Be on the Lookout for These Three Lost Dogs

Dasey, Moose and Polo (pictured in order from left to right) escaped from a new home on Briceland Road January 7. They were seen on the 8th near a neighbor’s home but have not been seen since.

Dasey is a one-and-one-half-year-old female (blue & white) last seen wearing a brown leather collar. Moose is a one-year-old male (white with cropped ears.) He was last seen with no collar. Polo (fawn colored with a white chest) is a four-year-old male last seen without a collar. All three are not fixed.

The dogs are used to living indoors. They aren’t from Southern Humboldt.

“There is a Large Reward!,” says a family member of the owner. “These PitBulls are very sweet, loving, spoiled family members and must be very scared! …They were only on our property for 4 days before they broke out and took off. These dogs must be very scared, cold and hungry!”

Please contact Prairie at 707-223-0613 ..707-223-0516 if you have any information.



  • Wow … a pack of pitbulls, new land owner on Briceland Rd, owner named/called Prairie … I try to be open minded but good grief.

    • Don’t forget ….. “All three are not fixed”

      • Neither one of you are open minded at all. You’re being VERY JUDGEMENTAL about another family’s heartbreak., which I might ad, you know absolutely nothing about. Go find a hobby or something,
        you must be terribly bored…

        • …”which I might ad, you know absolutely nothing about”

          Well, we know that they allowed three young, large, unaltered male woodchippers to escape into a rural area. Dogs that are young enough to revert to natural instincts, which means a marauding pack of 100 pound meatheads roaming the hills. I truly hope these loving pets are found before they die from exposure or rip apart some other family’s pets or child.

    • Wreckless and irresponsible. SCAREDY cat pitbulls eat grown men. Just one of them kill before a whole household of people can get them to let go.. so the police are always called.. just like you call the DNR if a Bobcat attacks. Keep the pictures and let the authorities know if they find dead bodies of livestock or pets. Feral pitbulls are a very expensive and dangerous problem growing across the USA. This is yet another person proving that they can’t keep pitbulls as inside pets. THEY GET LOOSE and then what? We have laws calling for special containment of Lions and tigers, and bears and oh my they don’t kill as many people as pitbulls do.

      • Not sure if you’re being rude, but I’m assuming yes. Why do you have to hide behind a screen. My full name is displayed. You’re on some other shit

    • Well, actually, my name is Kelsie Ellis. These are my dogs. My lovely mother put her name on the flyer because she is more well known in So. Hum. My phone number is also on the flyer. She grew up in southern hum, I was also raised there. definitely not new. As it says, the dogs are new to the area, NOT the owners. The dogs had all been living up north for over a year. These dogs are SPOILED rotten. Judge all you want. Maybe have a little compassion. It’s pretty stressful for me and my family as well.

  • and only one has a collar on…….whew
    I sure hope they find them soon, if only for the sake of local livestock and wildlife.

  • We are the very model of the modern dumb-ass pet owners. (Tip o the hat to Gilbert and Sullivan)
    No collars, no neutering…. One might speculate that they haven’t been vaccinated either.

    Gross negligence on the part of the owners.

    • The Dogs are indeed Vaccinated!

      • I really hope you find your dogs…They look so well cared for, and I know how I feel about my pets….
        Just remember, that these people leaving comments don’t know anything about these missing babies…
        their background, or you for that matter… PRAYING FOR THEIR SAFE RETURN. !

        • “Babies”
          Grow up. They’re dogs.

          • You’re just Ignorant. These dogs love other animals. FYI my angora rabbit was their best friend! Treated him like one of the pack. And actually, BABIES is correct considering daisy is just one year old. And is they are all like CHILDREN to me.

        • I REALLY REALLY appreciate this, thank you. I’ve been stressing out non stop since They’ve been gone. Thank you for having something positive to say, it is helping me not reply as rudely as I’d like to, to the rest of these comments

    • No laws been broken, correct? Maybe the collars slipped off and that’s how they dogs escaped, ever think of that? Some people amaze me how closed minded they can be!

    • Hi “Alex”, these are my dogs. Sorry, no you’re incorrect. They are vaccinated. They are registered at the sunny brae vet(probably better than the vet you take your pets to, if you even have any). Also sorry again, you clearly don’t know how it feels to THREE dogs at once. The stress of knowing people like you would love to bring nothing but negativity to this situation. It sucks. These are the most loving pups. You probably wouldn’t have much to say if they were anything other than pits. Keep hiding behind the screen, bashing pet owners you know nothing about.

    • This is a special picture of moose, just for all of you who have something negative to say 🙂

    • Alex, I would looooove it if you would call me. Or you can even message me on Facebook. I have lots of information for you

  • Not just poo, I gotta train them TOO?!?

