Town Patrol!

  • Not everyone has time for the hours u patrol but i try to help on my own time. I pick up trash on my walks. I help people in need when it comes across me but im afraid some feel judged cause they are not signed up with town patrol. I dont feel this way but i have heard said opinion from some.

  • Sure would like to know we’re these church steps are buy sprowl creek didn’t know someone built a church buy sprowl creek ?????? that’s were I grew up and no church that I know of just saying ,but glad the cops hauled him off

  • Oh that’s right there’s is a church so small

  • That church I think is ran by Craig Parkinson, the church should be looked after just like a business is(I’d think)! Luv to kno the times to meet for patrol?

  • Was in Santa Cruz and they have citizen patrols that works the downtown area. Saw them many times during the day. They patrol all day and the homeless and others move on when they tell them. If not the police are called. Not perfect, but way better than a patrol for an hour or two. The problem starts in the morning and grows all day in Gville and Redway. All day patrols would help. Maybe a sponsorship by the Local Merchants that are the one’s affected the most.

    • the town patrol, they clear people of Main Street so it looks good to the tourists but then the folks just move off Main Street, harassing other business owners and residents. One traveler told me it’s all about out of sight out of mind,town patrol is doing a good thing helping children get home safely, but I think their work is mostly cosmetic, The people haven’t gone away they’ve just gone into hiding or they sit on the vets hall steps, which they refuses to open for an emergency shelter, but that is changing thanks to a local lawyer. The vets Hall is owned by the county and has a contract with the vets but the contract says many times over the vets Hall can be used for a number of things including an emergency weather shelter.

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