[UPDATE 7:23 p.m.] Pedestrian Injured in Traffic Accident on 4th Street

unnamed (6)A pedestrian was injured in a collision with a vehicle near the Quality Inn around 6:15 p.m. Traffic is being diverted from 4th Street near O Street to 3rd or 6th Streets in Eureka as law enforcement investigate the accident.

An ambulance carried the pedestrian from the scene to the hospital.

Please stay out of the area if possible.

UPDATE 7:23 p.m.: Photo and video by Bobby Kroeker.

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  • Hope they are ok, but night time with rainy weather is a bad time to be crossing a highway in the middle of a block. I have this happen a lot to me. They walk out and just expect you to stop. Thank god I have always seen them. Some aren’t so lucky.

    • U are so right . I hope they are ok buuut . People just walk out into.traffic all the time with thinking about if the driver can really see them.or not

  • free dry !

  • This is starting to be a thing.he looked right at my face and stepped out in front of my big Ole ram,damn near hit him,I was doing under speed limit lucky for him.dark cloths,black outside rain soaked road,it’s not easy to stop.its happening alot.they only come out at night!!it sounds like a movie

  • Yes, it’s always the pedestrian’s fault. Maybe if you were paying attention you would not be targeting walkers. I am nearly hit multiple times a week. I use crosswalks and they still come right at me. I can’t walk to work or walk home without some idiot in a giant, fuel-guzzling pickup or SUV aiming their earth destroyer right at me.
    Look in the mirror, the enemy is staring you in the face.

    • It kinda of a shared responsibility. I can give a rat’s ass if the pedestrian has the right away. If I’m the one walking across the street, I don’t go unless I can safely make it. Because either way, I would be the one getting the injuries. Not saying we don’t have plenty of drivers not paying attention, because we do. I know those drivers are out there so I’m not endangering my life to gamble if they are going to stop or not. It’s actually pretty simple not to get ran over when you have some personal responsibility.

    • It is the person fault. If they have dark clothes and no light or reflectors. They cant be seen tell its to late. I keep myself safe by always having a light when I am walking at night. And during the day I make sure the driver sees me by making eye contact with them.

  • It is a serious problem the idea that pedestrians expect people to stop. A crosswalk does not have metal barriers , so look before you walk and don’t start out in front of a fast moving vehicle . There are plenty of distractions to deal with as a driver and you can’t be expected to anticipate someone running into the street while a car is coming .
    There is a safe distance at which a pedestrian can enter the road and expect traffic to slow to a stop but I have seen way too many who don’t respect the stoping distance of a particular vehicle , the speed limit in the area and reaction time of the driver .
    My mom always said “you can be dead right ! But then your dead ,right?”

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