Mountain Lion Seen on CR’s Campus


Mountain lion by Art G. (originally posted to Flickr as Those Eyes) via Wiki Commons.

A College of the Redwoods Emergency Alert issued just before 11 p.m. on Thursday warns students and faculty that a mountain lion was seen on the Eureka Campus. It states,

Mountain Lion seen tonight 1/21/16 on Eureka campus near Creative Arts Building. Use caution when walking at night and early morning.

In August, a similar alert was issued after a mountain lion was spotted by a jogger. That alert offers tips on how to behave if you see a cougar.



  • old town observer

    best advice: don’t be a jogger..or a runner, if you see the mountain lion.

  • Those eyes in deed!!So beautiful,so quick, so hungry.Thank you such a amazing photo

  • There’s been a lot of sightings in local neighborhoods here in crescent city for the past year or two. Most troubling is that they are in broad daylight hours and don’t seem afraid of anyone. California fish and game’s protection of these killers is ridiculous. Any other state damn near rewards you for killing these predators that prey on livestock and small children. Fish and wildlife needs to rethink that policy.

    • Please cite your sources for mountain lion attacks on small children and livestock and define “a lot” of sightings. They have as much right to live as we do.

      • So sorry miss environmentalist, show me their Bill of rights. I bet your a tree hugger who thinks trees have feelings also. And no small kids have been attacked, but what I’m saying is that this animal preys on the weak.

        • And yes lots of livestock and even a horse have been attacked and killed in the bertch tract neighborhood in the past year. I don’t have to show you. Read the del Norte triplicate. Fish and wildlife has in fact hired a couple of trappers to put these animals down. Parents were also warned to stay with kids at their bus stop.

          • Livestock should be protected by a sufficient number of dogs or by shepherds. You can’t purge the wild of predators simply beacuse you are lazy and self-centered.

        • Trees do have feelings…more than most ignorant humans! Go back to the 1890s!

        • This is a blog for discussions, not one-way conversations.

        • Wow. Only small minds go straight to name calling. Didn’t you learn anything in elementary school? And Bill of Rights? You think a useless corrupted government paper gives you the right to extermination? Why not tranquilize and relocate these animals? I’m all for protecting my livestock and family, yes I have both, I’m just saying killing doesn’t have to be our go to response to everything!

    • There has only been one attack on a child in ca in almost twenty years. And he lived. They were here before us. We moved to thier home not the other way around. In all the known attacks in ca since 1986 only three have been fatal. How many non human or livestock eatting lions do you think have been killed out of fear in that time span?

      • Not Enough. A lot of sightings was several a week ,thank you very much!😤

      • Miss [edit] do your research. a few years . back a man was attacked . his wife used a pen to poke the lion.. the animals that have been attacked have been many, any could have Been a child attacked wise up

        • So you’re saying that an old lady can fight off a mountain lion. Wow they are super scary. Average of 0.165 attacks per year.

          • Yes, she did as instructed by her husband to poke it in the eye with a pen She save his life. This report I believe is to inform students and staff at the CR campus that a big cat has been seen in the area. To be aware and safe especially at night when walking around the campus.

        • You sound like the only sensible person on this blog. THANK GOODNESS FOR NOT BEING A BABY.

      • The earth is our home. We have the right to protect ourselves from man or beast..I saw the lion in berch track in daylight.. .. praise God no person has bed n harmed yet

      • Not enough!! Ask the guy who got his scalp ripped off by the pretty cat And his wife had to stab it in the eye with a pen to save her husbands life. Poor kitty, maybe you start a go fund me for the one eyed kitty.

        • The animal responsible for this attack was hunted down and destroyed. It was determined that it was a young cat that had lost it’s mother (perhaps because someone shot her in fear?) and so had not learned to avoid humans. I also have lived with mountain lions for 40 years and walked from dawn to dusk with no problems, and raised my children in these mountains. The few lions I saw were gone in a flash. We need them for the balance of nature and owe them the respect they deserve for allowing us to invade THEIR homes.

    • Can’t kill all carnivores…remember, this was their territory before ours. 😉

    • They are beautiful animals but once they start coming close …..and they’ve lost that fear they are very dangerous…. I would have no trouble shooting one if it were a threat….! I would not be thrilled about it but I certainly would do it ….

      • Just because you don’t see them don’t think they aren’t close. In these mountains they’re always close and I don’t think they ever have that fear to lose. Being stealth is what they do. It’s awesome!

    • On Thanksgiving evening I had a lion scream outside my cabin for 20 minutes. I went out and screamed back and shot off a few rounds, but it did not care. We screamed at each other back and forth, both of us cussing at the other. It turns out that it had one of my cats cornered but could not get to it. After the big cat left, the little cat came home. Some of these cats are extremely dangerous. Stay sharp!

      • Stay Sharp is a requirement of living in the forest with harmony. “Screaming” is a sound that accompanies mating. The males of all cats have a penis with one-way barbs. The withdrawal is painful, and triggers ovulation. Bobcats are the loudest.
        The sound is BIG, and don’t go find out what made it. Stay sharp. This is not a place to test your dominance, because here, we aren’t.
        Been here with kids for more than 40 years; no problem, kids well educated and equipped with shrill whistles. Several encounters, no problem if one knows the rules and moves with respect. Respect. Respect. Respect.

    • The organization is called “Fish and Wildlife”. Predator are necessary for functioning ecosystems. Hunting does not fill the role of predators. Predator do not target trophy animals.

      20 people in North America were killed by cougars between 1890 and 2011. That’s 0.165 deaths per year. Fatal cougar attacks are extremely rare and occur much less frequently than fatal dog attacks, fatal snake bites, fatal lightning strikes, or fatal bee stings.

      • I agree. Your chances of getting hit by lightning are higher than your chances of being attacked by a mountain lion. Stop needlessly killing wildlife out of fear! We need to replace fear with education about wildlife.

  • These wild animals have been here for ever.they live in nature.its their home and we invade them when we go into their home.and yes sometimes they are visible during the day,their hungry.their all around us.their attacks are scary,but we haven’t had that many,compared to how long they’ve been here.and the people who were attacked,we’re walking in the wild,where they live!!!

  • So my opinion, Stay close with friends as always pack a weapon while walking in the woods. If a large cat approaches you shot to kill….The lives of children and adults are more important.

  • College students ! Take notes: Lurking large predator is a metaphore for the dangers of life. You can’t always see them, but their out there. They can always see you.

  • legalisepotmakegrowersgetajoblol

    Aha.i left my dog in the truck on Thursday night at cr for about 45 minutes .she was freaking out when i left.i couldn’t understand why as normally she is super calm. Perhaps she could sense the lion?

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