One Dead, One Injured as FBI and Oregon State Police Arrest ‘a Number of Individuals’ Linked to Standoff at Refuge, Says FBI

Press release from FBI Oregon:

fbi-logoAt approximately 4:25 p.m. (PST) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Oregon State Police (OSP) began an enforcement action to bring into custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. During that arrest, there were shots fired.

One individual who was a subject of a federal probable cause arrest is deceased. We will not be releasing any information about that person pending identification by the medical examiner’s office.

One individual suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. He was arrested and is currently in custody.

The arrested individuals include:

* Ammon Edward Bundy, age 40, of Emmett, Idaho
* Ryan C. Bundy, age 43, of Bunkerville, Nevada
* Brian Cavalier, age 44, of Bunkerville, Nevada
* Shawna Cox, age 59, Kanab, Utah
* Ryan Waylen Payne, age 32, of Anaconda, Montana

These probable cause arrests occurred along Highway 395.

In a separate event in Burns, Oregon, at approximately 5:50 pm, Oregon State Police arrested the following individual:

* Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy, age 45, Cottonwood, Arizona

All of the named defendants face a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 372.

We continue to work with Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward and his deputies; Oregon State Police; and the United States Attorney’s Office to address any further outstanding issues. As the investigation is ongoing, we cannot comment further at this time.

All defendants should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.




  • old town observer

    good work FBI.

    this shit has gone on long enough

  • Thank you Kym for this Post…Being Paiute with Family in Burns it matters. You rock 🙂 Appreciate it

  • All of them should be charged in connection with the death. If they had been robbing a bank instead of robbing US citizens of their use of the refuge, they would be up for murder. Crossing my fingers.

  • Hopefully they take everything from the Bundy family.

  • You are too quick to judge, Already Obama is planning to take our guns under the disguise of mental health. Have you ever taken a drug for anti-depression ? you could loose your gun rights. When Hitler took away the German peoples guns, There were people like you that cheered, until they came for you. The Bundys were grazing their cattle on BLM land, not much of a crime. BUT you people cry when you grow pot on BLM land and they bust you.
    I call Hypocritical Bullshit on the lot of you.

    • T…..Obama has been the best thing ever to happen to the gun and ammo manufactures. The threat of confiscation has been used by a lot of folks to make a mountain of money.

    • Apparently you know nothing about me.

    • The story of guns being “taken” by the government was obviously created by companies who make&sell guns; have you seen how much sales skyrocketed after that story was released? Unfortunately there are citizens who will believe anything as long as the story says Obama is to blame.

      To “take” everyone’s guns would violate the constitution and I would bet money that kind of constitutional court case would take eons.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      And I call bullshit on you, tugboat. This is exactly the kind of yayhoo, jackass activity that encourages anti-gunners to take more of our gun ,rights away. Can’t you see the truth in front of you? These Christian Jihadis take over our public lands and evict citizens at the point of a gun. How does that help our gun rights? COME ON, smart guy, explain to me how that improves our image with the public. ‘Splain’ that one to me Lucy. Sit around with your conservative friends just like the Bundy’s who are afraid of their own shadows, and come up with an answer. How does this ignoramus action help us keep our gun rights?

      You think if you get 20 guys together who are angry, you can stick guns in people’s faces? George Washington knew just what to do with folks like you back in 1790, and we know what to do today. (whiskey Rebellion).

      Clean out the Redneck Caliphate now!

      • Who claims to own the Malheur?
        Would it make sense to accept government impostors as owners of land owned by the public trust?
        Is there any situation where impostors aka Federal etcetera corporations have by their regime change invasion programs, benefitted the indigenous?
        Does it make sense to abide tyranny or stand and fight for your land and rights?
        How does the fed corporation foreign corps in fact have lawful authority to claim the Hammonds committed and now charged with terrorism?
        If you can’t answer, you are incompetent and unworthy to hold freedom.

      • They didn’t evict anyone. It was a vacated building. I would venture to say that if the feds did to you what they have been doing to those folks you’d be plenty pissed off too

    • Lol bruh nobody is gonna take your guns. Nobody cares enough to find out who has guns and then go door to door asking to have them.

      • No people like you Jim will just take the guns from law abiding citizens that’s what you’re concerned about isn’t it an uprising. You’ll try to erode our rights always the same way your black market economy has eroded the jobs away for the working folks of Humboldt County.It was Bill Clinton that signed the North American Free Trade Agreement.It was Hillary Clinton that was the lobbyist for the bankers and it was her husband that deregulated the banks that led to the financial meltdown.

