Elderly Couple Victims of Wrong Home Invasion

Press release from Ukiah Police Department:

Ukiah PoliceOn February 6th at about 6:38 am, UPD officers were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Mohawk Drive, regarding a home invasion robbery that had just occurred. Officers spoke with the victims, a 77 year old female and an 80 year old male. During the investigation Officers learned that 2 to 3 male subjects entered the residence through a back sliding glass door and tied up the two elderly residents. The male was placed face down on the kitchen floor and the female on a couch. The suspects disabled all the phones in the residence and after conducting a search of it, one of the suspects indicated that they were at the wrong residence. The suspects untied the victims and left.

The suspects were described as white males, one possibly Hispanic, in their late 20’s early 30’s. All were wearing hats and clothing that covered the lower portion of their faces. The suspects were associated with a dark colored car that had been parked in front of the residence with its lights on and engine running, during the robbery.

If anyone has any information regarding the above incident, please contact the Ukiah Police Department at 463-6262.



  • gangsters without brains, the new and dangerous protocol.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Thank you God the thugs did not do more harm to the couple! Sheesh….what a very horrid thing to experience.

    • Very compassionate robbers. The victims got off easy. When the cops get the wrong house they sometimes pitch in a flashbang that blows the TV and your easy chair across the room, invariably spilling your drink or blowing your stash all over the place. Another hazard is having your dog turned to shrapnel when it thinks the grenade is a new toy. Please people. Get the right house if you’re gonna do this stuff.

  • All the more reason to get a gun, learn how to use it to defend your home AND LOCK YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS! Dogs are a very effective deterrent to home invasions as they will protect their home and alert their master. My two dogs took care of a punk who tried to break in. They tore him up some before he went back over the fence and he never came back either. Good dogs!!

    • Nope, your much more likely to be killed in a home invasion if you pull a gun out.
      If the robbers have a gun your dog will be useless too. Any more know it all advice after the fact?

      • You are sadly mislead by your choice in media. Good guys win all the time. Even 12 year old girls have defended their home . Oh wait I know ! You want people to bend over and take it in the rear when people come to harm you . No try ? No survive ? Nope just give everything away including your daughter and wife . Maybe now your reaching for a gun ?

        • No, you are the misguided one drinking the Fox News/NRA kool-aid. You are much more likely to be a victim of gun violence in a home that has guns. Add up all the gun violence committed by family, friends and neighbors. Then add in injuries and deaths from accidental firearm discharges. Then add in suicides. Forget the media, look at CDC and other peer-reviewed studies.

        • Without training or proper attitude having a gun will make it more dangerous for a gun owner.
          Not everyone has the temperament for lethal response, wether that is right or wrong.

      • Chicago has strict “no-gun laws”. That must be why they are so safe. They are disarmed.

      • L, wow. Your Absolutely right, its a better idea to do nothing to insure your own safety or the safety of your family. Instead you should only rely on the “officials” that are trains and payied to protect you,after all their average response time is only about 45 mins if they responded at all. But personally I’ll rely on my mastiff and my mossburg over a “government official” any day of the week.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        It’s a free country. You choose not to defend yourself against attack in your own home? I choose to go down fighting if I must. GFL, bro’. I’m more likely to get killed in a home invasion if I pull a gun out? Ridiculous. Not if I Get a few slugs into the perp first. When seconds count, the police are only minutes, hours, or days away or the deputy only does one incident per day or there is a jurisdictional issue. May the force be with you.

        • 10-4 on that! Good for you, too many idiots these days can’t figure it out.
          Ones life is to be protected by ones self!

    • You are so right! Little dogs are very alert to any noise . Learn to shoot and know where your family members and nieghbors are because bullets don’t stop on walls . Get a revolver not a semi auto pistol! Revolvers are almost impossible to disarm because of the blast damage . Semi auto is not as reliable

      • I’m with you on the revolver thing from way back. Don’t know about the blast stuff, but I do know that when you use an auto for a hammer it’s gonna cost you around thirty five bucks for a new magazine.

  • I have 5 big dogs and a shotgun nobody comes near my place without my dogs knowing.not sure I want my dogs biting some low life asshole no telling what they might get if they bite a tweeker..

  • Being safe in your own home ,dog,gun,bat,whatever!!! You have the RIGHT to feel safe!!! Be aware,smart,& do what it takes to feel safe and legally protect your self!

  • Thank you ! I pushed the wrong thing. I do NOT WANT ANY PICTURE ATTACHED! THANKS FOR CATCHING IT..!!

  • Glad no body got hurt, and prayers for the couple, don’t let this bad experience run your life,… Lock your doors and windows hang bells, and wind chimes…

  • At least the criminals untied the couple before fleeing but I’m still not forgiving their heinous behavior. Anyone who f-cks with children or the elderly is very, very evil.

  • Keep the gun close by, especially at night. Keep one in the chamber and be ready, expect it, don’t get caught off guard. It’s the reality and you got to be ready to protect your own life, don’t let some addict scum cut your or your families life short or rob or burglarized you. In most cases a warning shot will let burglars know they are at the wrong place and send them off running.
    Think about it!

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