Local Woman Says She’s Fighting Back Against Stalker by Posting Flyers With His Image All Over Town

SunshineSunshine Tresidder is a midwife, a belly dancer and a DJ for KMUD. She’s filing a restraining order against one of her fans. She calls him a stalker. And, she said, he has been stalking other women in the community.

Bill Telnes, the man she accuses of stalking her relentlessly, is reportedly homeless and has volunteered frequently for non-profits including KMUD, the Mateel, Briceland Fire Department and the Healy Senior Center. He also has been arrested for violating an earlier restraining order against another Southern Humboldt woman. (To protect her privacy, we won’t release her name.)

For the last few days, Tresidder has been distributing flyers with Telnes’ photo and information about him. She says she has to do this to protect herself and other women in the community. “[A]lot of other women are [too] afraid to say anything- but not me,” she wrote to us. She said, she wants “this to stop now…he is dangerous and has not moral boundaries and does not give a shit about the law.”

Telnes, she said, has been stalking her for some time. One recent night, texts came from his phone to her phone ten times between 3 a.m. and 10 a.m. each signed Pr1nc3.

“I’m a midwife,” Tresidder said. “I have to have my phone number out there…I sleep with my phone.”

When Tresidder’s son later texted Telnes, warning him to stop bothering her, Telnes denied he had written the texts. He texted back claiming, “Someone stole my phone but i think i got it back.” This was immediately followed by another text, “He only hunts what wants to be hunted.” The text was again signed, Pr1nc3.

CaptureTo the right is one of the flyers posted by Tresidder.

She said that she had to fight back against her alleged stalker somehow. “[I] am a midwife,” she said, “[I] often find myself driving thru town at all hours of the day and night…[I] can’t stop my life.

Tresidder seems confident that she will ultimately prevail. She wrote that she “will make him stop stalking me….but who is next after me?????”



  • I would like to clarify something in this article, and that is he has been banned by all the non profits mentioned in this article. I feel the wording insinuates he has an ongoing role with these noble organizations that are dedicated to our community and are always in need of volunteers.

    • I changed that to past tense.

      • I’m glad Sunshine’s being proactive about this. Has he had any assault charges filed against him?

        • Regardless if she did the sheriff’s busy, they got way more serious business to tend to. Do t you play that game Cathy, this isn’t the mateel.
          You stay out of this we don’t need your passive agrees I’ve bs woman!

          • .. more serious business than dealing with over 50 complaints against him by women right her in Redway/So Hum??? including some really sick behavior that should have him locked up for good. I know from friends that he cycled all the way up one of our dirt roads, over 4 miles on his bike to harass the last woman he stalked. How do u think the women in town or in the hills feel? Safe?? and no dont ask us to get a gun, more ppl are harmed by guns than they protect. The perp turns it in them. Fact. Same with knives, keys etc. i took a self defense for women class when I lived in the east bay as there was a serial rapist on the loose, so I know all about this! And guns, etc were not the answer. And we all swore never to repeat what we learned anywhere ever, as a man might hear and tell, even inadvertently, a man who might want to abuse, stalk or rape a woman. So.. stop drinking so much booze, go watch the stupid bowl and leave us women, wives, sisters alone!!! enough!!!

          • No, what this guy is doing is passive aggressive. Ur probably just a comrad of his. Go away cowards who stalk women. We are sick of your twisted deceits. I also know this guy to be a complete tweeker and definitely a stalker. He is tweeking and VERY VERy horny from what it looks like in the pic. I believe this man can’t control himself due to the affects, however degrading, meth have on the mind and body.

          • Sick men like these never take “No” for an answer. It’s always their way (the nazi way) or nothing at all!!! eventhough the law is on the criminals side women should never stop fighting back.

  • Hang in there. He’ll get his shitty karma one day. Keep being vigilant about your safty. I am very much. Leave outside lights on at night. Pepper spray, stand guard of your home. I do. ALWAYS.

