Four Men Arrested in Stabbing Death of 14-Year-Old

CaptureThis is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On December 17, 2014, at about 8:10 a.m., a citizen near McFarland and 15th Street, found a male subject, ultimately identified as 14 year old Jesus Romero-Garcia, lying on the front lawn of a home on 15th Street. The citizen reported Jesus appeared to be sleeping. The citizen tried to get Jesus’s attention but he would only make groaning noises. It was raining at the time and Jesus’s body was wet. The citizen called the Eureka Police Department at approximately 8:22 a.m. for a welfare check. At the time the citizen didn’t notice Jesus had suffered any injuries and none were reported to our Dispatch center.

At approximately 8:34 a.m., the first two EPD Officers arrived on scene to investigate. They contacted Jesus and quickly learned he was bleeding, had been stabbed, and was having labored breathing. The officers summoned medical aid to the scene. Detectives from the Eureka Police Department also responded to the scene to take over the investigation. City Ambulance transported Jesus to St. Joseph Hospital’s emergency room where he was pronounced deceased approximately one hour later. While examining Jesus’ body, investigators discovered three wounds in his upper front thorax area, consistent with being stabbed. They also discovered what appeared to be several defensive knife wounds to his forearm.

Based on the initial facts learned during the investigation of the crime scene where Jesus was found, investigators believed he suffered his mortal wounds at another location and was transported and left somewhere near his final location on 15th Street. It is believed Jesus was left on or near 15th Street approximately 8 ½ hours prior to being found by the citizen.

On the same day as Jesus’s murder, at approximately 9:00 a.m., the United States Marshall Service Fugitive Task Force, working with the Fortuna Police Department, received information regarding a felony warrant suspect, Joseph Daniel Olivo Jr. Olivo’s warrant was for a parole violation and he was believed to be armed. At approximately 9:45 a.m., Olivo was observed as an occupant in a parked sedan in the Strong’s Creek Plaza in Fortuna. Two officers approached the vehicle and it fled towards Highway 101, resulting in a vehicle pursuit. Olivo eventually pulled to the rear of a residence and surrendered to officers. A second subject, Mario Nunez, who had exited Olivo’s vehicle just prior to the pursuit was located within the Strong’s Creek Plaza and arrested by the Fortuna Police for a felony warrant and possession of narcotics. As a part of the follow-up investigation Olivo’s son, Joe Daniel Olivo III was located and arrested. According to the State Parole, Olivio Jr., and Nunez are connected to the Mexican Mafia as well as the Sureno gang. Olivo III is known to EPD officers as an associate to the local Sur 13 gang. These were significant arrests and would be vital to our homicide investigation.

At the onset of the investigation, Investigators were misled by social media and were seeking a known Norteno gang member. However, two days after the murder, an alternate theory began to develop based on other sources. On the afternoon of December 19, 2014, Investigators received a letter in the mail from an anonymous source. This anonymous source gave specific details about what happened and who was involved in the murder of Jesus. This source named the four suspects who were eventually arrested and throughout the investigation, Investigators were able to find supporting evidence for everything stated in the anonymous letter.

This has been an extensive and complex investigation. Even though we had identified the suspects early on in the investigation, our Investigators needed to build a case and collect and process all the relevant evidence and prepare a thorough report that would assist the District Attorney’s Office with prosecution of the suspects. This was done through significant collaboration with the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Federal Probation Department, United States Marshall Service, the local Department of Justice Forensic Lab, the Redding DNA lab, and the San Luis Obispo Probation Department.

During the course of the investigation, Investigators obtained and served 15 search warrants, identified and processed several crime scenes, and collected and processed over 100 pieces of evidence. The result of all this hard work culminated on February 02, 2016 with warrants being issued by the Humboldt County Superior Court for the arrests of the following suspects for PC 187 (a) – Murder:

Joe Olivo Jr.Joe Olivo Jr, 37 years old, Validated Mexican Mafia gang member from San Luis Obispo, arrested on February 3rd, while being housed at Pelican Bay Prison. Has contacts in Eureka since 2008.

Olivo III, Joe Daniel (2)

Joe Daniel Olivo III

Joe Olivo III, 18 years old, Sureno gang member from San Luis Obispo, arrested on February 2nd by the San Luis Obispo Probation Department and Gang Task Force. Has contacts in Eureka starting since 2012.Nunez, MarioMario Nunez, 30 years old, Validated Sureno gang member from Watsonville, arrested while being housed at San Quentin prison. Has contacts in Eureka since 2000.Leigl, Nicholas (1)Nicholas Leigl, 33 years old, History with the 18th Street gang from Eureka, arrested on February 3rd by EPD’s POP team as he arrived at his place of employment.

All the above suspects have ties to the Eureka area and local arrest. The motive behind the murder of Jesus appears to be for the furtherance of the Sureno gang and involved an internal dispute within the gang.

The suspects will all be transported back to Humboldt County at some point in the future and arraigned on the murder charge.

The Eureka Police Department will not stand for gang activity in the City of Eureka, especially activity that is associated with violence. If you’re involved in this type of activity we will eventually find you and bring you to justice. The citizens of Eureka and those who come to our city for a multitude of reasons deserve to live and travel in peace and safety.



  • Big thanks to whoever had a conscience and wrote the letter! Now, can we please have a new public discussion about capital punishment? Just for the most heinous murders? I think these guys have earned it. Also- thank god we got rid of Gallegos in time for this case!

