A Dog Pack Attacked My Cat: What If Next Time, It’s a Child?

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My name is Chris and I’ve been a resident of Blue Lake since June 2012. My wife and I have been the owner of our cat, Juju, since we adopted her from a Chico shelter in 2008 when she was just a month old. 402406_10150489887377919_78128284_n
My purpose in writing this email is to hopefully find answers and closure for an incident that occurred yesterday morning in our townhouse complex, which resulted in the death of Juju by a brutal attack by four dogs.

A little background on Juju: She was 7 1/2 years old and had gradually converted to a full-time outside cat since we’ve lived in Blue Lake. The odd thing is that she never ventured far from the complex parking lot that we lived in. All of our neighbors can attest that she was the sweet community cat who was visible at all times. Survival was never an issue with her as we knew she preferred to sleep outside at night, but always was at the door in the morning to receive her bowl of food. She could also outrun and outsmart dogs who randomly showed up in the neighborhood from time to time.

Now to the incident: It was around 10 am this last Friday, and my daughter and I were making breakfast when we heard snarling dogs followed by yelling. No sounds that sounded similar to a cat in peril so I figured it was neighbors with dogs who lived a little further away.

Unfortunately I was completely off the mark as one of my neighbors came racing to our door and started banging as hard as she could. When she opened the door my heart dropped because of the look of terror on her face and the fact that she could hardly get words out. At first I thought she might’ve run over our cat, but she screamed “that my cat had been expletive by a pack of dogs.” Another set of neighbors were coming out the door as they had watched the dogs tear my cat apart from their upstairs window.

Somehow Juju had managed to crawl under a car where she lay in shock on her side. The dogs had run off, but I could hear them howling in the distance. With the help of my neighbors, I managed to load up Juju and my child so that we could take her to her vet. I called my wife at work to inform her of the situation so that she could come take our daughter away from the awful nightmare I found myself in.

I won’t get into a play-by-play of all the details of the vet visit, but I will say they did they best that they could with Juju. Tragically, her wounds were too lethal and she was in shock to give her the immediate rescue that she needed. The vet couldn’t even give her a blood test because she went into shock and passed away twice (he was able to revive her), before she passed away for good. She didn’t have much of a chance as she died in just three hours from when her attack occurred.

After I finalized the remains process for Juju and paid the bill, I drove home to get a better understanding of what had happened and who the dogs were. I knew that my neighbor who had come to my door had called in the attack to City Hall while I was packing Juju and my child up to take them to the vet.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, both sets of neighbors who had helped earlier and another from the other side of the complex who had witnessed the incident came out to find out what Juju’s situation was. I gave them the bad news that she had died from internal bleeding, which upset them immensely. They in turn told me that animal control had answered the call and had two of the four dogs in custody. The two other dogs were allowed to be with their master who happened to own all four of them. The owner wasn’t a resident of Blue Lake, but had come into town to apply at one of the businesses in town. While she was inside the business, the dogs had escaped through a tarp covering the hole where a window should’ve been in her truck that was parked 500 feet from our complex.

My neighbor gave me the case number and phone number that I should call to get in contact with Animal Control. I thanked her, but wasn’t satisfied as I wanted to gather more information on the actual attack. I interviewed the witnesses that had come to my aid (3 different townhouse residents/4 people) and was able find another witness in another townhouse that saw the whole thing from her upstairs window. All of these individual’s had the same story when it came to the dogs and how it all unfolded.

The Attack: All the witnesses have said that Juju had been maneuvered by the four dogs in a coordinated pack mentality, which left her circled by them as they went to attack her in the parking lot. The neighbors couldn’t shake the graphic memory of how viciously and quickly the four dogs attack Juju. They each had a piece of her body in their mouth as they began to tear her apart.

All my neighbors have said they started to scream as they tried to run for the door to help the cat. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the attack lasted about 30 seconds, which was all it took to kill my cat. The consistent message from my neighbors was that the dogs were brutal, trained, and seemed experienced in this sort of attack like they’ve done it before.

