Don’t Worry About the Boom, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

That big boom near Carlotta? Don’t worry about it. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Twitter account tells us that it was just the Sheriff’s Office “detonating materials.



  • I went to check it out. One of the parks guys on the scene (Pamplin Grove) told me they had to use explosive to remove part of a dangerous tree. Another parks person said “two different fallers refused the job because of the danger”. The only safe way to do it was with explosive. The old growth Redwood was sheared off about 50 ft. above it’s 6-8 ft. base. It didn’t even touch the tree next to it. Booms like that really get your attention! Heard a second one after I got home, it wasn’t quite as big. Back to my nap.

  • Tra-la-la-BOOM!-dee-ay!

  • Napa in Rio Dell sells a product called the “mega boom”. It allows a person to fill a plastic beverage bottle with air from their compressor. Then shoot it with a pellet rifle and…..BOOOOOM!!!!!

  • Shook my entire house near the old Martin & Shirley’s. So loud!!!

  • I heard it. I just assumed to was a hash lab, so ignored it.

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