    • Not at all – if you break the law be prepared to accept your fate, be it cattle or cannabis….OTOH, after Wounded Knee and Waco, I think your average American is going to be critical of violent tactics…….

  • Are you people just too ignorant to be stupid. This had nothing to do with the Bundy’s. It is a land grab by the federal government against ranchers who own the ground. Nothing More, Nothing less! What you keep forgetting is a Federal employee shot a United State citizen in the back after pulling them over in a unmarked car. Not only should your governor but also your sheriff should be tried for treason. Get a clue read the court documents, the BLM public releases for the last 10 years before you make a post that you don’t have a clue about.. A man lost his life defending your sorry rears today.. And you don’t even realize it.. WAKE UP!

    • No. The facts do not correlate with your claims. Perhaps is there someone else that we can talk to? Someone who is able to state your case plainly without the inflamed passionate hyperbole and conjecture? Take some breaths, maybe try to get a good night’s sleep, then check your facts and try again. Then maybe a discussion may occur.

    • Yeah right, like the ignorant will start to actually read and engage in independent thought,,,ha ha. Slavery is so much easier…

    • No, it’s not their land, it’s public land owned by all of us. These crackers get major subsidies on grazing fees from taxes collected by the government they so dearly hate. Western grazing, like water for corporate agriculture, is one of the biggest gov’t handouts, yet these ass-whipes tend to bite the hand that feeds them. I have no sympathy for them, reap what you sow.

  • The Oregonian is reporting that 2 cars were pulled over by the Oregon State Police and FBI and everyone but Ryan Bundy and LaVoy Finicum surrendered. Ryan Bundy was injured in the shootout and Finicum was killed.

    There were other arrests in other locations off the refuge. I’m sure there will be a storm of reports and the usual conspiracy theories will emerge. Already on social media people are claiming Finicum was shot while his hands were up.

  • I’m with you tugboat. BLM needs to stop taking land.

  • Kym, thankyou for broadening your horizons and including this story in your mostly local blog. This is a huge story in the citizens strugle to negotiate with our government. Whether this group is right or wrong they had the right to be heard. This was a terrible ending, one that should not have happened. Might does not make right.

  • The BLM and Forest Service manage 87% of the land in Nevada where Papa Clive Bundy is from. Why? Because nobody wanted it. The land grabbers got all the land with water and said the hell with the rest. Then when they want to use the land they passed on, they have to pay the US which means us the tax payer for the right to graze. My family has ranchers in it and we pay the fees and we don’t, unlike the Bundy’s cut fencing to do it. The fees are not that much especially in the sagebrush of Nevada and Mr. Bundy ran up a tab of over a million dollars over 20 years. The government didn’t take the land of Nevada through Eminent Domain, that is for the Donald Trumps of the world. BLM and the Forest Service act as stewards of the land in trust for the people of America. If you want this to change then run for office or vote your conscious, don’t take up guns and threaten people. If you want to start a revolution, this surely is not the cause.

    • This holocaust started when one of the ranchers set a backfire on BLM land that was adjacent to his ranch. He did this to cut down the over growth of combustible grasses which would be a fire hazard in hot weather. He did the right thing, he waited until winter when everything was wet and had a control burn, just like a lot of ranchers here do. The fact he did not pay for 20 years only shows the FEDS were not that interested in this, as he probably took good care of the land,as he was using it for his cows.BLM and the FEDS used this as an excuse to exert their power and control, with a wink for Wash. D.C. The FEDS have been involved in imminent domain action around the Western U.S. for years now. They will take your land with the slightest provocation. Just Google imminent domain problems with citizens for the real picture.

      • HOLOCAUST???!!!

      • You got your information mixed up! The Hammonds are not the ones who haven’t paid for grazing fees that was the Bundy’s. The backfire isn’t the whole issue either, there is more to the story, like poaching covered up by fire. The Hammond’s are not part of the take over in Burns and have said so themselves on tv. They turned themselves in to serve the rest of their sentence. If they didn’t do anything wrong they would be fighting this wouldn’t they.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Exactly right. These extremist conservatives like tugboat sit around and cook up their aggrieved fantasies about how the land was taken from them. The Vast majority of BLM lands were left over after the Homestead period because nobody could make a paying ranch out of them. Ranchers were offered a good deal by the American people but that isn’t good enough for them. Tugboat and the Bundy’s are just bullies trying to pull a fast one on the American people. If they can evict American citizens at the point of a gun and take over the land free and clear, their scam will succeed. Maybe Clive Bundy can explain why MLK Jr. Didn’t just pick up a gun and stick it in people’s faces. Sorry tugboat, but comparing what is happening to the Ali-Bubbas at Malheur Refuge to Nazi Germany simply reflects your abysmal ignorance of history.