    • gallegos need to go back to mexiko! Adios! His wife doesn’t even respect the courts, comes in chewing gum and pretending she owns the place.
      And the judges just sit there and let her do this, failing to ask her if she had brought gum for everybody?

  • Is Nunez MS13? That’s a Mayan 13 tattooed on his left eyebrow.

    • No, he’s a Sureno/Eme. They’ve been using 13 (M is the 13th letter of the alphabet) for decades longer than MS have been in existence.

      • Ok, thanks. I’m not up on my gangs since I watched “Colors” 25 years ago. The advantages of living a cloistered life in the mountains…….

    • no because it says southside 13 and surenos bang 13 and beef it with ms

  • thanks for that article and the link to the Washington Post quite interesting and scary considering
    So sad at 14 yrs old he didn’t get a chance at life Gangs — your life is over before you realize it

  • “The Eureka Police Department will not stand for gang activity in the City of Eureka, especially activity that is associated with violence.”

    (No sh!t? Better let all the local gang members know that)

  • Can’t imagine what a 14 yr old ,boy could do to these men ,for him to get stabbed to death ,so needless

    • Retaliation, he was probably the innocent son of someone who didnt do as ordered. “they’re animals anyways, so let them lose their souls”-The Godfather

    • Many gangs recruit younger-mid teens, especially young men. He could have been seen with a member of rival gang or stolen from the wrong person/family.
      Four on one sucks regardless 🙁

  • Am I correct in saying, that it is legal to be a member of a criminal gang ? ? Why dont the authorities make it a crime to belong to a crime gang ? After all they are only in business to commit crimes. makes sense.

  • Anyone else notice how each perp poses to reveal their tat(s)?

  • Joe III looks like he’s about to cry. 18 years old and caught up in a family legacy of gang banging. Sad.

    • That’s what I thought! I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to grow up around that. Him and the poor young victim never had a chance at anything better.

  • SAD. Five lives down the drain. Pop team should be more literal. Karmic wheel turns. sigh!

  • Whoevers wrote the letter thank you .I sure hope justice prevails in this case it pains me to think of that child laying there in the rain.And it pains me to see what our area has become a drug infested addicted society largely .And it developed here as a result of the counterculture movement and their attitudes towards drugs thanks for nothing hippies.

  • All four are a waste of oxygen. Weak liberals wont let you do the right thing which is to impose the death penalty on these poor excuses for men. Absolutely no reason on earth to allow them to spend anymore time above ground.

    They have been in and out multiple times, been given chances, and this is what we get in return. Living off of honest taxpayers that will put them up in better living situations than they grew up in, with warm dry living quarters, three meals a day, recreation opportunities, TV, library, etc. Sad and pathetic!!

  • Dang. Maybe I didn’t press the Post Comment button, but my comment was moderated. All I said was make them join a chain gang and ship them back to where they came from. I guess killing them is more acceptable.

  • People say “ship them back to where they came from”. They are all naturalized citizens, born here.
    People say “these animals should be put down”, and ” they are a waste of oxygen”. Situations in life can turn bad in an instant! Things that were never intended come to pass and suddenly the world changes. It’s a tragic loss of life when a 14 year old boy dies over what probably should have been a school yard fight, and another boy loses his own future in a misguided notion of how to be a man. But to judge these people as animals and immigrants and a waste of oxygen without knowing actual facts of any one involved seems hypocritical. People who think they know everything are wrong before they open their mouths. Wrong? Yes everyone in this matter was wrong. Punishment and judgment? Absolutely. But being involved in something that turns bad shouldn’t label you an animal. And judging others as animals only lets people believe they are justified in behaving as such.

    • I agree. Calling them animals. That could be said of you as well. Vultures sitting around talking about things they have no business talking about. I’m willing to bet you feed off this jumping around from sad story to sad story throwing jabs as a means to feel better about your own miserable existence. Unless you can say you have walked in those man’s shoes. Who are you to judge? If any of you read this save the negative comments and use that energy for something productive in the community. Perhaps with at risk youths or something else that you find your not happy with. People want to feel like they belong. You guys with the negative comments calling them animals. Wasted lives etc.. You are the same ones that look down at them. Grab your purse and cross the street. Lock you doors in a panic. What message does that send them. Those actions are what helps fuel anger despair and negative actions tend to create negative and unfortunate situations. Inform yourself. Get involved. I consider my self one of the lucky ones because I had people get involved and take the time to show me that there’s so many great opportunities out there more importantly he said that I was worthy, smart, and deserved these opportunities. This guy got involved helped me learn to feel more confident. Mr. Ambrozac was my continuation school teacher and counselor. He is disabled Vietnam vet. He didn’t complain about me or my behavior. He listened, talked to me and most importantly encouraged me . I was comfortable talking to him because I remembered him when he was also involved with Little League as my coach. I graduated from the program got my highschool diploma and became a Medic in the United States Air Force. 3.5 years in Japan. During this tour I got involved with the kids showing them first aide.and basic survival skills Sometimes I just listened and always took the time to encourage them to be great. Sorry for the rant. I just had to say something positive. I’m Ruben Olivo Jr. Those guys are my first cousins. I love them and care about them. Even though we grew apart being overseas most of my career. I’m not going to even pretend like I know what’s going on with this situations. These are intelligent and caring guys. When my dad passed they were right there next to me giving me the encouragement to get through it.

    • Right on. We are not judges.

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