  • Thank you Sunshine. Many of us in Southern Humboldt have learned that we have to be proactive.

    We now have an evening town patrol to remind people to mind their manners, and the merchants have started sharing information and photographs of shoplifters. When a known shoplifter comes in our businesses we tell then to leave. Even the restaurants are now telling known thieves to leave their places of business. It is almost comical when the say, “But, I’ve never stolen anything here”.

    Good luck, a lot of us are tired of the handful of people that make life less fun for the rest of us.

    I know who he is, but it’s too bad that you don’t have a better photo of him.

    • “When a known shoplifter comes in our businesses we tell then to leave.”

      …unless, of course, they are a US Cellular client.

  • I see that guy around at every event. He’s creepy.

    Kudos to Sunshine for speaking out!!! She has been a super contributing community member for a long time.
    I have seen the sheriff’s avoid issues like these for years and years.

    What does the sheriff’s office has to say about their lack of action? Does someone have to be physically violated first?

    Maybe he will force entry into a home with a person who has a weapon and the problem will be taken care of.
    Perhaps its time to get a database of stalkers with restraining orders like the sex offender one.

  • he is sitting up at D’amotos right now with a bike….

  • Thanks for informing the community!

  • Kym, here is a link to stalking laws in California and the consequences. Maybe this will help Ms. Tressider and others.


  • I think the flyer is a great idea , that way no one is unaware of his awful behavior. Hopefully law enforcement will have to do something about him.

  • Local ladies against creeps

    he is so creepy he used to stare in the window at my shop….creep me out I just thought he was a meth head but now I know what he is doing its scares me….we need some strong folks to come out and be a presents before one of the women locally gets hurt thanks Sunshine for speaking out the guy is dangrous

  • That picture of sunshine must be 20 years old lol ……Where is this creep living ?

  • To bad law inforcment can’t do shit until till the district attorney gets a stack of violations at least five by my count that is if the deputys send them in. At a reasonable time like as soon as they get them but it can take three weeks to get it down the hall to them not to mention they drive back to eureka every night. I talked to them about this fucker and they didn’t really want to help me except officer Gomez was very understanding and tryed to help but the d.a. stopped him and the stalking went on and on. Their needs to be a better way for the women of our community to get their message through to this piece of trash. All so,hum folks need to make sure when your getting your coffee at signature coffee or your sandwich at d,amatos ,keep an eye on your women and children. [edit] He has aspergers desease look it up on the net He will never get the message no matter how clear you think you are being he is as sick as they come. It’s only a mater of time before it goes all bad because he is no good

  • “He only hunts what wants to be hunted.” –That is SO not a good sign. I hope LE is taking this seriously, not just giving the usual excuses, because this one seems a bit worse than only creepy.

  • This guy has been around probably 8-10 years or so.. Imagine if you ran background checks on all the “homeless” bum drifters that inhabit our communities with amnesty.
    We have no clue who these people are and we’re enabling it.
    The career transients are all ready flooding into town earlier than ever before, this year will certainly be worst than the last.
    I hope more people ban together to protect their town by volunteering this year with the Town Patrol.
    I also support community fundraisers for not only cleaning up these camps but fencing them off for good. Get rid of the camps and get rid of the problem.
    Simple critical thinking.
    It’s time to stand up against the abuse these people are putting us all thru.
    Tell everyone to start becoming proactive!

    • I totally agree eddy!!! Where do I sign up?

    • Eddy, the only problem with that idea of fencing properties where transients camp is that a lot of the camps are on private property, although in our watershed. We’d need to get the owners permission to do that. And even then, there’s so much open land here, we’d have fences every 10 ft. I think the homeless problem runs much deeper than most of us want to admit. It’s not a simple fix. Our country needs more jobs, jobs that pay a living wage, more help for the mentally unstable, more affordable housing, etc.

