Petrolia Death Due to Carbon Monoxide Caused by Chemicals


Humboldt Bay Hazmat Team identifying chemicals found in the vehicle. [Photo provided by Cal Fire.]

Carbon monoxide poisoning caused the death of 28-year-old David Charles Yale Bush of Oakland who was found deceased in his vehicle near Petrolia on February 2. An autopsy performed today showed that the man had died as the result of carbon monoxide formed from chemicals found in his vehicle.

Petrolia Fire, the first on scene, carried Bush from his vehicle and did CPR on him. At that time, they reported finding two containers of unknown chemicals in the vehicle. The report of chemicals required the dispatch of Humboldt Bay Hazmat Team. When the Hazmat team arrived on the scene, they identified the chemicals. These chemicals can cause carbon monoxide to form.

No suicide note was found in the vehicle. More information will be released on Monday.

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  • You know, that is one of the reasons I wondered if the man found dead in the river near Whitethorn while he was camping at Wialaiki ( comes up misspelled ) was a suicide. Waited a long time and never read cause of death for him.
    In Japan there is a forest that is famous for the number of people that go there to say goodbye to the world.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The river is not that far if you use Wailaki campground as the hub of your explorations for several days. Don ‘t know any details. Some suicidal folks search for just the right spot. Very sad.

    • the man found in whitethorn who was camping at wailaki was my good friend Scott. no foul play, he had some medical issues. thank you for thinking of him. we miss him a lot.

  • Kym,
    thanks for all the updates on this death. How sad.

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