Don’t Buy the Speakers! You’ll Regret It

So right now, as of 6 p.m., there are two guys trying to give you the deal of a lifetime on speakers in the parking lot south of Ray’s Food Place in Garberville. Don’t fall for it. An alert reader, Sai McCrady, shot these photos and pointed out this website.


The basic scam, while legal, goes something like this. “Hey, here’s a once in a lifetime deal. We got stuck with some extra inventory of these great speakers and we’ve got to get rid of them.” The deal is super cheap and you think, why not? How bad could it be?

Well, the speakers can be unbelievably bad. You can read more about it here but Digital Trends warns that if you “imagine Mariah Carey as a baritone, or Bryn Terfel as a soprano,…you’ll start to understand.”

Take our advice, folks. Just pass this “deal” up and avoid feeling like a sucker.




  • Thank you for the info Kym

  • Duhhhhhh how stupid do you have to be to fall for this scam in my opinion if you are ignorant enough to fall of this one and have the money in your hand to blow then you deserve to be scammed. What’s next a news article declaring that taking candy from strangers is bad.

  • They’ve been doing this for years – I remember getting bugged in the Garberville Ray’s parking lot about four years ago. Also have seen them in McKinleyville. Could have been different people, but the same scam. They used to spam craigslist too. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And yet many thousands of such speakers sell every day…

  • Who would be dumb enough to buy anything from some dummies in a parking lot? Hey Kym, remember that story u ran about xmas stuff stolen off a front porch? I commented about those foks needed a locking mail box. Todays story about stolen mail say’s it all….

  • I can see young folks falling for this!

  • Old timers may recall that after the Oakland riots in the late 1960s people were driving around offering costume jewelry as real stuff looted from Oakland stores. Nowadays most of these scams are on the internet. These guys in the parking lot of Rays are retro.

  • Same as those guys selling generators

    • The generators wirk, the man’s name is Lou, and has been around garbageville longer than you, he works for a real company [edit.]

  • I remember this scam as long ago as…..hmm fifteen years. It Sucks to get suckered.

  • The same guy has been doing that for over a year I saw him in santa Rosa and Marin ..

  • Ha I saw them at the Miranda market around 4 today. Everything about it seemed shifty. Well now I know what was in the boxes cause I didn’t want to confront. Wheres the rain when you need it!!(no shell on the truck)

  • I know someone who fell for it and I asked them … For real you bought them!!! People have to live and learn 😳

  • Are the speakers copies of name brands? Are they stolen speakers?

  • Unbelievable hypocrisy here. You support grower “culture” and illegality with your sponsors yet scoff at and report shifty guys selling junk out of their truck. Calling the kettle black don’t quite cut it here. Shameful.

    • Medical marijuana is legal (has been since 1996) and so are all my advertisers. But, more importantly, advocating for marijuana to be legal recreationally does not rip people off.

      • It’s not legal to sell medical grown herb on the black market, truth is kym you are profiting as well from a shady industry that is in a grey zone nowhere near being regulated. Go to chat aqua and hang with the divine righteous hippies and convince yourself how righteous yall are.

      • Haha,because humboldt is know for “medical” ? Mmmriiiight

  • I’m pretty sure this old scam originated in NYC. I had a friend who fell for this trick once. I couldn’t help laughing when he opened up the sealed box to find a brick and lots of bubble wrap. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

  • Thanks for doing this. I thinks it’s nice to look out for each other…

  • They were driving around Scotia, and prob Rio Dell, about a week or two ago in a newer white SUV. Stopped my husband when he was at a stop sign and asked him if he wanted free equipment. After a short conversation with the guy my husband just drove off. The equipment wasn’t actually free, just the setup of said equipment.

  • Just curious, anybody know what brand these guys are trying to sell?

    We can look up the real reviews if someone gets the name and models

  • The guys selling the speakers,we’re they tweakets?that’s so awful to do to good folks.whats wrong with people today?sometimes I feel like the bad people are taking over.its harder and harder to trust people and I don’t like that feeling,it’s not me.Kym thank you so much for looking out for everybody,you look at the world with hopes,thanks

  • I had some guy in blue lake about a year ago selling some electronics think it was a home theatre, if I would have had the money I would Ave bought glad I didn’t. Same story as this extra inventory. Guy looked trust worthy too. So sad that there are so many people getting scammed.

  • Emerald tech is right next door to the photo and those guys are no dummies about electronics.

  • Always get a kick out of the straight and narrow minded who live here yet oppose cannabis as the cure all it is. That’s what makes America great though: we can agree to disagree but you cannot tread on me with your puritanical beliefs. That’s what Utah’s for! Thanks, as always, Kym, for reminding us how important it is not to take advantage of our anonymous status.

  • Hmmmm. his sounds like the nice young man who flagged me down this afternoon on the Bell Springs Rd, asking “Do you like beef?” Having been suckered out of $35 a few years ago in the parking lot of the Ray’s market in Garberville, by a similar come-on, I said, “No, I’m a vegetarian” and drove on. FYI…the meat I bought from those guys in the parking lot looked just like steak. It really, really did. And it was very nicely packaged. Only thing is, it was the penultimate mystery meat. It wasn’t beef, it wasn’t chicken, it wasn’t pork and we were left to wonder and worry what the heck it was. We did not eat it, just tasted. Ughhh.

  • Saw these exact same guys at ampm in willits today. Mustve had 20 ppl staring at them as loud as they were carrying on. When dude started to hit me up i told him about this thread and i didnt like the scam. He said, “its no scam bro! Just a straight old school hustle!”

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