Breaking News: Masked Men With Firearms Reportedly Involved in a “Burglary” on California Street


An officer searches with a flashlight near the scene. [Photo by Oliver Cory.]

According to scanner traffic, four to five masked men armed with shotguns and pistols were reportedly involved in a “459” [burglary] at an address in the 3500 block of California Street about 8 p.m. Multiple Eureka Police officers responded to the scene and currently appear to be questioning the occupants.

An ambulance responded to the scene but left without a patient about 8:43 p.m.  We have a reporter on scene and will be gathering information as it unfolds.

UPDATE 9:15 p.m.: When our reporter on the scene requested more information about the situation, Sergeant Stan Harkness of the Eureka Police replied, “When the press release gets issued in the morning, you’ll know.”

UPDATE 1:43 p.m.: The Eureka Police have released some more information about last night’s home invasion. Click here for the story.



  • Good thing EPD has everything under control, doesn’t need the public’s help, and everything will be wrapped up with a bow and ribbon by morning…

    • yes they surely will…

      i wonder if EPD is ever going to update us on the 11/15/2014 execution style murder of Casey Campbell at 15th and Williams ?? and how long is EPD going to let his murderers run loose in our neighborhoods ??

      • well thankfully the epd guy who is running that show decided the public has no need to know of crime goings-on in your fair city. he will allow a report made public. or he won’t. his choice.

        no media reports for us means we won’t be anxious about our surroundings, right? it means the epd running the show has been damn good at making this a safer place to live and raise kids, am i right?

        is the DA the overseer of epd? the DA is the highest ranking police officer in their county…right?

        the public has a right to know. why no public uproar about the media blackout chief andrew mills has instituted?
        what about the media uproar?

  • old town observer

    I hope this isn’t the family that was moving in and had their bike stolen.
    It’s creepy to move around here with all the attention you have, creepy fuckers stalking you while you have all your stuff out there, just waiting for a moment’s inattention.

  • Groan! Place is going to hell in a bucket.

  • Welcome to California……street.
    Lived there ten years ago. Never. Again.

  • Does this have any connection with the masked men who beat the guy with a bat over by myrtletown the other night?

  • These guys were serious,shot guns hand guns wholly shit.what happened to getting a job and working for what you have or want??to easy to pick up a gun and steal it from hard working folks who have to work to family was robbed twice,my daughter,my mom and all the shit in our vehicles taken to my neighbors truck and took it too.if you come to my house you’ll be properly introduced to my big bertha!!!!

  • Is this weed related ?

  • Concerned Neighbor

    I am eagerly awaiting further updates on this. I live in this neighborhood and believe I know which house was involved. They are wonderful people and I am hoping they are ok. Thank you for letting me know this was going on.

  • A eureka police detective told me that he would never walk down california street looking like you have anything of value, you’ll likely to be mugged.

  • If there was anyone in the house and the suspects were armed it would be a robbery not a burglary.

  • OK, Chief Mills. ENOUGH! Even if it goes against your unwitting MO, its time to let the people of Eureka know at least what you know. You stood there like a moron while (now Mayor) Frank Jager did your job in front of St Bernards two years + ago, and you haven’t yet got the press thing down quite yet.

    Here’s the deal. According to this thread, there were a gang of people with pistols and shotguns somewhere on or about California St.

    NOW TELL US WHATS GOING ON!!! Should we worry? Do you have ANY control in this city?

  • No updates YET? That is strange.

  • how can we know if we need to defend ourselves, and from whom, if they wont let us know what happened? I doubt very much these guys are in custody…

  • This is a small enough town that word will get out regardless of EPD’s denial. Keeping mum on stuff like this pisses citizens off. We aren’t idiots, we pay taxes and you don’t want folks to take the law into their own hands. You need to keep the public informed so we can help you do your job. We should all be on the same team!

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