Cause of Mysterious Boom Seen?

balloons_blue_by_clipartcotttage-d7aq98nIn honor of the mysterious boom that once again rocked Eureka last night, we present an interview with Rose Long, a city resident, who said she saw the cause of the Booms…or, at least, the cause of a boom that occurred almost a month ago on December 17.

Long said that she was walking down Park Street near Myrtle about 6:30 at night. “I saw fire fall,” she said. “I thought it was a cigar.” Then, she says, she saw another.

I looked up and I saw three white balloons connected together and then …there was something on fire next to them. There was a huge flash, a big boom and my ears were ringing for a couple hours. It was about 20 or so feet in the air off to my right. It was coming from over a fence. It started off high and started getting lower.

There has been speculation before that the boom was caused by “Boom Balloons.” It should be noted, however, that unlike last night, when there were multiple reports throughout the city, the night Long saw the balloons explode, there were very few reports which might indicate that this explosion wasn’t as loud and therefore maybe did not have the same cause as the explosions that have frequently shook up Eureka these last few years.


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  • lasts nights’ was more focused, less spread out and echoing than previous ones Ive heard..I though someone blew up a hash lab.

  • Interesting theory Kym. A larger balloon or multiple balloons connected together, or maybe a different fuel……It needs to stop, whatever it is.

  • Could it be tannerite ? They are perfectly legal explosive targets and I know of a couple that shoot a taped together bunch of them making some huge explosions near the eel . It sounds like the bridge fell or something

  • Some jerks idea of fun.until they blow themselfs up or lose their eye sight.Grow up

  • acetalyne

  • Whatever it is it needs to stop before someone gets hurt or it startles someone so bad it causes them to have a heart attack idk where it was last night but it close by & very large it rattled my building made both my dogs nervous

  • I have filled balloons with acetylene/O2 mix, soaked the strings in fuel and ignited them before. (Many years ago) The resulting explosion is a tiny fraction of the large booms.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      As a teen, I went through an acetylene phase with my dad. He had acetylene miners lamps. You have a bit of carbide, drip water on it, and light the gas for a lamp. Look it up. Used to fill balloons and light them. Explosion was very minor, nothing such as reported. Mostly a flash. Do it in front of your nose and get instant “blackface.” Men. The balloons were heavier than air and sank to the ground if let go. Friggin’ men. I know! Let’s go down to the Wildlife Refuge and run people off with aggressive open carry like a jihadist. Men, men, MEN.

  • Was walking south on F Street @ 14th where Hammond Park is located at about 9:30ish last night. Saw a basketball rolling out near the intersection at E & 14th and it was demolished by an older style heavy van. The man who was chasing after his errant ball shouted “Darn it!” I felt bad for him since he was just enjoying shooting some solo hoops. He could of said said something worse but he kinda gave up when the oncoming cars were not able to maneuver away and as luck had run out all he could do was observe from the curb,,,,, BOOM!!!
    It was such a loud sound that some residents across from the courts were looking pretty nervous in their doorway. I explained to them that a vehicle ran over a basketball to calm their rational fears since that shooting homicide last October has kept homeowners on lookout.

    *Also, I have seen another BOOM episode of a bottle rocket sending up a small package that looked like a normal firework about last November 2015. It was a huge BOOM episode in Eureka that many reported hearing. I was walking at G Street @ Wabash and noticed it left a puff of smoke trail too. The sky briefly lit up, then the explosion occurred. It was very upsetting – sure. Never good having to hear those sounds. It seemed to originate lower down towards Pine and C Street…. and I am so glad my house pets are older and deceased. I hated how the events around the Fourth of July would always scare them. Earthquakes they could tolerate but these obnoxious youthful jerks sending off explosives is dumb stuff. Hope they are caught and we can have some peace at night. I’ve heard owls hooting and nighthawks or shorebirds flying over Eureka at night and hope they are not scared off for good because of a few unbridled selfish idiots!!!

  • I have been interested in this boom stuff, though I haven’t heard of any in Central Oregon, where I live. This has a bunch of links, from booms across the county.

  • How about butane balloon bombs ?

  • To those who are downplaying the explosion from an oxy acetylene balloon, I do believe you did not performed the procedure correctly. It’s all about the oxygen/acetylene ratio. I am told that 50/50 is a good target to shoot for. I absolutely could not believe the boom that comes with igniting a properly filled balloon! It’s insane! My understanding is that enthusiasts of this type of thing often use tire inner tubes instead of balloons because they add a bit of safety. Balloons are dangerous because the smallest spark will melt through the balloon and ignite the mixture. These things are no joke! Scary as hell!

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