    “The dogs are used to living indoors”
    Yeah. Doggies aren’t meant to be only indoors.
    It also makes me wonder if they were walked around at all beforehand. I know that’s the first thing I did WITH THE CAT so the kitty would know what outside of home smelled like, and looked like, in case it got loose. Guess whose cat, when it got out, could be found on the door mat.
    Dogs are smart, too: if they know what to look/smell for.

    • It’s been raining everyday… the scent is gone

    • These are my pups. They actually love going on walks! We took them to the beach/River all the time. They love water. And my boyfriend took them on walks around town up north all the time before we moved back home to so. Hum. They always had a huge yard to run around all day, the indoor comment was meaning they slept indoors.

  • Might be fixed now!

  • Better hope they haven’t been shot. People don’t take kindly to 3 loose pits. And not fixed, no collars, please be more responsible. Call Humbodlt fence Co. and fence a large area so ur pets and others will be safe.

    • Hope the man with the gun has good eyes to see if the dogs are intact with collars on before he shoots as if that makes any difference, Daaa!!

    • Yes, they were caged in a super sturdy 400$ kennel with heating pads and a big igloo for the night. They got to play in the day time. We are pretty responsible pet owners, thanks. Everyone makes mistakes. yes, they should have been chipped, but is that going to locate them in the woods? No. Daisy had a purple color on with a tag.

  • Any updates on this story, Kim?

  • Another group of “breeding” pitbulls making puppies that fill the county dog pound due to irresponsible “owners”
    There were two incidents with a un-neutered male pitbull mauling two different labradors here in Redway last month, Sheriffs were contacted but can’t do anything until a third “incident” happens, so another dog has to get mauled before this will be taken care of legally….
    Supposedly the “guard dog” got out when the front door was kicked in from five “home invaders” that robbed the house and took off in the middle of the day on a saturday! Dog ran right past the invaders on down the street and began trying to kill a nearby Lab. $1000’s in vet bills, owner said he’s real sorry but he makes $$$ breeding the pitbull. Great genes to be passing on, does nothing to the robbers and attacks a perfectly peaceful bystander….

    • little old ladies, people entering their cars, checking their mail, pulverized and killed or forever mutilated inside and out. the Monsters promoted by the pitbull dog fighters propaganda machine..

      • These dogs are definitely not after little old ladies, or children. They’re probably more scared of you at this point. And definitely not monsters. Thanks for that though, real helpful comment for everyone reading this that is now going to be scared of my dogs that are probably a lot sweeter than you.

    • Any laws been broke here with these lost dogs?

      • Penal Code 38792
        Improper display of licenses. If they’re licensed?

        Penal code 3961
        I’ll let you look that one up since you clearly have more free time.

        Among others that may or may not be reported. It isn’t up to property owners to report damages. But it is up to owners to be responsible for their canine.

    • As said before, they are not guard dogs. They’re best friend was my angora rabbit. I have videos of polo kissing with fluffy rabbit Walter. Looks can be deceiving. These are pets. And as for the breeding comment, yes. Moose the white male was going to be bread when he was old enough. And that is because he is from LA and to clear up the whole assumption of the dogs ending up in pounds, 10 people had already asked to be on a waiting list for puppies if we ever did decide to breed him. Because he is so beautiful, not to mention SWEET. They are all sweet.

  • Folks on my hill are always vigilant for stray pits. Through the optics of an M-4.

    • YES! 19 month old girl attacked by a pitbull while she slept in Virginia last week. The owner fought with the dog and was bitten, and couldn’t get the dog to let go fast enough.. Did not make national news.

      • Dear, “joanieq”. These dogs are lost in the woods. Hope people don’t randomly let their toddlers run around in the woods. But as I said, they are family dogs and are NOT going to attack any small children. That’s tragic what happened to that poor baby. But it is irrelevant to the fact that my dogs are loose, OUT OF TOWN.

    • That’s just unnecessarily rude. But thanks, “life is Good”

  • Had a “yard” dog. Never got more than the end of a short driveway away from the house. Brought a new pup home and as soon as the pup could run they did. Regardless of breed “more than one on the run”. After all they are pack hunters at heart.

  • If your dog’s were fixed they would not want to roam. These large dogs will act like a pack and could be very dangerous to livestock and humans. I have Pit Bull crosses that are fixed and you couldn’t get them to run off even when the gate is open. I hope you find them before anyone gets hurt. Collar and chip your dogs! Good luck 😉

    • This is not actually true, they would never had ran if they were at our house up north. It is the mistake I have made my taking them out of their territory while moving homes. They all have collars but only one had one on the night they got out. Yes, they should have been chipped.