During the time that I retrieved Juju and departed Blue Lake, my neighbors tried to tail the pack to get a picture of them to see where they headed. They reported that the dogs walked around the Emporium area in a pack, were aggressive toward human individuals, and then chased one of my neighbors as they returned to our complex where they proceeded to sniff around their attack area.

155351_467770137918_877996_nThe Fallout: I was able to get in touch with the Animal Control officer who had responded to the case. The officer explained to me that the owner was given a citation, but the dogs were release back into her custody pending an investigation. The officer explained that an investigation must conclude that the dogs have had a history of violent incidents before to have some type of punishment. If this is their first offense, they get a write-up in their file, but they get to continue living with their owner.

What I find mind-boggling is that the officer didn’t ask me or any of the witnesses the details of the attack. Those who witnessed the attack have said over and over that the dogs were a danger to the public.

Sadly, the owner has repeatedly defended them saying that she has cats as well and they’ve never been aggressive towards them. This may be, but the fact is they escaped the owner’s vehicle and in short-order were able to track down my elusive cat on territory she was familiar with, coordinate an attack of brutality, and then act aggressive towards humans.

This is not a condemnation of the owner as I was able to contact her and explain that we had incurred a huge vet bill in an effort to save Juju. She apologized for her dog’s behavior and our loss, and is willing to work with us to repay the debt.

What I can’t stand is that this is the type of systematic process that citizens have to abide by. My family and neighbors are left with a dead cat and horrifying images that will haunt us for some time. I’ve talked to many pet owners over the last 24 hours who have similar encounters with aggressive dogs. Almost all of the individuals I have spoke to have lamented that this is the ways thing go because that’s how the county has set it up. A citation, report, and write-up of violence in the dog’s file isn’t enough in my opinion.

There’s got to be a better solution to holding dogs and their owners accountable. I have to ask because many I’ve spoken to have brought this up: What happens the next time the dog on file attacks and it isn’t a cat or chicken, but a child instead?

Chris Halcomb



  • After this incident those same dogs came at one of our customers. They were all in attack mode, and we’re aggressive.

    • Please contact the authorities, they said they needed proof of other violent behavior by said dogs and you have it.
      To the dog owner: unless you are well versed in dog training and pack mentality please dont have more than two dogs. This is their natural tendency, & the most dangerous canines are domesticated dogs thst form wild packs. You may end up having to put all four down and spend somejail time wwhen/if they attack a human. Get it together. These are the kibd of dogs that will go after livestock, does the owner live or visit near cattle? Perhaps these are some if the dogs attacking cows and chewing their milk sacks off. A wild animal kills for food while these types of dogs maul and torture.

      If these animals attack another person or animal, are folks allowed to shoot them or only cops?

      • No one can discharge a gun inside town or city limits unless they are in Immediate life threatening danger, else they will be finds with reckless discharge. If their on your private property out side said jurisdiction then you should without question shoot them. I almost forgot the livestock clause, if their attacking your livestock you can shoot them too unfortunately cats aren’t livestock.

  • Being a cat owner I feel for your loss.

  • Make that bitch pay the vet bill. Sue her ass for pain and suffering.

    • some people are “judgement proof” meaning you can sue them and win a $ award, but when/if the sued party has no job or assets then well, you know…
      that turnip is really dehydrated…
      you may now go kick rocks.

  • Since the attack was part of the operation of her motor vehicle, you may be able to sue her and get her auto insurance to cover the Judgment. Be sure to ask for Punitive Damages since California law is lousy on what monetary “value” is given a companion animal.

    One thing that would help is that *any* dog that ends up at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter is spayed/neutered. No exceptions, not for breeders or anyone else. If that requires a new Ordinance by the Board Of Supervisors, so be it.

