A Hero’s Truck Stolen! Please Help


The stolen pickup shown with a friend of the owner.

One of the heros who stopped the lightning fires as the devoured land near Hwy 36, Jackie (she prefers not to give her last name,) needs your help. The “60 plus year-old woman,” who was part of group of volunteers that beat back the fire from crossing Hwy 36 this summer (read that incredible story here) snowshoed two hours out of the hills yesterday only to discover that her pickup was stolen.

Jackie lives deep in rural Trinity County and, in the winter, must snowshoe from her remote cabin into town to get supplies every few weeks. She leaves her pickup at a home about four miles east of Mad River on Hwy 36. Yesterday, she arrived in the cold to where she parked her pickup only to find it was gone!

Jackie described the situation in an email,

For 40 years I have been parking my truck at a house on 36 so that I have it to drive when I snowshoe out in the winter months…[Y]esterday on 1/15/16, I snow-shoed out the 2 hour hike, only to find my truck was not there—total anguish and horror…I bought this truck new in 1987 and have taken good care of it all these years. [I]t is my love, my old friend, part of my life line…[It] allows me to live where I live and commute to work daily in the summers months…I can not afford to replace it…PLEASE!  I’m begging YOU who ever has stolen  my truck, PLEASE , PLEASE return it to the spot you took it from or leave it some where obvious that I can find it… I need it, as much as you do, if not more so.

Please keep a lookout for a tan 1987 Toyota king cab 4×4 pickup, white camper shell, new Cooper tires, new engine, some rust spots on the bed, a new tailgate without the Toyota name on it. License plate# 3K69819. Because there is glass on the ground where the truck was parked, it is believed that a window may be broken. The truck disappeared sometime between January 1 and January 15.

Folks, this woman was there for the community this summer. She beat back flames and started backfires along Hwy 36. People who know the situation credit her and the team she was with for saving homes and maybe even lives. Please give back to the giver and look extra hard for this vehicle. Maybe print out a copy of the photo and leave it in your car so you’ll know if you spot it? Maybe copy down the license plate number and look for its match?

If you have any information, please contact the California Highway Patrol at 707-268-2000.



  • Oh no, Jackie! We will keep our eyes peeled!

  • Were the keys in the truck?

  • this also happened to my aunt who lives in indian valley she also parks to be able to get to town.. she is also 60 yrs old… she last seen her white 2000 Toyota Tacoma extended cab plate number 7023291.. I hope you get your truck back

  • this is not the truck but exactly what it looks like

  • I’m surprised they didn’t get shot!

    • Wish they had. So many bass turds around here who have no respect. Luckily, newer vehicles have a chip in the engine which prevents thefts except for when somebody puts the vehicle on a flat bed. I say, do what the Arabs do and chop off the body part that facilitated the crime, especially for rapists!

  • Insert irrelevant Toyota comment here_________<——–

    • That Barry is one wierd dude. Sometimes I think he’s kidding but others times I think some long hair with a Toyota f–cked him up! In any case, might as well insert irrelevant (peabrain) Toyota comment: “Hyundai is the NEW Toyota!”

      • That seems to be a regular occurrence up here. Or they smash out the windows. Take parts, also set it on fire. I’ll keep my eyes peeled ! And I hope they give it back. And in one piece. I’m sorry if this is negative,,,, I’ll be surprised if you get it back. 😭

        • P.S. hey all you folks here !! Maybe we can ALL chip in and find her a new car. ? 😘 we might get lucky and find one reasonable !! I wonder what’s up w that camo truck on lower Mad River last summer. It’s still there behind the gate.

      • Do you own a Hundia? Why do you like it? I am looking.

  • Jackie I hope you get your truck back, I will say nothing about what I wish for the thief.

  • Toyota pickups are so easy to steal unfortunately. My father-in-law had his Toyota pickup stolen right in front of his house. I will keep an eye out for your pickup! So sorry this happened to you best of luck!

  • Hope you get your truck back. Put mildly PEOPLE STINK!

  • If you put a petcock valve along the fuel line under the truck and turn it off when you leave, the truck will hot start but go only so far (yards) and run out of gas. This will not harm the engine. More than likely they will move on than look for the problem. When the owner wants to drive it, they turn the valve on and go as normal.

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