[UPDATE: Closed for Weekend] Old Briceland Road Sinking, County Closes It

An approximately 40 foot section of Old Briceland Road sank one foot today and Humboldt County Public Works has closed it tonight. The section is shut down on either side of the Marshall Ranch at approximately mile marker 1 and mile marker 5.

Denton Carrick tells that they will examine the road tomorrow in daylight and get back to us with more information.

UPDATE 8:06 p.m.: Photo of the road taken earlier this afternoon by Kai Ostrow.

12661870_10207726072423547_896652884569467220_n UPDATE Saturday: Denton Carrick of County Roads tells us the road will be closed for the weekend. “It’s moving,” he said.



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  • please fix the damn road

    Wow I wonder if the county will fix the whole road or just that area. One of the most neglected roads, residents have been complaining for years. I lived there over ten years ago and drove it, or I should say bumped along, the other day; there are potholes that I swear have been there for all that time. You can see where the county spray painted around the potholes year after year, with no action. The spray painted chunks are now chipping off.
    Its pretty ridiculous to see the over paving of non-needed sections of roadways in no hum while integral back roads like this are literally left to crumble with 4-5″ deep potholes.
    If the single lane in Whitmore Grove goes out, theres no way to get from the west to town besides ole briceland. Ok there are probably some craxy back ways that might work but no other route to get to town within a half hour from briceland.
    And if you do need to take ole briceland please go slow, the blind curves are deadly.

    • Read the article dude. It is old briceland .

      • fix old briceland

        Yes i know thats why I called it ole briceland road in my comment, seems clear. Perhaps you read it wrong or just dont knw the area. My reference to briceland road is Whitmore grove which is the bottleneck for getting to town from the west. Read mlrcreek comment…..

  • Mile marker 1? That’s just above the airport.

  • All these roads are in need of serious help. There is no road maintenance what so ever! The drainage for rain is grown over with vegetation and clogged with trash. I see the cons clearing brush occasionally, why can’t they clear the ditches? Throwing cold mix in a hole and driving over it with a county pick up is not how you fix roads! Our property taxes are high in Shelter Cove and I work in town where the wages are not so good and get taxed on that as well, my car takes punishment every day due to potholes, cracks, etc. It’s a sad situation for all of us that must travel these roads.

    • Tell me about it. Ditches are no longer maintained AT ALL. In Alderpoint all the ditches are filled in with silt and the debris the county leaves when they brush cut with machinery along side the road. Rainwater runs everywhere on the roads causing potholes and debris. I see county trucks just drive by in the rain like they don’t notice.

    • cove rd is well kept, you should see the roads on east side of highway. I Am sick of all the up keep cove rd gets because of tourist going 2 cove….Fix holes on Ap/Bellsprings rd. Oh, thats right we are locals………

  • Old Briceland Road, more than a century old, is a necessary alternate county road and route for those living west of Garberville-Redway. On the usual access, the Briceland-Thorn Road between Redway and Briceland, are several problem areas that can and do close that road. As said, the Old Briceland Road has been mostly neglected, though a few years back Humboldt County Public Works at some expense replaced a culvert on a section of the road that is on the Marshall ranch and did a good job in paving over it. To the county: Please get the road passable soon to give us all in the west that extra bit of peace of mind. Thank you.

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  • My uncle was Wes Marshall so I know the road well ,so it’s been neglect ed for 50 yrs hope the county restores the road my family home stead is still up there the only way to get to it is go up the hill from the airport side

  • It makes me happy to know that people find it a wonderful place I need to get up there when the apples are ripe I used to go there with my great grand ma MAbel Marshall beer bower I loved her so we would go up the from the airport were I grew up she would drive her old Chevy and off we go she would say beauty beauty every were you look she was a original pioneer of sprowl creek before the airport the county bought The land from my family I even remember when my uncle Wes sheare sheep in the barn that was across the street from the homestead just a lil story history of southern humboldt 50 yrs ago look what has happened to humbold co oh her maiden name was Stansbury

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