  • This saddens me greatly. I wish newcomers and visitors were more informed about rural reality for dogs. Only a well trained and neutered dog can be somewhat dependable to stay home, unfenced. And even fixed dogs will run if they find a pack. The temptations to leave you in chase after wildlife can lead to irrevocable events. Once loose they are so hard to find and catch. The damage they can do, and the confusion of being lost are all sad outcomes. So sorry, hope you find them. Please everybody, think things through when you own a dog and come to the wildlands. I’m so tired of lost dog stories. They break my heart. Good luck.

  • Just want to add my negative thoughts: Bad idea owning three unfixed pit bulls. No tags, no shots, no fence?

    • Did anyone say they Had no SHOTS “Just Saying ^^^?

      • I’m sure they’re gettin plenty of shots thrown their way now…
        Whether they had em or not…

        • These are my dogs. 707-223-0516 feel free to give me a call if you have something more to say in relation to thinking a joke about my dogs getting shot is humorous, “click click bang”. These dogs have probably been to the clinic more than you have. 🙂

  • Great more irresponsible dog owners pit bulls at that. Way to put the public in danger

  • I may have seen them the other day in Garberville but I’m not positive…I saw what looked like the one on the right go up to a guy walking on the 101 but he waved it away, then I looked up by the cemetery and saw 2 more dogs standing there, they all looked friendly. So yeah, not positive but I hope it helps 🙂 and this was right by the cemetery coming into Garberville from Redway

  • probably in a homeless camp……..

  • Welcome to Humboldt Prairie. Now fix your dogs and keep them fenced in.

    • I have actually been a So.Hum local my whole life,and I can reply to all these assholes with a Smile on my face, and know that I am not a BAD dog owner, for a fact::: I said the dogs were new to the area on Vacation, you small minded behinded the keyboard Pricks!

      • Are they even your dogs?
        New home? On vacation? Which is it? No collars? Why?!
        Yet you grew up in SoHum your whole life…
        I don’t see how you’ve lived here your whole life, but never imagined these dogs running away. Especially an unaltered dog, that’s kept indoors. Granted accidents happen. But this could’ve been avoided.

        • Why should she have to explain herself to you? And is there any laws against having an intact male or female dog? news to all of us if there is. Stupid statements on your part,Why?!.

          • This blog is for discussing particular events. Why not just answer the questions? After all you want the public to help, right?

        • Dear, “Why?!” These are my dogs. Prairie, is my sweet mother. If you have more pointless questions that aren’t helping me find my dogs what so ever, or you can talk to me about how terrible of a pet owner I am. how about you call the second phone number on the poster and I can explain to you how pointless your comment is to my STRESSFUL situation. And I am very protective over my dogs. Feel free to call though.

      • Now Lets find these Pups!

    • I’ve lived in Humboldt my life (“Better find them”)^^^ .. They are Big Lovers and we will get them back!❤️❤️❤️

    • Welcome to Humboldt, lol!! She was born her, Genius!! Think before you type, Better find them!

    • “Better find them”. Prairie is my mother. We have lived here forever. Maybe longer than you, if you don’t recognize the name Prairie. Haha.

  • Wow what the heck do you all not comprehend? The dogs were new to the area not the lifetime southern Humboldt resident. She’s just asking for some eyes to keep a lookout in “our” so called close knit community! Shouldn’t be hard to do. It’s a hefty reward if you can help return these VERY loved dogs so might be in your best interests to open your eyes & shut your negativity up.

  • Nothing nice going on in here, sheez! Let’s remember that dogs are just that, dogs and sometimes they get loose. I’m not a pit bull fan but they are still lost dogs. I wonder if there would be the same negativity if it were 3 black labs or hound or cattle dogs lost? It’s obvious its just all a bunch of negative opinions, see alot of that these days. This goes back to a simple lesson we all learned in pre-scchool, if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t speak! I see some of the people making comments here must have missed that lesson….

  • I hope you get your dogs back! I have a fixed male pit who is sweet and stays close. That said- whenever I hear of unfixed pit bulls I think there is a fool thinking they are a “breeder of fine dogs”. There still are pit bull fighting rings around here so…was that an idea? In any case- we have lots of dogs and this is what happens in the real and sad world we create through our inactions ….

    • I hope their are some folks who can help out these shelter dogs, please if you think you have some love to spare give one of these guys a chance at life. They are hrs. away from death. And for those thinking of breeding more pits, the shelters are full of them……

  • Any updates?
    Does bear spray work on pit bulls?

    • Why would you ask that??
      Are you afraid of them without even seeing them??
      Don’t you think they would be relieved to see someone who might help them??
      Wouldn’t a bag of dog food work wonders on a lost, scared, and probably hungry dog????

      Stop the fear mongering…

    • Shak, you can give me a call too if you’re curious about spraying dogs in the face with pepper spray and I can fill you in on your stupidity 707-223-0516

  • ((These dogs are not raised for fighting, and are very pampered, btw))

    Someone had to of seen them by now… where are they??

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