Yesterday at the Palco Marsh: Activists Arrested, Dog Shot, and More–All in a Two Hour Span


Hannah Zivolich, Stanton Wood, and Frederick Schallenberg

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On February 4, 2016, Detectives from the Eureka Police Department Problem Oriented Policing Team (POP) were assisting with the weekly inmate work crew (SWAP) cleanup of the Palco Marsh. A group of activists and advocates were on scene videotaping and speaking with Detectives and residents of the marsh.

At about 2:00 p.m., two activists began to interfere with the cleanup and got in the way of equipment. Stanton Wood, 29 of Florida, and Hannah Zivolich, 20 of Irvine, were arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) for interfering and obstructing.

At about 2:30 p.m., while an EPD Captain was speaking with homeless advocates, a silver sedan recklessly drove through the marsh at a high rate of speed, passing in close proximity to the Captain and a couple citizens. The vehicle continued south through the marsh on an access road and additional officers were requested to respond.

Officers located the vehicle still running but unoccupied a few hundred yards south from where it was originally seen. Officers found the male driver attempting to hide in a bush nearby. As Officers were attempting to make contact with the male, his large dog aggressively charged at the two officers. One Officer attempted to use OC spray but the dog changed directions and started toward the second officer. The second Officer was forced to discharge his firearm. The dog was struck and died immediately.

The male was identified as Frederick Schallenberg, 35 of Eureka. Schallenberg was arrested and booked into HCCF for DUI, driving on a suspended license and reckless driving.

At 2:33 p.m., while the reckless driving incident was still being investigated, a mall employee called reporting that a male that had stolen a pair of red shoes two days ago was inside the mall wearing the stolen shoes. No Officers were available to respond at the time of the call.

Gallatin, Dillon

Gallatin, Dillon

At 3:15 p.m., a caller reported that a male was attempting to start a vehicle in the parking lot with a screwdriver. An Officer responded and contacted the male, later identified as Dillon Gallatin, 25 of North Carolina. A mall employee came out and said that Gallatin had stolen the pair of red shoes he was wearing two days ago. Gallatin immediately fled from the Officer, through the parking lot, into the mall, and out through the Palco Marsh. Gallatin eventually tired out and was taken into custody without further incident. Gallatin was transported and booked into HCCF for resisting arrest and possession of a concealed dagger. His involvement in theft from mall stores is currently under investigation.

16 additional calls for service came through the Eureka Police Communication Center during this chaotic 2 hour period.



  • When will the safety, rights, security, and well being of our law-abiding citizens be more important than feeling sorry for these dirtbags? Get them the hell out of there and end the illegal camping!

  • maybe they all need a warm dry place to sleep and 3 meals a day
    but all prolly out on bail already

  • Can’t feel bad for the humans but my heart goes out to the dog.

  • All these people coming from other states. I heard San Francisco buys tickets to homeless there to here

    • Yeah, in the 70s

    • perspective soapbox

      Yes and I would imagine by now many other places are doing that as well.
      The garberville town patrol is having some effect there, perhaps one is needed in every neighborhood. They have met people on the street who really did have a car break down and need money to get fixed & on the road, just wanted a bus ticket&left as soon as got one, etc.

      I highly recommend folks to look up homeless issues online all over our state and country. In LA entire freeway overpasses look like campgrounds with no way to deal,the homeless issues are just too huge. Most homeless in cities are ignored with no police raids, etc so we often dont hear about them in the news.
      Tho year-year&half ago San Jose bulldozed what was then the largest homeless encampment in the state. Wonder where all those thousands of folks ended up?!? Probably north.
      This is the revolving door problem that will never end the issue, just push “undesirables” from one community to the next.
      Lets try some tiny house projects to get the folks who really are just down on their luck into a safe&better alternative. We’ve tried other methods that dont seem to be helpibg so why not?

      Our economy hasn’t failed like most other places so it seems hard to understand just how easily someone can lose job then housing then pride and end up in a tent.
      Or get hurt and not be able to work but be expected to live on disability which still often adds up to poverty living officially, $10-12,000 per year if lucky.
      Or work for federal minimum wage of $7.25 which hasn’t gone up since 2007; at 40 hr week after taxes thats still $13,440/year at best. Still officially poverty level.

      In our cottage industry we can make in a days work here what that 40hr work week pays; $260-280.
      Think about it. Count your blessings.

      • Actually minimum wage in California is $10/hr. I’ll take a picture of the poster tonight.

        • Yes the $10 an hour minimum wage is correct. Only less when one considers the real “take home rate”.
          Just enough to get by on for all your progress at work and then hard pressed if a set of tires is needed for your car or something else comes up to repair. Kinda like rowing a boat upstream and slipping back down the rapids at times. I see a future resolve in employing the homeless and building up their job skills and drug testing as mandatory regulation for those on aide. I know too many do not have any interest in actually working once they get hooked on drugs. The lack of love takes it’s toll though. We need to have ample clean public restrooms too that do not cause havoc. I take care of disabled seniors and it’s no joke that most public restrooms are in disrepair. The county library is so busy with homeless people using the restrooms then loitering & selling drugs out front. Why?

  • no good will EVER come from aiding and abetting these vagrants that wont work, don’t want to work, but would rather steal and rip and run and get high. I wish there were an island with water and fruit trees about 60 miles out. We could call it….ummmmm, the Devils Island Playground. One-way tickets for all!

  • I live accross from the mall and have for many years. Everytime there is clean up and clean out from behind the mall we end up with a huge rat problem over here. Worse than ever used to be. They are breeding rats behind the mall. What to do about this?

    • Few points.
      There are many good efforts being made to help with the issues of homelessness which includes building tiny houses, making camps close to services, and being monitored for safety control. The local group is called AHHA which is Affordable Housing Homeless Alternatives.
      Please keep in mind that this social dilemma is not only here, but in nice big cities such as Seattle.
      If you are not part of the solutions, then you don’t have a right to complain, because there are churches, city personnel, nurses, doctors, city council members, retired business men, Mental Health, Social Workers, Teachers and the homeless themselves are working with this group.

      GLAD the point was made about rats!! I hadn’t thought of that problem connected to the junk at the Devil’s Playground. I do know that it is a problem for us at times with left trash around the alley ways.

      Keep in mind, not many want to truly be homeless, but our economic situation is bad. True there may be jobs but we are not like Florida or other larger cities where folks can get day work. And getting into a place costs at least $1500.00. Some people are homeless so they can save up money to NOT BE homeless.
      IF anyone has building skills, or property to share, or a room to rent out, or a backyard to put in a tent.. one can help one person or small family at a time. My family has done this many times over!!
      There are many young families out there.

      We do have programs to help people get back to their families; however, we can’t make them leave anymore than we can make families want to stand by their troubled family members.

      • I believe you are totally mistaken, Homeless people do not want a residence, that is only something they would have to care of, and they are not gonna do that. All they want is drugs, alcohol, free food and an occasional shower. I have lived with the homeless and the truth of the matter is they feel sorry for us. you and me. They stated many times that we are crazies & sold out to “the man” having to go to work everyday. car payment, kids. paying bills, No ! they think we are fools. Stop dreaming that if they only had the basics in life, they would act different. That is not going to happen.

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