  • I was chased by dogs as a ten year old up on Johnsons Rd years ago. Thank God my dad was an outfielder on his softball team and was able to nail rhe lead dog in the head with an unopened wine cooler wwhen it was about five feet behind me. It can happen to kids. I am so sorry about your kitty.

  • These dog pack attacks usually reflect their treatment by their humans. ie. Animal cruelty often comes with people cruelty also

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Sometimes yes and sometimes no. City folks get acreage and NOW they can turn their dog(s) loose. Dogs form packs naturally and rove and hunt. They will pick up dropped fawns in the Spring, eat turkey eggs and flightless chicks, etc,, then go home to mom and pop for Iams. And that’s the mellow ones. If you want deer and other wildlife to nourish soul and body, keep dogs controlled.

  • Sue her in small claims court. Look up the law regarding dog ownership and “strict liability” which says an owner has to maintain control over their dogs at all times, no matter the circumstances. You will get a judgment because the law puts the responsibility on the owner of the dog, no matter what. It’s that cut and dry. If she doesn’t show up in small claims court, you will get a default judgment. I’m sorry his happened to you, it’s absolutely awful.

  • Really sucks for sure, but this is the nature of things. Get a dog next time

    • You’re comment is idiotic! This is not “the nature of things”! This is a case of another irresponsible dog owner. The moment she decided to leave her dogs unattended, in a truck with a broken out window that was tarped, is the moment she became irresponsible. The “nature of things” would be, for example, a wolf pack stalking and killing a deer.

    • Super sad. However, YES, it is natural. They are predators naturally, both cats and dogs. The natural prey drive instilled in all dogs by nature, is completely different that aggression. With multiple dogs involved they will become a pack and work together. That is natural as well. This situation is extremely horrible to witness but it’s reality. It’s they same as a cats prey drive being directed toward mice, birds ect (smaller animals). It’s not the hunt, rather than the chase. This was an accident and animals being animals! Pets should never be allowed to freely roam an area and that’s the closest you can come to a preventative of such situations. My heart aches for you in this situation and I came apon this post due to my own similar situation. 🙁

  • Those dogs should have all been shot on the spot. Once a dog gets a taste for blood it’s over and they will always crave it. FACT. I feel bad for the loss of the cat. It did not deserve to die that way. Get a lawyer and make the owner pay for damages.

  • Irresponsible dog owners suck. Sorry for your suffering. RIP KITTY.

    • Unfortunately there are many more unreasonable cats owners. No cat should be free to get hit by cars, fight other cats, get diseases, drink chemicals, be attacked by other animals, shit and piss on other peoples belongings/ food or kill wildlife. I know, I know, it feels normal to you beacuse its status quo, at one time that’s how most people felt about slavery or striking women too.

      • Wow hmmm you’re reaching. Not only in reference but in reality. Saying to end domesticated animals being outside is so far out and unattainable. We could expand it to kids cuz if my kids in the front yard and gets attacked its my fault for letting them out? Go tell Petco your idea and see how many billions of dollars are generated thru pets, never gonna happen. Cats have mire access to killing birds and other wildlife because we’ve taken away/altered the majority of their natural habitat mainly by built over those areas with houses and shops. The critters have no natural protection.

        • My position is very well supported, use google. I have no problem with cats being outside, many resonable cat owners are making catios for their cats nowadays, one of my neighbors walks his cats on leashes. I dont think young children should be off thier property unsupervised either. I understand that allowing cats to come across dangerous situation, damage property and kill wildlife is the status quo and it many years from changing but the shit has already begun. At one time peoples attitudes towrds slavery or women’s suffrage mirrored your view of this issue. Loss of native habitat is one way that we have put a crunch on earths ecosystems, free roaming domestic cats (or feral cats) are another way that humans have seriously harmed natural systems, again use google. Its not the fault of cats but humans who irresponsibly breed, keep, and allow cats to free-roam.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Sounds good. The flaw is YOU would be safer never leaving home and having food delivered. YOU choose freedom and drive on our DUI driven, demo derby, slid-out roads regardless of the risk. But the cat can’t go outside.