    • Speweydog, I believe you are mixing your recollections of history together into one opinionated instead of factual ball of data. The great land rush (paint your wagons movie) opened the Territories for Colonization. Colonization next opened the door of Statehood. Once the Colonized Territory grew large enough (6000 people, I think it was), and forms of local government were formed, they were able to apply for Statehood and become a part of the United States. The States stood strong United, against foreign intrusions & issues, because of the government the people had created for foreign matters. Without joining the Union, they stood alone against foreign enemies & troubles. Without joining together to form colonies, their land was hopscotch owned. A checkerboard territory meant loss of resources & power over the non owned land. Once colonies applied for Statehood, they owned the complete board of their territory, borders were drawn & protection from foreign matters assured. Every square inch inside the borders now belonged to the state. The State became Sovereign, free from outside governing, bound to the Constitution their own state drew up for their citizens and bound to the United States constitution. The United States Constitution is and always will be, the Supreme Law of the Land. Second in command is the State’s constitution. Both were written to assure Sovereignity for every generation. The land inside the borders belongs to the state & only the state & the state’s counties. Each county has representatives to oversee that all laws are constitutional. Any bad laws that snuck through are to be defunded. The representative holds the purse in his state and in DC. The constitution expressly forbids the federal government from owning any land whatsoever within states, minus 10 sq miles of DC.
      When the BLM was strangely formed, their job was to help manage the unused land. The ranchers had free choice whether or not to agree to their help. Their help required a small fee, called the grazing fee. Over the years, the small fee increased to the point it wasn’t feasible to hire their help anymore.
      But the BLM likes their fees.
      In fact, the BLM likes their land.
      Just like with the volunteer Taxes, it became illegal to not volunteer to pay up. Men with guns now come and take you to prison for not paying up. They even confiscate your property, bank accounts, & other belongings.
      Who is right & who is wrong has become who is lawful and who is unlawful. Yet, we all know that the only law we are subjected to is the Supreme Law of the Land which limits government while strengthening the people.
      I might be considered unlawful, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

      • “Over the years, the small fee increased to the point it wasn’t feasible to hire their help anymore”.
        Are you kidding me Shak? Those fees are still lower then the private sector would charge.

        • Relfan, no, I’m not kidding. But, yes, other fees, restrictions, also played a large part. Added up together, most of the ranches are folding. The fees did increase quite a bit in various states, which have various economies.

          • It’s up to the renter (rancher) to purchase and install his own fencing, water development, all things needed for ranching. Plus, the renter (rancher) pays rent per animal, $1.69 to graze the land they prepared for the animals.
            Whenever there is a fire, the rancher replaces the ruined fences and water troughs. Whenever there is a rule change, the rancher has to financially abide or forgo.
            Imagine renting a home, but first you have to install your own wall, door, plumbing, roof. You have to maintain & improve, according to your landlords wishes. Your landlord accidentally burns your house down every few years, while managing the lawn. It’s up to the renter to rebuild each time or you’re out of home. All landlords do silly things, you can’t escape, no sense moving. You can’t purchase your own, because all rentals are spoken for already.

    • Just in case you don’t want to click on the link:

      ““We went out to the mine and the owners were two little guys that had been in the Second World War,” a California park service employee recalls at a retirement celebration for Mojave National Preserve Superintendent Mary Martin in 2005.

      The employee brags about how the veterans’ mine was appraised by the federal government at $40 million, and acquired for a paltry $2.5 million.

      “We did get it appraised and we did acquire it for $2.5 million which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it,” the employee in the video admits, adding that it’s sometimes hard to bamboozle property owners due to the agency’s reputation.

      “’Lands’ isn’t always supported because we’re the ‘bad guys.’ We come in, and we take this land. And we always take it for less than it’s worth.”

      Later during the celebration dinner, another park service employee reveals that the acquisition of more than a hundred thousand private acres in the Mojave National Preserve were procured under Martin’s leadership, who he labels the “acquisition queen.”

      “Acres acquired under the acquisition queen’s regime, 111,550.54 acres,” an employee announces in an extended clip of the dinner.

