[Cancelled] Considering Cannabis Compliance? Here’s a Workshop


Press release from Redwood Roots, Inc:

Redwood Roots, IncRedwood Roots, Inc is a grassroots organization that is supporting and protecting Humboldt County cannabis heritage and livelihood while operating a non-profit medical cannabis collective.  We are excited to invite you to an open house event; join us Feb 18th, 3-9, @ Tophs in Benbow, to discuss our vision on how to move forward collectively.


If you’re confused by what to do and how to proceed with the California State Laws called the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) and other coming regulations, you’re not alone. Farmers all over the county are able to choose if and how they’ll move toward compliance with coming regulations.  There will be pros and cons, for each of us and for the community.


We have an opportunity to figure this out together, and choose how we will move forward.  Redwood Roots, Inc is working to understand the legal landscape and be a resource to our community to ease and aid for those who are making this transition, and have fun while doing it.


At 3:30, we will offer our perspective on why you might want to consider moving toward compliance, and how we can retain what has made our area a place we love to live and grow.  Bring your questions and experiences.


For the rest of the gathering, bring your ID and your valid 215 to join Redwood Roots, Inc collective and enjoy high quality locally produced herbal products. Food will be provided and music will be keeping the vibes high with old school roots vinyl by J Riggs.  At 7 we’ll be screening Ganjasaures Rex, the classic movie written, filmed and produced in SHC.


If you can’t make the open house, or would like to meet another time, the office of Redwood Roots, Inc can be reached by calling 923-1236 or emailing RedwoodRootsInc@gmail.com & at facebook.com/RedwoodRootsInc.



  • So basically they’re asking for your medical so they can grow more weed..
    And this benefits the community how?

    • I’d like to think the benefits can/will include stable and predictable employment; with the result of a more stabilized social/cultural setting, another “Plus.” And another spin off could be the local production of soils and amendments. And the skeletal remains? There are lots of ways in which ingenuity can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, or stalk. And that in itself is marketable…
      From glass-blowers to niche B&Bs, this mind boggles at the potential potential. Might be having a pipe dream. But the opportunity to make the current status quo better in every way starts with ideas, and this might be one.
      What are your thoughts? af

      • You giving them your Medical to grow more weed will create all of the fantasies you suggest?
        Highly doubt it.
        It will created more legal insulation for them to grow more weed with less risk of prosecution until laws pass in 2018.. Once laws against collective medical hogging dissolves, so will their “mission”
        Actual business men will take over and control all retail space, direct to consumer.
        Stoned hillbillies will be stuck in the world that they’re comfortable in..
        Black Market.

        • There is no rule saying you need to join. They can’t force you to join. You can go and enjoy all the benefits of the presentation. I would say legally, if they are allowed to consume cannabis at this event and you have a valid 215, you could participate without joining their collective. If you were to purchase cannabis, then I would think you would need to join.

        • Actually, I agree with you, Jesse. But I keep hoping for a better scenario. Just my nature.
          I survived Camp in the ’80s, and the evil those pigs were rolling on. Terrorized kids, totally ripped up homes, dogs killed in their kennels, gas tanks fouled, small orchards cut down, water tanks shit in or shot full of holes.
          The cops themselves taught folks the violence which is now endemic. I have no idea how to pull their teeth, but I hope legalization will cut those rabid idiots out of the herd. Just hoping….just trying to make it better than the nightmares of the past.
          “Stoned hillbillies” I don’t relate to, but down here, kids go to college on the family crop. Peace out, af

  • Well, I already have my own VHS copy of Ganjasaurus Rex, I can’t stand “Roots” music, it’s boring. (though I might make an exception for the soundtrack of GR.) and the best I can make out from the County powers-that-be’s increasingly frantic floundering over bizarrely unrealistic ordinances… they don’t actually seem to apply to me. I guess I’ll just keep listening to Heavy Metal music and running my discrete little Non-Commercial show.

  • Because everybody knows when you bring in rules and regulations and laws. It just makes it better. Oh yeah! More cooks to stir the broth. Thatíd be good……….Not! Hey! aren’t you the guy who stuck his brother in laws truck in the river.

  • Hopefully some intrepid reporter will attend and report on the business transpired.
    I wonder how many people remember the actors in the locally produced “Ganjasarus Rex”. By the way, it’s not a documentary.

  • Cancelled… Why?

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