[Update 6 p.m.] The Roads: The Latest on What’s Sliding Down and Floating Away


The slide on Hwy 96 has been dumping rocks and debris for quite awhile now. [Here is a photo from Caltrans’s Facebook page dated January 26.]

In the hush between this morning’s deluge and the coming predicted heavy rains, we already have two major state highways showing the impact. So, we’re starting a roads’ post here. We’ll keep the post as up-to-date as possible. Please send us photos and information on any other areas that drivers need to know about.

State Highways:

Hwy 299: There are two major slides on Hwy 299.

  • One is near Big Bar in Trinity County. It closed the highway last week. The slide is active and Caltrans will have one-way controlled traffic on it tonight.
  • The second is east of Douglas City in Trinity County. A slide closed the highway earlier today and is now only open to one-way controlled traffic.

Hwy 101: A major sinkhole has eaten a portion of the road near Brookings, Oregon and a full detour off Hwy 101 will be in place as of 9 p.m. tonight (See more story and a fantastic video here.) You can see a bit of the situation in the tweet below. An aerial video of the hole is available here.

Hwy 96: Approximately three miles south of Hoopa, there is a slide. It will be under one-way controlled traffic tonight. UPDATE 6 p.m.: Wow, talk about an active slide! :Look at this Caltrans’ video of the slide sucking a tree down towards the road.

If you are traveling, check out Caltrans Quick Map. Often it will have the latest information.

County Roads:

Redwood Drive: Still closed north of Redway.



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