Warren Sentenced to Life Without Parole

John Chiv covers the local legal system for his blog. He shares his observations on some of the more high profile trials with us in our Humboldt Justice guest column.

John Chiv, local courtroom watcher, is reporting that Jason Warren was sentenced to life without parole and fifty years to life in the deaths of two different women. Warren had been convicted of murdering a Hoopa woman, Dorothy Ulrich, and striking three women joggers and dog on Myrtle Avenue with a vehicle. Suzanne Seemann, one of the joggers, and a dog were killed. The two other women joggers were seriously injured.

Chiv writes:

chivJason Warren was sentenced to life without possibility of parole for the first degree murder with three special circumstances of Dorothy Ulrich.

For the first degree murder of [Suzanne Seemann,] Warren was sentenced 50 years to life but after attorney arguments, Judge Ciisna is going to look at cases and that could change to life without the possibility of parole.

For the attempted murders od Terri Vroman Little and Jessica Hunt, Warren was sentenced to indeterminate term of life for each count. That means 7 years to life for each attempted murder count.

He was also resentenced for an older case to 9 years and 4 months. All terms are to be served consecutively.

Certain restitution issues and the final decision on sentencing for Count 2 will be decided on February 8 at 2 p.m.

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The defense motion to strike one of Warren’s priors was granted by Judge Cissna, despite his hesitance, after the People did not oppose it since they wanted to avoid an appellate issue and because it would have no practical effect on sentencing.

The defense also got Judge Cissna to change his final decision on five year enhancements on each count because they were not included in the first amended information.

Warren, sat emotionless and silent and was led out of the courtroom in cuffs.

Chiv said that he was also asked by the mother of one of the victims to read and share her letter to the court. (Chiv says he will print more statements from other victims later.)

Letter from Mrs. Shirley Ortega, mother to Dorothy Ulrich:

Your honor: today is the day that we beg of the court to rectify the judicial errors and Leniencies that have been given to this criminal in the past.  It is time for your honor to do the right thing and sentence this violent criminal to live the rest of his natural life in Prison, so that we, the victims, are able to recover and go on with our lives without having to relive this horrible, senseless crime.  We the victims of this case, do not want this violent criminal to ever set foot in society again.

As for you, Jason Anthony Warren, it is time for you to answer for what you have Done.  You have taken two beautiful women from this world and caused permanent physical, mental and emotional damage to two others.  Your actions of selfishness, and total disregard for human life, put a permanent scar on the lives of so many.  You have left sons and a daughter without mothers.  You have left aging parents without daughters. You have left grandchildren without a Grandmother.  You have left husbands without Wives.  You have left hundreds of family members and friends without the beautiful smiles that brightened their days.  Your sentence should be the most severe ever because You caused the most severe sentence, DEATH for your victims.  And the most severe ever LIFETIME sentence of pain and suffering, WAY more unbearable suffering and pain than your solitary confinement, for the families and loved ones of the victims whose lives you extinguished.  You need to think while you are serving the rest of your natural life in prison about, was I humane in the handling of my victims?  Was it humane to send my victims to the ground?  Was it humane to sentence the victims’ family, friends and generations to LIFETIMES of solitary pain for the loss of their loved ones?

You may have had the power for a few hours but ultimately we the people will have the Power over you for the rest of your life.  We hope you have many years to sit in prison And think what you have done. Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.  Some Say justice has been served, but for those of us left behind, justice would only be served if it was your life, not theirs, that was ended.  The one thing you cannot take away are all of the wonderful memories we have of Suzanne and Dorothy.  They will live on in all of our hearts forever.  You, Jason Anthony Warren, will be forgotten and left to rot away in a cell at a California state prison for the rest of your pitiful life.  May the Devil have mercy on your soul!!!

We pray that justice will be served for ALL of us today.


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  • Was the strange format of this letter submitted by Mrs. Ortega? I thought I might be reading a poem.

  • Why didn’t he get the death penalty? He definitely deserves it

    • Realistic judge. When was the last time a person was executed in california?

      January 17, 2006. And he sat on death row for 23 years and 6 months.

    • In my opinion the death penalty is being let off easy. Many people commit suicide to avoid jail, why assist them in ending their misery. Jails worse then death and this monster deserves every miserable day of his life to be in jail! I think the mothers letter to the court was wonderfully worded. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims and the two survivors.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Three hots and a flop for the rest of his life. Color TV? Interviews by reality TV shows where he can be SO sad and sympathetic. His vic’s are still dead or crippled. Forgotten. I just want to go Slavic on him. Sorry. Can I kill him and then you let God deal with me? Howzat?

