Flooding Tonight and More Rain Expected Tuesday; Plus Images of the Day


The Van Duzen laps against homes as it approaches flood stage this afternoon. [Photo by Angela Campbell.]

To give you a feel for the sheer volume of water that is passing through this area, we’re attaching a few of the many photos we’ve received to this important Public Service Announcement from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Rivers continue to rise following heavy rain today. The Eel River at Fernbridge will reach flood stage at midnight tonight, cresting around 9 a.m. at 22 feet, two feet above flood stage.

The Van Duzen River is currently approaching flood stage and will crest at approximately 7 p.m. this evening. Impacts to Highway 36 are possible through the evening.

Additional impacts to roads, including closures, slides, and washouts are possible through tomorrow, Monday, January 18. Please do not attempt to travel across flooded roads.

Rain is expected to begin again early Tuesday morning, January 19, with another storm system expected later in the week. Weather and river forecasts may be monitored online, and on NOAA weather radio.

California Nevada River Forecast Center: www.cnrfc.noaa.gov
Eureka National Weather Service: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/eka/
For road closures updates follow OES on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HumboldtCountyOES/


The Van Duzen swallows yards this afternoon even before it reaches flood stage. [Photo by Angela Campbell.]


The Eel stretches from bank to bank under the Miranda Bridge. [Photo by Donna Bowman]


image (2)

The Miranda Bridge standing in the swollen Eel. [Photo by Patrick Keller]


Water rushes across Hwy 96 between Orleans and Weitchpec. [Photo by Travis King.]


Freshwater closes after water covers the road. [Photo by Esther Welliver.]

The Mad River lives up to its name. [Photo by .]

The Mad River lives up to its name.[Photo by Esther Welliver.]



  • Thanks for the info. When I drove through a few times in late Nov and then mid Dec and now see them it is mindboggling. I could have in November walked dry creek beds, what is now these raging currents, waded some of them bc they were too low to float tube in mid December, and now you wouldn’t get me near one of these killers. I hope the salmon like the water.
    Also thanks for the web page that shows where the flooding is expected.
    Stay safe everyone.

  • Awesome ferocious pictures. The sad and scary thing is people still refuse to slow down and ensure their lights are on in this weather. It is amazing driving the safety corridor on 101 between Arcata and Eureka the amount of drivers who, even when a deluge of rain was coming down, still drive at 60 miles per hour in the 50 zone and didn’t have their headlights on. Ignorant of safety precautions. These people put others lives at risk. Not cool. Be safe everyone and stay home and dry if you can. My blessings go out to the people whose property is being dramatically threatened by the rising waters.

    • I had to drive through the corridor around noon. Even when we reached the 65 zone I stayed with several other cars continuing at 50 because visibility was so low from the rain coming down. You could barely see the lanes.

    • If it’s that bad here, imagine how bad the SF Bay Area/Los Angeles area are as far as speeding!

  • Awesome photos! Water is an amazing thing to watch and the power it has

  • That’s my family’s cabin!

  • Thank you for all the latest updates! You are always where I check 1st to see what’s really going on in Humboldt County!

  • I remember during the 64 flood that the water beneath the bridge at Miranda was just under the green bottom of the bridge. Thank goodness that it is supposed to stop raining for awhile!

  • Kym, thank you, as always! I drove south today from Blue Lake and was amazed at the ferocious beauty of the Eel and Van Duzen. Certainly a different season, isn’t it?!

  • The power of water can move mountains,I have a photo of my father’s market wholesale,truck at the very edge of what was left of the Rio Dell bridge from the 64 flood he almost went down with that bridge,my mom was the switchboard operator for the railroad and took all emergency calls that day and one was from my father at the brink of the storm at that edge,took 2 days to rescue my father stuck on that bridge he saw twisted metal that was once the bridge he was on,I was 7

  • Thank you Kym for your awesome job of keeping us well informed on the latest conditions!!! Our fish will be able to get up to their spawning creeks and get their jobs done with all this rain!!!

  • Does anyone know if Bell Springs is is drivable?
    To get to Island mtn.

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