      The employee then shows two other numbers, 5.66 and 106,375.36, which correlate with the park where Martin would be relocating, the Lassen Volcanic National Park.

      He indicates that the larger number is the acreage of Lassen National Park, while the smaller number is acreage privately owned.

      “If you own those 5.66 acres, would you be sweating right now?” the man jests referring to Martin’s acquisition power.

      The employees’ jaw-dropping admissions amid joyful applause, smiles and celebration over the confiscation of two World War II veterans’ and others’ private land goes to prove the federal government is not at all concerned with “land preservation” and focuses mainly on predatory land grabs.”


    The citizens Of Crook County want the feds out!

  • BLM has sniper teams,the Fish and wildlife and stat park rangers wear full tactical gear out on patrols and do house raids. By the time some of you people wakeup there will be nothing to wakeup to. If the Federal government is just the Stuart of the land then way do they FORCE people of land they and their families have owned and used for generation just to turn around and sell it to multinational corporations and real estate investors.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Ridiculous and groundless claims. During the original Cliven Bundy stand-off, civilians were photographed and published aiming guns at federal employees. The Bundy’s Were not forced off the land. They owe America grazing fees and threaten citizens with guns. The Malheur Refuge is not going to be sold off to multi-national corporations. Do you conservative extremists just sit around all day making stuff up? Try to maintain at least some contact with reality. Just a thread.

      Ali-bubbas out NOW.

    • Smoky Bear drives a tank now, tosses grenades , and sports a Fifty, he is the most beatific Fed GUV protector of all things environmental.
      He helps put the deals together for those foreign parties who now hold claim to the once free land once called America.
      Smoky fell down on the job in Nevada, the Chinese power plant deal was thwarted by those wascally constitutional people. …

  • mormans……sigh.

  • Hmmm….well, I just have to say that I am shocked how quickly people line up to attack the protestors and support the government version of events. I’m definitely not a “conservative extremist” or even particularly a Bundy sympathizer or any other term you might use to smear my position. But I have had experience with BLM and I sure don’t trust them! I don’t trust their version of history or their version of the course of events! I know there are ranchers getting government subsidies but I also know there are legitimate gripes against the federal government and its heavy-handed land-grabbing tendencies. So yes, I am truly shocked to see so many people who claim to be “liberals” or “progressives” rush to embrace the feds and condemn the protestors. I’m guessing it’s some perverse reverse racism- they are white, Mormon and ranchers who eat meat and carry guns and we “progressives” hate that? No, I don’t think pointing guns at anybody, even federal agents is a good protest but I’m shocked and disappointed to see so many people just jump on this with no sense of history or understanding of the background leading up to this confrontation. Again- I tend to distrust the BLM’s version because I have witnessed BLM hypocrisy and deception firsthand. And when you have a problem w BLM you really have no recourse and they roll right over you. So I don’t automatically attack somebody opposing them…even if I don’t like that person’s politics or lifestyle. Guess I’m not a very good “progressive”.

  • What is sad is the original protest of an excessive prison term for the Hammond’s has completely fallen off the radar. The Hammond’s wanted them to leave.

    • The Hammonds were threatened with worse prison conditions if they were caught talking to helpful people. They had no choice but to decline.

  • I agree with silverlining. How does one impose a sentence on someone and after they serve their time, it is decided Oh! that wasn’t long enough. The Hammonds were convicted and did their time. They served what is considered their debt to society. I know this was not double jeopardy, but fair is fair and this was not.

    My post above was not stating that the BLM/FS is right all the time, but history is history. 87% of Nevada was unwanted land. Who owns that land, the people of the US. The BLM/FS are the agencies that manage that land. You don’t get to decide as an individual that you are going to do what you want and damn the consequences. There are consequences. Does Clive Bundy get to graze his cattle where ever he wants? No.

    I would say the BLM has sharpshooters because of people like the Bundys. Who set of bombs at the BLM facility in Reno during the Sagebrush revolution in the 1990s.

    Let us see where this ends up. I feel the Feds restrained themselves way more than they have in the past. They walked away in Nevada and waited until the governor of Oregon said enough is enough. In this case, they didn’t say they would use force to defend an illegal action.

    • When Nevada (or any state) becomes a State, all the land inside the State’s borders belongs to the State (divvied up per county). It no longer belongs to any outsiders.

  • Great blog. Unlike the mass media blogs, this one cuts to the chase. Thanks to everyone whether I agree with you or not.

  • The 4 holdouts (crisis actors?) are being raided right this minute. Live stream audio.

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