      • Yeah Cathy tell him, he wants to just brush this off and pretend all else is just great due to him not even knowing to be a broke addicted vagrant ,…

    • You self righteous dopers are reaping the fruit of your selfish ways is all.
      While yall pretending to be so special, take a look at oregon and washington.
      Garbage town has been left in the dust and dirt along with all the tweekers and criminal vagrants.

      • wow who deserves to b stalked?

        Look at all the homeless camps and trash choked creeks in oregon and Washington you mean? Ya I have. Why do you think city’s are actually helping villages of tiny houses go up in oregon? Duh.
        Garberville was a great family minded community. Please dont ever come thru or go to reggae or a Mattel show or listen to kmud as its all garbage to you

  • He seems to hang out in Redway so maybe we need to create a town patrol in Redway, phone tree, neighborhood watch etc.. I see creepy people cruising around the neighborhoods on bikes, like they are casing people’s houses, garages etc. In Redway children no longer feel safe walking home in the darkness, and for as long as I’ve been on the planet women have never felt safe.
    I have told Sunshine that she could text this stalker/creep/predator to meet her outside K mud, where she’ll be sitting, then several people show up and talk to him about his behavior, and let him know that he’s not going to get away with this and it must stop. NOW! Other people can be in the background over at Solar Suites and in the office at KMUD, keeping an eye on things. Someone who is trained in conflict management, and mental health counseling could be in the small group, not a huge group but maybe five or six people.
    He needs to know that this community will not allow this to continue.
    Who’s in?

    • May be a better idea to have the police talk to him, have it on record….

      • Maybe you haven’t been paying attention… The sheriff office have been doing all they can, but they fall woefully short. It has become completely appearant that it is up to us to do whatever we can. While remaining within to bounds of the law.

        • the sheriff would be invited to be there too

        • oh Ernie, your usual misogynistic, mean response. we know of over 40 women who’ve been harassed by him in a community. We know at least one who got out a restraining order against him, he serve time in jail for ignoring it. Now he’s back out and his next prey is sunshine. Time for the women and their male supporters to take our community back and make it safe for women and children. Where are you men?

          • What? Ernie? Mean? Misogynistic? What?

          • Now you call on men to protect Women? I think the Femanazies have already told us they don’t really need displays of masculinity, you know ” a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” Political Correctness has feminized younger men for so long that like in Europe when the barbarians show up and sexually attack the women the men are incapable of defending their women or their country. My advise for women is to buy yourself a weapon and get your dad or uncle (or the women in the redwood gun club in Garberville) to educate you on its use. This illustrates the importance and utility of the Second Amendment. Considering what is going on in the world I feel women should be armed

      • A sheriff could be part of the small group, like Jesse perhaps, and how about Brian Anderson redway Fire Chief? A mental health counselor and a couple of Sunshines friends including the woman who had a restraining order against him last year?

        • Your comment about Ernie is so off base. Sitting down and having a chat with a stalker is not the answer. Stalkers cannot be reasoned with, they find nothing wrong with what they are doing. They believe that the person they have targeted actually loves them and they belong together despite being told otherwise. This guy needs to be run out of the area, pronto.

          • my ideawasn’t to sit down and talk to him, please read the posts carefully. The idea was to sit down with him with the sheriff and a mental health counselor and maybe a friend or two.

            • wow who deserves to b stalked?

              Why should his horrible behaviour be rewarded with help while so many many others who need and want the help are suffering???? Have you not heard there are not even enough sheriffs to get to business break ins? How many folks on the street are ill wanting help? Yeah let’s tell them once they start stalking and get multiple restraining orders they will get help.

              The biggest point here is all legal options have been utilized and this is the best you get UNTIL someone gets physically hurt or killed and it can be pinned on stalker. So what do we do? Run him out into another community where he will do the same? Its great to think police work is like tv shows, where the cops woukd find out where this guy lived before to see if other complaints happened in those towns then work with the DA to build a case against this guy. But they don’t. Didnt even take my address when I reported home break in so you think they’d do this footwork?

