Missing Man’s Mother Asks Community to Keep Looking


Shannon House, second from the left surround by loving family. [Photo provided by his mother.]

“It’s been a nightmare,” choked out Lavonna Kehm as she spoke about the months since her son, Shannon House, went missing between Kettenpom and Covelo. House, age 39, had been working on a marijuana farm with his brother when he disappeared from the place sometime between 7 p.m. on October 11 and 4 a.m. on the 12th. House had abruptly quit taking medication before he disappeared and seemed somewhat disoriented the last day.

Kehm said that she is “hoping that someone picked him up” in a passing vehicle but she also fears that somehow he died on the mountain and hasn’t been found. The family has searched the area intensely with no success. “Family came from Redding, Fortuna, Chico…all  over,” she said. “They found footprints down to the pond but the pond was searched and nothing was found.”

The tracks showed what are believed to be the prints of House’s bare feet. The shoes he had been wearing the day he went missing were left behind in his car along with his wallet and cell phone.

Shannon House

Another photo of Shannon House.

“We may have obstrucured footprints,” Kehm worries. But in December, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department searched the property and found nothing either. There were nine searchers, Kehm said, and three cadaver dogs. However, she said, no clue was found.

“We’re hopeful that he got off the mountain,” she explained. “Anything could be possible at this point….We’ve been making [his] truck payments and paying the insurance….We’ve been faxing posters to homeless shelters and truck stops in case he got lost.”

Until recently, she even left his truck with the keys in it at the place he disappeared in hopes that he would have something to drive if he returned. House’s mother acknowledged, “Most people might think that is kind of hopeful beyond belief… .” She paused fighting back tears, “But, we are still hopeful.”

In addition, Kehm hopes the local landowners in the area keep a lookout for any clues.  “I appreciate the prayers and the people out looking for him. Some people are being really helpful,” she said as she wept. “We just don’t want people to stop looking. We just need some answers.” Then, after a long, quiet moment, she added softly, “If something did happen, it would nice to bring him down off of there.”

House has curly, dark brown hair, tan skin and wears Ray Ban prescription glasses. He’s 5’11 and weighed roughly 300 pounds at the time of his disappearance but family said he was “an avid walker” and could have traveled far on foot.

If you have any information, please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-3740 or Shannon House’s family at (707) 672-3333.

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