Alleged Thief Arrested in the Lone Pine Parking Lot


Two deputies detain an alleged purse thief in the parking lot of the Lone Pine Motel in Garberville. [Photo provided by a reader.]

An alleged purse thief was chased down in Garberville tonight by Sheriff’s deputies and several citizens. He was detained in the parking lot of the Lone Pine Motel. According to a witness who declined to be named, the youth was alleged to have stolen a purse in the Blue Room. The youth was confronted with a photo allegedly of him taken in the Blue Room but he denied he had stolen anything.

When told that Sheriff’s deputies were on their way, the witness said that the young man raced away. Between the citizens and the deputies, the witness said that the youth was captured in the parking lot of the Lone Pine Motel where he was apparently staying.


Photo by a reader.

UPDATE 9:21 p.m.: The incident occurred at approximately 8:15 p.m. Below another reader sends in a photo of the man being detained.



  • Way to go citizens on patrol. I’m glad you’re out there I wish I could be with you. As soon as my back starts feeling better I’ll be there. Good job gang

  • A “youth” in the blue room. Isn’t that a bar??

  • Lost & Found Dept.

    Was the purse recovered?

  • Perfect, now get the bald headed thug guy who sells heroin out of there.
    He’s a recent town fixture that needs to go.

  • They need to do a sweep of that entire hotel. Next step is red tagging the building for a public safety hazard. Shut that shit hole down. Johnsons and Sherwood should be next.

    • I left there five years ago because heroine/meth dealers were also dealing in human flesh- drugged girls for sex…I told police I tried to get community involvment all I got in return was my life in jeopardy…even amounts tweakers the lone pine had long been known as the “Tweaker Corral”…good to see someone with excellent tracking skills was able to follow and apprehend a criminal there.

  • Way to go garberville
    I’m impressed with how many most wanted are turned in by citizens here.
    It shows that we care about our community. It’s not about homelessness
    It’s about the bad element of heroin dealers and meth dealers that have brought a plague to our town. The lone pine motel and the vicinity around it had many hypodermic needles picked up .
    Not pointing any fingers
    Maybe it’s time we lay down some lawsuits for problem propertiesfrom my short little experience in town it appeared To me that the majority of the homeless folks were respectfull, but there was a very clear bad element of thieves mixing among them . I heard numerous stories of cars being broken into and theft around town.
    Come on garberville, it’s time to get out and take our town back.
    We don’t want these people in our community.
    Good job sherrifs department
    You guys rock.
    Let’s support these guys/gals.

  • Sad thing is it will happen again. I saw him yesterday..sad to see one you grew up with take that path

    • He used to be a student at SFHS then Osprey, then he dropped out. So sad, no parents, and now into theft and probably meth by the look of his face . I saw him in town a couple of weeks ago

      • He actually was a star athlete and graduated in class of 2006 from south fork, never was an osprey student. His mother passed away when he was young boy and his father is still alive. He once had a good heart but unfortunately drugs have gotten the best of him 🙁

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