              Really think, what if this guy was harassing your kids? Everyday you pick them up hes there talking to them ir watching them.
              Or you? Would you really want a sit-down with a guy who lets sat harassed you at work and followed you everywhere yelling nasty words at you and outside your house all night? The cops wouldn’t do anything to help you.

    • Confronting him when he’s seen would be better then setting up an intervention. I don’t disagree with having a talk with him just be careful how its planned out.

  • Concerned citizen

    I think I’ve seen this guy before, but it’s hard to tell from the picture. Is there a better picture that can be posted for public view? Kym maybe you could have a section dedicated to people such as stalkers and sex offenders with pictures, listed offenses, and known areas they visit. Not sure if that’s possible but it would help the comunity. I’d be willing to donate to support something of the sort

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    May the dear lady be covered in a hedge of protection. Calling out your stalker is so bold and my hope is that folks follow up and watch this fella. Is he mentally ill? Or just a creepy kind of guy? It is wonderful that there is more clarification in the law about “stalking”. If he is mentally ill, then sadly the “system” is not equipped to help him address his “issues”. Gosh, so sad to read the article and see that the dear lady has had to go to such measures. to put the issue out there for all to see, assess and then respond. May she and all others be protected from all the stuff that comes with being stalked.

    • Topiary of Tranquility

      I agree with your kindly sentiment and don’t mean to snark, but I gotta chuckle out of “hedge of protection”. That phrase is unfamiliar to me.

    • The restraining order has a list of possible offenses, including Stalking.

      Ernie, your usual misogynistic, mean response. we know of over 40 women who’ve been harassed by him in a community. We know at least one who got out a restraining order against him, he serve time in jail for ignoring it. Now he’s back out and his next prey is sunshine. Time for the women and their male supporters to take our community back and make it safe for women and children. Where are you men?

    • of course hes mentally ill . you should hear some of the sick stuff he texted sunshine … multiple times in the middle of the night! He needs to be stopped before he does some physical violent act against a dear sister in our community

    • monique telnes

      My father is mentally ill and is always one to admit his problems. How dare you people publicly attack him. If you all know he is sick, why not try to get him help. I think it’s good to make people aware of his problems and the fact that he has a hard time letting go of ladys. But my father is SICK!!!!! for those of you that said he should be put down and made other awful remarks about him just ask you self what if he was your father or your son or brother how would you feel about it then. I am ashamed of the community i come from because of this form of public humiliation and slander. Oh and by the way he isn’t baned from most of these places anymore. He actually beat the court case. So before you believe one person learn the whole story and get all of the facts.

  • YOU GO GIRL!!!sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands.being stalked is the most horrible feeling.God bless you

  • He usually dresses very well, with good rain gear and a safari hat and a good bike. He’s an experienced camper, unlike many. He knows what he’s doing . The photo is a poor characterization. So his main way in is to actually look respectable.

    He presents himself as a family man with a kid, but there is always something missing from the conversation. You would not know he’s homeless if you’re just talking to him for the first time. He’ll come to events and just sit and stare and not participate, except to volunteer sometimes. He is soft-spoken. Beginnings and the 2 schools for children there have been stalked by him and he’s not allowed there. He comes there for “water,” including recently.

    He is ubiquitous. You can’t miss him. A better photo is needed but the nice bike, the safari hat and good rain gear when it rains, and the large, stocky build are ways to also recognize him. He rides up and down Briceland Road and I wouldn’t be surprised if he camps off Briceland Rd. somewhere. He’s mostly in Redway when in town–bicycling between Redway and Briceland itself.