        • I am a human not a cat. I dont go out at night drinking pollutants from gutters, fighting and killing other animals or damaging other property. Cats do not have the right to kill native animals for the sakle of them being “free”. Hilarious comment though!

          • “Hmmm” you are rather misinformed about this subject and adjusting evidence to support your narrative. FERAL cats are specifically taught by their feral mothers how to hunt and attack prey. Domestic cats that “free roam”, are not born feral and/or come from a breeder are NEVER taught how to do this. So, they are completely inept at hunting and attacking wildlife despite any feeble attempts. Cat haters love to throw around this BS when studies make this fact clear and distinct! Typical. Why don’t you google that? I have owned many cats in my lifetime, some were even born feral, and not once have I ever received a “present” on my doorstep. They have killed roaches and insects, but that is as far as it has ever gone.

      • Legally speaking, no one owns their cat. They have no legal responsibility for the behavior of the feline species. Canine owners are legally responsible for what their dogs do.

  • “What happens the next time the dog on file attacks and it isn’t a cat or chicken, but a child instead?” — At that point I’m sure that the dog(s) will be captured and euthenized. Without the owner having any control over it. This sucks this happened to your cat, but obviously it would have been a WAY more serious offense if the dogs attacked a person instead.

  • Chris, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved cat and I thank you for sharing your story in such a detailed and articulate way. It is a very important story to all of us who are animal owners, whether it be cats or dogs. You are an excellent writer and I suggest that this may be the means to help get this story out there and perhaps prevent something like this from happening again. Your story is a chance to educate everyone, particularly the owner of the dogs who appears to be a complete and utter buffoon when it comes to understanding the very basics about dog ownership and responsibility. You have done the right thing by holding her responsible for paying for your cat’s vet bill. This is really the only way to help her understand that poor decisions can have very painful consequences. I do hope that you take her to court and make sure that she suffers some sort of punitive decision. Her dogs are a danger and will do this again. I also hope that you chronicle your journey thru the process and keep us readers posted. This is the way that people learn by example. It will be painful and arduous for you, and you will be possibly be maligned and attacked, but in the end, you will make a difference.
    You are obviously a kind and compassionate person, as is evidenced by your comment about not wanting to “condemn” the dog owner. However, she made the stupid decision to bring her dogs to an errand in a vehicle that could not contain them and therein lies the fault.
    Once again, I thank you for sharing and I hope that your family can heal. You seem like a very good parent, husband and person in general and I wish you well.

  • Four dogs seems like 2 too many....

    If these dogs were safe, then they would have been able to be safely left at home.
    If they were safe around cats, than they should have been safe to leave with the cats at home.
    It’s pretty obvious that they AREN’T safe, for all four had to be brought along. While she applied for a job.
    If this gal has both 4 dogs, and multiple cats, and can’t keep them safe in society, it sounds like intervention is needed, for it might be that this person is “hoarding” pets. “Oh, they are fine” sure sounds like a line said by a person who can’t grasp that this is actually bad.

    • Well said. af

    • I have 4 rescue dogs. They come with me because I enjoy their company and they enjoy the car ride. It always breaks my heart when dogs are causing violence. It is even sadder to hear people generalizing about the few facts that they choose to focus on. 4 dogs in a vehicle doesn’t mean they don’t listen or can’t follow the rules at home. In this individual scenario, those 4 dogs may not be well mannered. They may not get the training and exercise they require, or even the love.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yes, that was exactly the idea. Your dogs are trained, loved, controlled. The alleged perps were obviously NOT. This vicious dog lady seems a bit hinkey. Some sociopaths get off on having vicious dogs that rend other evolved mammals asunder. See the difference? You and your dogs vs. her and her dogs. I don’t think it’s that much of a leap from dismembering pet cats to attacking a child. Yeah, people are focusing on the few facts like the well-witnessed attack by a dog pack and the creepy owner of said dogs. Your rescue dogs are great. You are great to,have rescue dogs.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Word, AF.

