Trailer Full of 1600 Pounds of Marijuana Pulled Over, Says CHP

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

chpstarOn Thursday at approximately 3:30 p.m. a CHP K-9 Unit made an enforcement stop on a white 2007 Chevy pick-up truck southbound 101 south of 128/Cloverdale for tinted front windows. The pick-up was pulling a fully enclosed equipment trailer, approximately 15’ long, which was secured with a padlock on the rear doors as well as the small side door. After talking with the driver (identified as Christopher Potter, 33, of Ukiah) for several minutes, the officer began to smell the odor of marijuana. The K-9 sniffed the exterior search of the vehicles and alerted on the right front of the trailer.

The officer opened the rear doors of the trailer and observed the entire trailer was filled with large black plastic garbage bags tied shut at the top. Upon further examination, the officer determined the bags contained marijuana. Potter was placed under arrest. The truck and trailer were taken to the Santa Rosa Area office and was determined to contain over 1600 pounds of marijuana.



  • Wow! That is a lot of bud…to bad they could not donate that or sell it for a fair price to all of the Marijuana facilities in the area. Hope the law catches up to the movement soon.

    • Sell it to the “marijuana facilities” for a fair price? Soo the marijuana facilities can charge extreme amounts of money to the patients in need. This is why 1600 pound shipments are going out of CA, CO & OR daily, to supply the demand at a fair price through out the US.

    • Send it to flint michigan where a lot of locally grown indoor has been tainted with lead or donate to studies doing clinical trials with cannabis.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Hope the law is reformed ASAP so there is no catching up for the law to do. Take a basic business class. That’s 1500 pounds of bud OFF the market which is a reduction in supply which forces prices higher in a strong market. WTF are you thinking? OK, i guess that was your point, but the law catches up to the movement? In what way? Are you rooting for the police? I don’t in this case, but the laws suck.

  • “Medicinal”

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Says who? You? “Yes” and way to go. Why is everyone so shocked, shocked, that massive amounts of weed leave here for points nationwide? Y’ll been Rip Van Winkle or what? Don’t get out much?

  • old town observer

    great. I drive thru there every few months with an identical rig.

    what was there rationale for the stop?

    What was the story, the doors had locks on them?!!!

    what fg horses***t.

    I have had ‘couldn’t read your license plate (on the truck, while towing a trailer, duh.)

    and the ‘your wheel touched the white line’ ( the wobbly wandering white line at the right hand side…after following me for 5 miles.)

    • Every few months huh? Gotcha. 😉

      Read the article again. Tinted windows was the reason for stop. Then smelled marijuana. And so on.

      • old town observer

        ah I see it, thanks..but it is still a stretch just to pull over a profiled vehicle I think..

        I was stopped one night a year ago, I had two trash bags of rotting yard trimmings, including the wild onions PeeeeYuuu!……going to a compost pile down south at a relatives, (no weed btw.)
        He never asked to look in the stinky visible bags or the trailer, he also did not have the dog with him.

        • I’ve had yard waste too in an open trailer. Truck broke down on side of 101 near redcrest. He asked anything under that? I said yea a half ton of old rotting mulch, grab a shovel if ya wanna take a look. Ha!!

        • It’s not a profile, it’s against the law to have tinted front windows beyond a certain darkness. The only way around it is to have a doctor say your light sensitive or whatever. But they still pull you over and still get to smell the cargo. I’d rather not have tinted windows and the chances of getting pulled over reduces. But everyone knows they’re not supposed to have front tinted windows. So who’s fault is it? The guy who knows he shouldn’t or the cop who also knows he shouldn’t.

          • old town observer

            many can be seen with tinted windows yet are not stopped, it’s profiling and yes it gives the po an excuse, just like the poor sods with a broken tail light or no registration, profiled or even tipped off, an easy justifiable excuse for a stop…otherwise the results of the stop could be thrown out.

            further down now you say ‘I don’t like cops’..that’s ridiculous. I don’t like being pulled off with cheap excuses and lies, just like I don’t like being accused of an attitude, like you did.
            It’s running a gauntlet, I would guess you like being stopped and subject to whatever whim they may have about you? You’d let them tear your car apart , dump it all on the side of the road, at night, in the rain, or let a dog stomp around in your trailer because a deputy’s ‘intuition’ makes him make his dog ‘alert’ on his command…cause of his ‘intuition’?

            • You mean a criminal got caught braking the law and then got in trouble? What the hell is happening to this world…its not like this was ma kettle with a cob pipe and a little baggy of “medicine”.

            • Tinted windows is gangster and suspect. All those earth-destroying SUV’s and fuel-guzzling pickups with tinted windows should be impounded. Cowards inside. Hiding from their crimes.

              • Sogarmy Instagram

                Are you serious? Now because you have an suv with tint you are a criminal and coward? What about all the soccer moms driving the same vehicles ? You are obviously a conservative person but guess what? Just because you drive an suv with tint means nothing besides you live in the country and don’t like getting a sun burn or burning your legs in the leather when you jump in your car to
                Go to the store.. But I guess living in the city or walking to everything you wouldn’t know what that is like.

            • I ran that gauntlet for many years without getting pulled over. I was smart enough to make sure not to have busted tail lights, expired tags, illegally tinted windows, or a vehicle that smells. If you are going to give them a reason, it is their job to check you out. If you are going to run the gauntlet, it is your job not to give them a reason.