  • Stand up for our women they take care of us

    This guys is vile! He stalked my friends wife after he gave him a job and place to live! This man is rotten! I have publicly embaraseed him by screaming sexual offender and telling him to leave the shell station! Some people looked at me crazy but I’m not! I’m a loving caring man who respects the women of this community! I love my friend and his wife! I will continue to make Bill feel very uncomfortable for all you sohum women out there! For my girlfriend, for my buddies wife, all of you! I don’t care if he tries to get me in trouble! If this man is going to harass our mothers, our sisters, our aunts, our nieces, then I will harass him and make him feel unwanted! Also any of you out there that call your self a man and a local, stand up fellas! I’m not advocating violence! But you could say you know who he is and what he’s doing is wrong! You could tell him the REAL MEN of this community will not stand by and watch this behavior go down! I’m calling to all the local sohum men make Bill feel unwanted! Run him out of our community!

    • good one! “stand up for the women”
      I think this is spot on. No violence, but men, and women united against this sick, sad, stalker

  • Brilliant Sunshine. Guys time you step up follow this fellow. Take his current picture and post where he is. I would ask him politely to leave Humboldt County. (like every day)

    • where to? Sonoma, Mendo, LA perhaps? we don’t want to just put him in the lap of our neighbors. Someone suggested the deep dark parts of LA, to send him there with a tough escort or three and drop him off at a Shelter or loony bin or something like that in Los Angeles. I kinda like that idea.

      • Anywhere but here. Same goes for the rest of the freak whack jobs living in the woods outside of town.
        I’m sick of people’s response as “but, but, where will they go??”
        Who gives a shit where they go, anywhere but here.
        These people and their entitled behaviors need to take it to a city where they will be tolerated.
        Not here, we do not accept these freaks any longer.
        Run them all out.
        Make it uncomfortable as possible.
        We as a community have rights too.
        Do not support any non-profit that supports the influx of these people!
        Shut them down too!

  • Can he be committed? He sounds like he needs help. Just moving him on moves the problem to another community and it’s vulnerable members. He sounds mental.

  • Is this the guy who always stands at The Shop Smart exit on the post office side with a small cardboard sign ?

    • No, different guy. This picture is not representative. I’ll have my camera around. He’s always around. Much more normal and clean looking than the photo.

  • Yes in deed he needs help!won’t get it here.so turn the table’s,follow him,harass him,take photos of him harassing people send them to the cops,sherriff,D.A.city hall,tv,Internet maybe he won’t like getting stalked!don’t forget the places he goes,ie:job,school,dr.coffee shop.been there done that!please take care.get a key chain mace,and pocket taser.

    • monique telnes

      If you or anyone else dares to harass him i will file charges. He might not be able to help him self but i will. My father is mentally ill. If you wanted to take care of the problem you would find a way to get him help instead of making the problem worse. Harassing him will only make things worse. You guys dont want him harassing the women right?. Well what makes you any better of a person by harassing him. IF ANYBODY EVEN TRIES TO HURT HIM I WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU WILL BE LOCKED UP.

  • Agreed, the man probably needs help, thx to republican Ronald Reagan the systems meant to screen and help such an individual were abandoned long ago. During my time with any of the 3 organizations mentioned I did meet some people who were in that category–as well as those of means but with the same underlying psche….however as much as I wish no harm upon the victim or anyone it should be noted that the vagueness and unconstitutionality of the ways the act is implemented leads to abuse. Counties receive law enforcement perks as do CWS departments for “Direct hits”. I know because I am a victim of such an abuse. Slick attorneys that sleep regardless of what horrors they commit can waltz into a court room and destroy a person completely ignore due process and the law in collusion with a judge and that is it. You are a criminal and forget about seeing your children. Men and women abuse this….as casually as a friend that finds it amusing to tell the server it is their birthday to get a complimentary dessert– that’s not the right way, kindness isn’t weakness. Just food for thought. I have not seen my children in a year because an attorney suggested to former partner it was a great way to go, to ensure I started the race 5 laps behind. Who suffers, besides myself? The children. Who cares? Apparently no one. Exhaustive research yields no organization to help the unfortunate victims of this travesty. Friends of a decade turn away from you because a simple lie is always easier to believe than the truth. Sohum, you know me and I feel let down. This is a nightmare someone who gave so much for so many years should not have to endure, I miss my children, have no record but in a matter of minutes they were irrevocably taken away. To see them all I have to do is accept I committed a crime I did not and jump through some hoops. The last I spoke with my children I was teaching them about civics. I will not compromise who i am, who they are. Don’t think this couldn’t happen to you……I was stunned as it was happening. My life has no meaning without my children. But no one is likely to publish my tale……