      • AF?
        Anon Forrest?
        Is the only other blogger I know to put a handle after they type a comment.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          My error, I thought AF was the prior commenter on the dangerous dogs, it was my comment: word. My bad. I would never intentionally masquerade as another commenter. Sorry.

  • It is irresponsible and immoral to let a cat outside. This is just one of many reason why. Every cat fancy organizations recommends keeping cats indoors, for the cat’s sake. Cats also have tremendous negative impact ecologically. There is nothing natural about allowing a non-native predator to kill native wildlife.



  • For those that consider non-native predators killing native animals to be “natural, I would like to point out that by your logic, these dogs attacking the poor cat is also “natural”. Its very sad that irresponsible dog and cats owners allowed this attack to occur.

  • While this is very sad, it may not be reasonable to assume that dogs who attack a cat will attack children as well, it is certainly possible but I dont think its probable. Nevertheless, no domestic animals should be allowed to roam freely, its asking for trouble.

  • Dog owner should pay half of the vet bill. The other half is the responsibility of the cat owner, after all both parties failed to resonable secure thier pets.

  • So sorry 4 your loss! That is so sad and horrific. I was in Blue Lake a couple of weeks ago walking my dog how scary!

  • My heart goes out to you, and I know these memories will not fade for a long, long time.
    I live in a very remote area, and have learned this the hard way. My kitties enjoy walking in the forest with me, and I pack, for their sake. Furthermore, even living where we do, all three are accounted for at Suppertime, and kept in until morning.
    The owner of this pack should be forced to watch the replay of her dogs in action, over and over again, eyes pinned open. A Clockwork Orange comes to mind…
    At some point, the dogs WILL do this again, and to any life form smaller than themselves. Put all four down NOW. Wish I could help. af
    PS: Sue the Holy Hell out of her, with the option of euthanizing her kill machines, and watch how much she loves them then.

  • There are 2 aggressive dogs that come on to my property about once a week. I really want to just shoot the fucking things. Would that be legal? What are the legal options for dealing with the problem?

    They charge and bark at my family (I have 2 kids <5 years old) and we have to hide indoors. I've considered calling animal control but the dogs always leave after about 5 minutes, so I know they would be gone by the time animal control got here. I'll probably try blasting them with bear spray before I result to a shotgun blast, but that seems cruel. After all, it's not their fault that their owner doesn't keep them under control.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yes, bear spray seems cruel, but simply make sure that the effect is temporary. I was tear-gassed along with all my fellow recruits at Great Lakes Naval Training Facility. I thought my eyes were melting out of my head. It was part of our training. Long time ago but I ‘ll never forget. Eyes were fine an hour or so later.

      Spray the sonofabitchin’ dogs, DAD. You’re going to feel bad indeed, Father, if your family gets chewed on or you become painfully disabled. If disgruntled owners show up, you can politely explain what happens to anybody or anything that directly threatens your family, repeatedly or not. See if the Sheriff will do anything first. If not. . . .

  • I’d like to apologize if this story has offended anyone. My intention in writing this was to come to terms with what happened. I’ve had the same images swirling around on a cycle of repeat. I compare it to when you’re in an automobile accident (I have been), where some unwanted images are sharper then others and refuse to go away. Everyone has different ways of coping, and this is the way that helps me the most. Again, if I’ve offended anyone I do apologize.