        Well, OK, I guess going slavic didn’t work that well in Yugoslavia. Shucks. Darn it.

        • I’m sorry to hear your having homicidal urges. You should get that checked out. In the mean time have a little decency and your straight up cold hearted and ill informed to say the victims will be forgotten.

  • And we have to pay every single day for him to be in jail.the death penalty is inhumane,was what he did not?some people don’t deserve to die,but some must.

  • The Innocence Project has gotten SO many people off death row, FREED, usually after they’ve been rotting in prison for decades, and exonerated so many wrongfully convicted “rapists” that it terrifies me anybody wants the death penalty anymore.

    I’ve never seen the sense in killing anyone who’s been stopped, let alone that people so adamant that people not be killed should turn around and kill people. They’re so horrified that some fiend killed a defenseless person, they make the killer defenseless and kill him/her. Even though I’m not a Christian, since I was a kid I’ve been hollering about what-part-of-thou-shalt-not-kill-is-unclear-to-you-still? and I hope this time we’ve stopped for good.

    It’s JUST as despicable when the state does it… maybe even more. I can see it if there is no other way to stop the killer. THAT is defense of life. But when the killer is in custody, that’s IT. He or she has been stopped. After that, killing them is no longer defense of life.

    Actually, we might end up living in a veritable paradise if we would just STOP trying to get even with each other for not agreeing with us, not living the way we think is righteous… if we could just accept each other and work together to make it so we don’t drive each other nuts. 99% of the bad stuff could stop if we did that… but nooooo….

    No wonder we don’t have any control over our communities, let alone our country. We can’t get along long enough to make ANYTHING good happen. And the part that drives me the craziest is that seriously vicious psychopaths know this about us and spend most of their time insuring we NEVER snap out of our petty politics-of-lifestyle animosities long enough to get control away from them.

    • This guy should die. What’s fair is fair. He killed two people so he should get killed twice. Do it once revive him then do it again. What’s to stop others from doing these types of things. We are too soft on these types. Like mentioned previously, now he gets three meals a day and a place to sleep. Who pays for this? Me and you, that’s who. Penalties for crimes like this should be more severe! What he did was not humane, so why should he get humane treatment? If penalties were worse than the crime, then alot less crime would happen.

      • If it’s any consolation, life in prison is RADICALLY cheaper than the death penalty, and I’m trying to point out that making life fair for people before they turn into felons and killers is probably a better way to stop all of it, or most of it, than the harsh penalties we’ve been imposing on them for way longer than I’ve been alive. We have more people in jail than everywhere else on earth. It’s a damn racket, contracts for guaranteed prison occupancy and all, and it’s only getting WORSE out there, isn’t it?

        • I agree 100% Nines. Especially when some jails/prisons are privately owned. I spent two weeks in a county lockup that was privately owned. Let’s just say I’d rather had been in a state or federally owned prison. A quick google search revealed to me that 8.4% of the prisoners in the WORLD are held at privately owned prisons. Sigh. On the other hand some people do deserve such treatment. Warren being one of them.

    • So well said, Nines!

  • Glad to see him go away. Do not forget he previously stabbed a taxi driver and ran bicyclists off the road. Why was he free to do these later crimes? Gallegos. Gallegos, elected by selfish growers who went light on all criminals. I won’t forget what Gallegos did here.

    • Really? I thought I read that it was this same Judge Cissna that let him off light as a teenager…Psychopath from the start; finally locked up away from most people and deprived of his freedom. I hope he is never able to hurt another soul.

  • Their just to soft on criminal’s who committed awful acts.maybe if they weren’t treated so well they would stop,think about prison life it’s pretty bad and not want to go back,because life on the outside is way better.not all but most.CHAIN GANG.it worked back in the day.right now going to prison isn’t a bad deal eat bed tv no working all free hummm

  • Hope Bubba gets a hold of this POS.

  • I am very happy he won’t be let out. Thank you for posting this article. I noticed a typo in your article

    “special circumstances of Dorothy Ulrich. For the first degree murder of Dorothy Seemann”

    I believe you meant Suzanne Seemann.

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