    • eatygourmet,I read your tale and I’m truly sorry

    • I too am a father who hasn’t been allowed to see his child. I am being told he doesn’t want to see me. Even tho he hasn’t seen me since he was three years old, and now is eight years old. Every week I contact his mother only to be ignored or told he isn’t around. If she even has the decency to respond. I feel your pain. It sucks that this happens to good people. I have three more children since I’ve seen him. I have a well paying job and am what I would like to think an upstanding citizen. Your life has meaning! One day our children who we weren’t allowed to see for many years will realize what has happened. At least that’s what keeps me going. Hang in there!!

  • I just have to say I am really proud of this woman standing up for herself and the women of So Hum! I’m also very happy to see everyone responding with non violent sulotions including getting him some clearly needed mental help. That’s the side of this community I fell in love with so many years ago! Way to go Sunshine and So Hummers:) Let’s get this issue resolved!

  • Just wanted to point out that sunshine could easily block this fools number on her phone.

    • Sunshine Tresidder

      Oh… I blocked him from my phone awhile ago … But he watched me yesterday as i gave flyers out to the businesses in Redway. I have heard from many redway residents now that he likes to hang out at the bike track behind redway school… I find that very worrisome- so i went to the garberville substation to let them know, and they told me that have received an adundance of complaints since we as a community have been sharing his mugshot and info… Together we are standing and uniting

      • Thank you Sunshine, for using your voice and putting this issue in the light. I’ve seen this man in town many times, had it not been for your courage in speaking UP, I would still be ignorant to the fear he is creating for the women in our town. I support you 200% and I’m grateful for you. But the way, I’ve seen you belly dancing before, and the photo of you looks no different than beautiful you in person. Shine on, Sunshine!

      • Thank you for standing up and doing the right and good thing, Sunshine.

  • she wasnt the one being supposedly stalked, the one supposedly being stalked was [edit], who the judge threw out the charges on because they were outrageous and unwarranted, i know the individual telnes who is a long term local resident local volunteer firefighter, and former board member for briceland fire and all around community volunteer who was in a bad accident and damaged his leg, he has been stayin close to town since before his surgery and now in his recovery, i personally watched sunshine and bill interact at work and in social situations and they were both mutually amiable, its too bad that somehow they miscommunicated because all of his friends thought they would be a good match since the other woman in his life was dumping him off in town. go talk to bill personally, he is honest to a fault and will probaly tell you more than you want to know

    • “a good match” are you nuts?. Sunshine clearly doesn’t feel that way, so that’s the end of that. Everyone has a dark side, and people (female people) are saying loud and clear that they do not like they way they feel in his presence. Obviously he lacks respect for healthy boundaries, “no” means “no”, and he’s not respecting that. His volunteer work looks good on paper, but the other side of the coin is we (women) are not feeling comfortable with what he is doing. “He only hunts what wants to be hunted”. Think about that for a moment.

    • Sunshine Tresidder

      Yes …. He is nuts and delusional! Anonymous speaks with Bill’s words… Any one who “personally knows” bill knows he has restraining orders as he recently spent time in Jail for violating a restraining order for stalking…. Also I have had NO social interaction with Bill outside of KMUD fundraisers….Also your words “its too bad they miscommunicated because all of his friends thought they would be a good match since the other woman in his life was dumping him off in town.”
      Tells me exactly who anonymous is….