    That being said, one of the purposes of a forum such as this is to generate discussion. I believe that discussion from all sides is vital and every belief/idea matters as we search for a proper solution to issue. I’m a firm believer in second chances and tolerance which means that I don’t believe that the dogs deserve to be shot or put down. I’ve had some time to think about it and I think that guiding/helping/teaching/educating the dogs would be more useful. The owner should undertake this by researching animal trainers who specialize in humanizing offending animals within the community. Then she should signup, pay for, and complete the program. When I say complete the class, I mean take it seriously and be able to satisfy the instructor’s expectations. Add this rehabilitation process to having a report on file is better than the “eye for an eye” treatment where the lives of the dogs are too drastically taken. I would love to hear other recommendations that I could take to Animal Control.

    Last, but most importantly, I appreciate the support that everyone has given our family in the last few days. I realize that a story like this generates strong emotions on both sides of the spectrum, but I cannot condone the harsh words that have been said against the dog owner. While I’m firm in believing that she needs to be held accountable for her pet’s actions, it’s unfair to call her a “bitch” or something worse. Truth be told, in the twenty minutes that I spoke with her on the phone, I got a sense that she was genuinely apologetic and cared for mine and her animals. While I don’t know her all that well, she deserves to treated fairly and kindly until proven otherwise. I ask that people be open-minded and reserve judgement until all parties involved have closed the book completely.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Seriously, good for you. I admire your nobility. Part of my secular religion is to try again and again and again to understand other people. I hope it works for you. For me, it resulted in some very nasty situations with disreputable people resulting in some of the bitterness and rancor I sometimes lash out with. But that’s just me. Perhaps it will work for you.

    • Hi Chris…..I am very sorry for your loss and for what you have had to go through. We have stray cats here in a gated area that were here before we arrived in October 2014. My daughter is an avid pet person, especially with cats (we have a few of our own) Anyhooo, there are a few cats that have taken up a special place in my daughter’s heart. She has even named them. One such cat (her favorite) she named Gingy. A precious female who had a couple of litters since we have been here. We have noticed over time that cats seem to disappear. Not Gingy. We would always see her and feed her and the others. Yesterday early evening, my daughter was in our garage and heard strange sounds. Upon opening the garage door, she saw a dog aggressively tossing Gingy in its mouth. She ran over trying to get the dog to drop her. She pulled on its choker collar and called me on my cell. When I got out there, the dog was already gone. Gingy lay on the grass, on her side, mouth open and breathing heavy. We were able to get her onto a piece of carpet. The dog owner came out with his wife. Apparently, this same man was there before I came out telling my daughter he was security, not the owner, and removed the dog. This dog had no license nor a tag from the complex, and was totally aggressive. The owner helped us and we went to the vet. Because Gingy was a stray, we had to sign away any rights of knowing what happens to her. My daughter is a mess and has horrible pictures in her head of what happened. I am in the middle of trying to find out all the legalities of aggressive dogs being off leash and out of their apartment, plus the owner’s name and where he lives before I go to the leasing office. We want the dog removed from the premises. My daughter was out in the garage area a little while ago and hears the dog barking and she is freaking out. We have a sense that this dog has attacked other stray cats in this community and is the reason for the disappearance of the other cats. Sorry so long. Will let you know what happens. Again, sorry for your loss :-(. Oh, and the wife was a total Bi–h, kept saying its a stray…we are not responsible, etc. my daughter had said to her, what if he attacks a child. Her answer was, “I have kids, he hasn’t hurt them”. Trying to upload pic and send this…hope it goes through.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Please do not be taken in by her “oh, my I am so sorry.”

    She should be treated as a an owner of a pack of dogs that killed your cat period.

    Yes, she may be “sorry”.

    But she ultimately is the responsible owner of the dogs that killed your cat.

    No, I am not open minded.

    She did not have control of her dogs.

    It is her responsibility solely.

    Not yours.

    No, she does not deserve anyone’s pity or charity.

    She needs to pay up for your vet bill and she needs to re-think her ability to own four dogs.

    You deserve to be treated fairly under the law.

    No, we do not need to be open minded.

    That is what got your cat killed.

    Yes, the public needs to back off and let you two parties deal with it.

