Four of the Most Beautiful ‘Unknown’ Spots in California You Can Drive to Easily in a Day

The Thrillist which describes itself as “a leading men’s digital lifestyle brand”–whatever that means–posted an article today describing The 15 Most Beautiful Places In California You Didn’t Know Existed…

And four of them are within an easy day’s drive there and back again from Eureka!

Because we live here, most of us will know some of these “unknown” beauties. But the vast editorial staff of the Redheaded Blackbelt is willing to bet few of us have seen them all.

How many have you seen?

    1. The most well-known of the sites is probably Fern Canyon

    2. Glass Beach near Fort Bragg is also popular.

    3. But Mossbrae Falls near Dunsmuir is a relatively unknown spot. (And you can get cited for attempting to go there as the current access is along an active railroad line!)
    4. And The Enchanted Forest near Usal is a secret known only to a few.

See more of the Thrillist choices here. Or suggest a few of your favorite spots in the comment section.



  • I love all those spots and recommend visiting them. I’ve fly fished for native rainbows at Mossbrae and that section of the Upper Sac near Dunsmuir a number of times and have never been cited, nor have any fly fishing buddies I know. Just be respectful, park carefully and get off the railroad right of way if you hear a train or work crew.

  • There is a good one by Camp Kimtu. you can see wild ducks, flowers that are rare. Trees all twisted up, moss, giant Alders,

  • Glass beach is a joke. There are no rules for taking glass so idiots go and sift through the sand a take ever last bit. It’s not majestic anymore. People suck

    • So we should collect a few truckloads of beer bottles and throw ’em in……

    • I agree. I used to take the home-schoolers there, and each youngster could take ONE small piece of treasure home. Last time, we watched people with gunny sacks and shovels; cleaned out. af

  • Mossbrae Falls is amazing… It is a Wintu Holy Place…

  • There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home.

  • Well Usual use to be nice, last three times I’ve been out there it’s been totally f up. People burning tables,garbage and human shit every were, its were me and my mom spent our summers but now I can’t let my young kids play out there because all the broken glass and human shit. Yet the rangers are Johnny on the spot going camp site to camp site to make sure you pay.. so much for the lost coast, I sure hope they never fix the road to the harbor.

  • Three falls out in salmon creek should deff be on this list. But not many know about it at all.

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