    • Nice try, Bill. You know you’re leaving, we know you’re leaving. You can no longer stay here. You are banished. Don’t prolong it. Hop on your bike. And snap out of denial next place you go. You’re in denial, Bill. However, one thing you are not in denial about is the fact that you’re leaving. You know you’re leaving, we know you’re leaving. Today, after the sun rises, or perhaps before, so no one will see you leave, saving you the added disgrace. And don’t forget, you have a family you abandoned. You have a lot of making up to do. Just not here. Fare better elsewhere than you did here. Goodbye, Bill.

      • monique telnes

        He never abandoned his family. I know because i am his kid. His only kid. He talks to me everyday. You want to know whats a shame about all of this is that fact that his family isn’t able to look past his past mistakes and try to stand by him and help him like i try to. You all should be ashamed of your selfs. If he wants to live in humboldt then let him. Btw my dad doesn’t type like that so it definitely was not him that wrote the original comment. If any of you want to actually know about the real bill please feel free to message me on facebook. (Monique Chandelle Telnes). My father has nothing to hide and ill be more than happy to talk about any of this with any of you people.

  • How did the creep get her phone number ?????

  • Bonanza Jellybean

    Go SoHum! Just don’t shove him off to some other community, figure out how to neutralize him in a positive way or trick him into creating more of a black mark on himself that could used by the law). Since y’all ran the child molester out of Salmon Creek in the late ’90s he moved up to Arcata in his pink heavily graffitied RV, (“eat pussy not cow” ??? where he walks around toting a Barbie backpack giving us mommas chills.

    • The creep that lived in a Volvo?

    • was making me think of him too..

      Yes!! I witnessed a group of guys try to take him down in redway one afternoon years ago, the woman who was calling him out seemed terrified.
      Dude pulled his video camera out of his toy filled barbie backpack while telling the guys he’l get them on video threatening and/or punching him and would press charges, the chp and a sheriff showed up and said no vigilante mob! (for real) & when guys asked what they could do sheriff said come file paper report at substation. More what, u gotta be kidding me, etc statements then cops waited for group to disperse and creeper slinked off down behind the liquor store towards the skool.
      I think his van ended up with all the old seafood from some store shoved in every possible crevice.

      Now he’s parked in arcata north town near skate park or on J street right by Samoa and across from back of the hot tubs at cafe mokka, highly recommend checking outside that fence before gettin naked, he mayb lurking.
      I have called the arcata police department numerous times a year for the last few years about him and what I saw that day in redway and cant they see what the sheriff has on him? Or put extra patrol wherever he’s parked? They have the most cops per capita along with campus cops who are allowed jurisdiction in arcata city limits. Even then they won’t do anything? Wha???

  • I think I saw that guy, being naughty/nuts

    Possible Tuesday Sighting:
    Saw a wingnut that looks just like him, standing around being “talking to himself/at all going by ” up on HSU today. The campus cops were getting ready to chase him off. Didn’t stick around to see what happened. Couldn’t stop to see what happened after I saw him moving off when the 6-up rolled up, except he was moving quick away from him.

  • I am wondering where County Mental Health is? This is exactly what they NEED to be dealing with. Where’s a street outreach team? Where IS our government?

  • Here is a better photo of Bill provided by a reader.

  • It’s not fair all of you against one.
    Kym and the gang don’t have ethics, just their own point of view.
    Why not just set up a boxing ring in the shop smart parking lot get some gloves on and have sunshine fight this guy?

  • Considering your comments you wouldn’t know ethics if they slapped you up side the head.

  • I knew a person once, unfortunately a close family member, who had those symptoms but was a paranoid schizophrenic.

  • Bill at shop smart

  • after edit crop

  • July photos from Redway 1

    • monique telnes

      Im sure following him and taking pictures of him than posting them to a local news site without consent to realese them is illegal and also a form of stalking. Your litterally going out of your way to take pictures of him by following him. So i would be careful with those stones you are casting because you can also get in trouble.

  • Stalking? What does it look like to you?

  • he lives behind sicilitos according to one of the clean up crew……….

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