    That does not mean it does leave a large amount of bile in our mouths as we see yet again a case of inept pet owners not doing right.

    I pray my own animals do not encounter her animals.

    • In all fairness if the attack did not occur on the cat owners property then the cat owner should be equally at fault for letting her animal rome free as well.

  • I would have shot those dogs immediately. That would end the matter. I wish I was your neighbor because that’s what would have happened and we all wouldn’t have to sort out our feelings and such. There are many, many dogs in this world and many good dogs are being euthanized daily because we don’t have enough room. Immediately shooting these killers would not be a bad thing at all. They now have the taste of blood. I don’t think this woman has the resources to contain them, even if she genuinely wants to. She can’t even maintain her camper shell! You didn’t say what kind of dogs they are. I suspect I know this woman with the 4 dogs…she’s coming down from Titlow full of positive words but not a shred of sense? She has many dogs because she doesn’t fix them, thinks she has special breeding stock? Expect more destruction. Should have shot the dogs right there. I have dogs and cats. Dog packs in town shredding small animals is insanely unacceptable.

    • I agree. I am sorry for your loss. That’s a frustrating situation.
      I keep my cats indoors as they are senior cats with vision or mobility impairments. Keeping my pets indoors is my choice, I feel it’s safer in the long run.
      That being said, I also have a small outdoor colony of feral cats that I care for. If any dog got into my fenced yard, and attacked my cats or me, I’d shoot it. I don’t like dogs.
      There are leash and dog containment laws for a reason! The people that own those dogs are being very irresposible. Free roaming animals are subjected to the intolerance of others.

  • I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your cat.

    As for the roving pack of dogs…unacceptable, but don’t hold your breath on animal control doing a damn thing about it. While many municipalities have laws regarding vicious dogs, the majority of them only reference attacks on people, not pets or livestock. You may want to consider becoming active in changing those laws.

    In regards to the owner, denial is a very powerful thing. There are many dog owners out there who believe that their dog’s behavior at home (or with them) somehow indicates the dog’s behavior when running at large. That simply doesn’t hold true and that’s the reason there are leash laws and why animal control is charged with picking up stray and loose dogs. Loose dogs pose a threat to humans and other animals. There is no excuse for a pack of pet dogs to be running at large and killing pets that aren’t on their own property. The fact that they were acting aggressively towards humans should be a huge wake-up call to the owner. She needs to step up her game and ensure this NEVER happens again. If her dogs kill or maim a person, not only will her dogs be euthanized, but she could end up facing jail time. That needs to be made clear to her.

    I also hope that if you get another cat that you reconsider the concept of keeping it as a fully outdoor pet. While cats are quite independent and exhibit an innate ability for self-management, they are still vulnerable to larger predators, vehicular accidents, and potentially abusive, cat-hating humans. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to mitigate those risks to the best of your ability. The risk of this sort of attack happening is relatively rare…and I’m sure you’ve learned more than you wanted to from it.

    Again, I am deeply sorry for your loss.

  • The fact the cat could be seen in the parking lot all the time tells me Juju was no outside cat. You needed to have a way the cat could find a place of ultimate security. With a board and a sliding glass window you could secure a small cat door back into the apt.

    Turning a hose on the dogs would have broken up the fight, Or a weak ammonia solution in a spray bottle usually does the trick. You can carry a small bottle in you pocket. Try not to spray them in the eyes.
    I commend you Chris on making this a learning experience for others as well as your family.
    If you do want to see a cat colony go to Redwood Acres Horse Barn. Deidra and the rest of the horse renters take care 100’s of cats. They feed them in the morning well worth the drive. I think she has horses so she can feed the cats.

  • Sorry for your cats tragic death and that so many people had to witness the violent attack. Unfortunately in the eyes of the law animals have no rights, are worthless, and get no justice when they deserve it. It’s really sad that it is the way it is. As for you people who say you would have shot the dogs or sprayed them or whatever, I’d like to see any of you realize what was happening, gather your weapon, and get from where you are to the scene of the attack in less than the 30seconds it lasted.