    • Tinted front windows, was reason for the stop

    • well if u do wobble they can pull u over. i was pulled over for a muddy license plate once but thankfully didnt have 1600 pounds of weed with me..

      • old town observer

        I was fine, the road wobbled, haha, but do look at those lines sometime, they are painted by drunken road workers.
        And besides the road is falling into the river along there as well and a 8′ wide trailer at 50 over those bumps…it’s bullshit, just an excuse to pull over based on the officer’s prejudice and boredom… or intuition as they prefer to call it.

    • The rational was that they had tinted front windows on the truck. Did you even read the article?

  • That Cloverdale/Geyserville section of 101 is called ‘the Bottleneck’ and is infamous for profiling. They patrol hard there. Its where all major roads from the Emerald Triangle – Highways 20, 101, 299 -converge headed to the Bay Area and points south.

  • Im betting it was trim?

    • That’s what I’m thinking as well…I could be wrong, but I think it’s a safe bet it was trim and not actually bags of bud.

    • yeah I was pretty much understanding that it was trim to, bud would of been properly packed, sealed etc……

  • 1st off, 1600lbs of finished bud? I think not… Filled up black trash bags? Second indicator this was either a ripped crop or hopefully because of some unforeseeable circumstances requiring off site manicuring and whatnot… But in no way could that have been a finished crop heading for sale or even further than maybe Santa Rosa, it’d be seriously irresponsible for anyone with two brain cells left to let a friend,relative or neighbor load all that into an enclosed trailer and pull it further than a mile, forget 101S thru HIDTA-zoned Freeway(high intensity drug trafficking area, been zoned that for a cpl yrs now I think…), whoever this dude was, he obviously didn’t have enough sense to listen to anyone wiser than his own greenhorn sense of “black plastic garbage bags are the trick!” I mean, who in their right mind uses black plastic for such a smelly product, unless it was all trim & we’re being misled by the CHP(that’d be a shocker…), it makes more sense to say, there was probably another crime committed by this guy before he even loaded up that trailer…but then again, who knows! the world is a funny place filled with even funnier people who never cease to amaze! Hope that stretch of road doesn’t claim any honest folks this year, and just keeps weeding out the dumb ones.

    • I also believe that it was most likely either unmanicured plant parts or bags of trim, but it is definitely not unfathomable for someone to have 1600 lbs. Normally I wouldn’t think someone who actually has 1600 lbs. would attempt to transport it the way this person was (trash bags, enclosed trailer, etc), but considering there are people from all walks of life growing these days nothing surprises me. Not everyone has as much smuggling knowledge as you think you have. The fact that you think all dumb people are dishonest shows me just how knowledgeable you really aren’t. Honesty and intelligence have absolutely nothing to do with each other. What I hope for is a day when no one else goes to jail simply for possession of marijuana and the police, like the ones along this stretch of 101, are no longer allowed to profile the citizens driving through their county. My guess is that the cop was the dishonest one in this situation.

  • Tinted windows? Duh. That law has been on the books in Caly for a long time. Overloaded trailer? Duh. That’s simple common sense. Sounds like this bozo was just asking for it. …

  • It was probably trim or unprocessed… Of course law enforcement will mislead one to believe this fool had 1600 lbs of manicured bud ,”packaged and ready for sale”, while in reality after removing stalk,leaf,trim,root systems and garbage the true weight is probably a fraction of the exagerations law enforcement would have the media mislead the public about.

  • Maybe they stole the weed and we’re on the run..hahaha.i got pulled over in the same car same place same cop for the same thing 3 times right in front of boniminis,for my windows being tinted,factory on my ticket just harassing me.they flipped a u turn on my hubby for a cracked windsheild.if you go over the line with both tires,they pull you least they tell right follow the law and your cool,right?

    • I bet your front window was not tinted. In Florida it is legal to have front windows tinted but not in Calif. So, no window tinter would do that in Calif. unless paid a good sum to break the law.

  • 90% exposure is the highest tint allowed in Ca on front windows.
    My Prius was originally sold in UT then transported to ca and it has 70%. That puts me in violation all the time. They never site me for that and j believe it’s because they can see it’s a factory job but they are free to pull me over and start sniffing at any point. For this reason I try to travel light and I alway have Equiptment and and plate in order.

  • THe DEA has been monitoring domestic communications along side of the NSA since the 80’s. These large hauls aren’t dumb luck. Some are DEA tips to locals to look for someone in a certain place and time and make up a reason to pull them over. Then they bring dogs and make them alert and you’re toast.

  • I was driving north at 12:00 to see my attorney and they were fed cops all over the highway on my way to Ukiah and on the way south I actually saw the trailer. I think a little before 3:30 I was driving south a little over the limit and a black SUV crossed the divider I was like whoa what’s this about the guy looked right at me spooky. They knew it was coming and were all over the road he should of had a scout car with that kind of load and it sounded like raw product not manicured so probably chop that 1600 in half to get an accurate weight.

  • Well…. It could be trim

    But if you think 1600 lbs of pot is a lot… Your eyes need to open a bit more.
    Believe it or not that’s a small fry in this ridiculous place I call home

  • Driver should have had more brains than to have illegally tinted windows.
    “To live outside the law, you must be honest” – Bob Dylan
    Some folks don’t get that.

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