Homeless Camp on Fire Behind Bayshore Mall, Investigation Into Whether It Was Arson

scannerA fire began burning in a homeless camp behind the Bayshore Mall about 11 p.m. The fire is confined to “one large homeless encampment” in the north forty, reported emergency personnel at the scene.

Prior to that there was a report that “subjects are lighting several homeless camps on fire” but this has not been confirmed.

One engine is on scene dealing with the flames while officers investigate the possibility that the fires were deliberately set.



  • Please let it burn. So tired of law enforcement and Fire rescue risking there lives for people that don’t care .

  • The purge has begun…

  • What a way to celebrate Black History Month…..
    (head-shaking tearful prayers for hope and mercy)

  • I hope all are ok and were able to save their possessions.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Burning out folks is not the answer.
    If the camp is being set on fire in the dead of night, then who is it?
    A crazy person or a vigilante?

  • “Burning out folks” implies they were supposed to be “in” in the first place. This is not the case. I suspect a city-wide vote would end in favor of “let it burn.”

  • Although I am completely disgusted by the homeless situation in this area and how it has grown to overwhelming proportions, purposely setting fire, if that was the case, is terribly wrong. There are innocent children and animals in those camps. Murder is murder. I hope arson by a vigilante source was not the case.

  • There is something about people who don’t live in houses and instead camp around Humboldt Bay that seems to bring out the worst in some other people. This is like a modern day Indian Island situation… one group of people utterly marginalized by the group in power… complained about… demonized… Can we stop all this before another massacre?

  • You know I feel really bad for the homeless who don’t want to be.but this crap has to stop before they burn the mall down or god forbid someone gets hurt or worse.We need a think bowl of folks who have some ideas,somebody’s got the right solution

  • old town observer

    Kym, what the heck, this isn’t like you to drop a story like this based on one report and then no followup..this is a big story if in fact vigilantes actually did this.
    please update one way or another, thanks.

    I guess that’s the problem when we rely on you to do the same good job you always do, haha…

  • I’ve called EPD three times. No answer…I will keep trying.

    • old town observer

      thanks luv, I know you were on it, I was grumpy, I forgot the bean dip or something.

    • I’ve noticed Epd has been getting rather good at not doing anything about various things there’s a green bmw car over here by me its gutted out all Epd did was ticket it I honestly wish Epd would figure out what their going to do or let another Law Enforcement agency come in that can handle everything all I ever see is you & others doing your jobs well keep up the good work Kym I appreciate everything you do

    • This was the only post I ever saw about this. I was curious about a follow-up. Weird.

  • In the 90’s Brazils gov incinerated homeless living in the sewers. Either we help them or kill them, our county folks argue! Where is the humanity here people? Sure tweekers n junkies lie, cheat, steal, hurt, and kill but im not a murderer and refuse to marginalize a group im not fond. Every human deserves a chance to change.

  • Kym you are the best! I always go to you for the latest info! Thank you!

  • Somebody making hash oil?

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