  • What a horrible scene to have in your mind! I can’t fund the words to tell you how sorry I am that this happened to your cat and you.
    Too many dogs are out of control and off leash. I am so tired of it! My dog was attacked and badly hurt when he was about 4 months old and now unfortunately is afraid of other dogs that come running up to him.
    I spent a lot of time and $$ socializing him and he was fine before but it is no longer enjoyable to walk him.
    The most irritating situation is when the owner just stands there and keeps calling the dog. The dog obviously isn’t coming but rather than come and get him they just keep calling. Good grief have a clue!! In Eureka this is most often true with small dogs. The other day their were two dogs off leash. He had a large dog in his face and a small dog biting his legs from behind and all this when my dog feels trapped by his leash! Needless to say my dogs fear has only gotten worse.

  • Dogs who live with humans become who they are because of the way they get treated. The human that owned these dogs does not love them or herself if she did this would never have happened. She could learn a lot by watching the dog whisperer. He rehabilitates dogs and trains people. To Chris and his wife so sorry for your loss! My heart goes out to you guys. Hope you know how lucky juju was to have you as as her humans!

  • Im a dog owner as well as 3 cats, I would without a doubt put those dogs down with or without anyone’s permission, kill my animal and I’ll kill yours period. Attack me all you want that’s how me grandpa had taught me and I live by it till this day, if my dog bit someone… Then it’s my duty to put him down.

  • My cat was outside for 5 mins, wandered into the front yard and was brutalized then killed by the neighbors’ pit bull, left unleashed in her truck. My dear kitty cat died in my arms. She was less than a year old. The neighbor aplogized and said what can I do, Ill get you a new cat, as I stood there in total shock grief and anger. I reported the pit bull and its owner to Animal Control. Now I am wondering if I could sue her.

  • Your negligence killed your cat. I’ve seen hawks/owls/coons/ make meals of cats, so kill the hawks/owls/coons and sue mother nature… such a joke. Sure if it’s in your yard doing damage to you and yours I’ll supply the ammo and site it in but when your thoughtlesness get your animals killed YOUR to blame just as much…what if I hit this cat while driving and causes me to to crash or crack a fog light are you folks going to assume liability, highly likely.

  • There was a pack of five dogs running my mountain. Chasing deer. Trying to recruit other dogs. Now there’s two. Keeping an eye out for those buggers. LIghts out!

  • A blond-thirsty cat-pack tore my beloved pet mouse Stuart apart, then sh*t in my rose garden. Revenge shall be mine.

  • My heart goes out to you and your wife, Chris. Juju was a beautiful cat and I know how much you loved her. I also know exactly how you feel.Two nights ago, my precious, elderly Siamese cat fell prey to two dogs running through our neighborhood. My dogs (who are inside every night) were barking, but I didn’t pay much attention to them because it was the middle of the night and they bark when they hear a raccoon, a siren, etc. I feel so guilty now because Saturday morning I found my sweet boy lying dead in the neighbor’s yard, mauled to death. The image of my innocent, helpless boy, now cold and lifeless will be forever etched in my mind. The next door neighbor told me he saw it happen (and why he didn’t do anything to stop the dogs I will never know) and that’s how I know it was two dogs who do not live in this area. I don’t blame the dogs; I blame the owners. They have taken something away from me that I loved with all my heart. I am so heartbroken and can’t stop crying. Even if the dogs are identified and the owners are found, nothing will happen except a small fine. Junior, my beloved cat, was priceless. Where IS justice? My condolences to you and your wife, Chris.

  • The lesson here is keep all of your dogs and cats inside, or if they are outside, in a fenced in yard or on a leash with you at all times. Sticking to this solves all of these problems. No good comes of letting dogs or cats roam free.

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