Christmas Collie Stolen


The Christmas display that tempted thieves. Have you seen the missing border collie? [Photo provided by David Widner]

What kind of Scrooge steals holiday decorations and ruins the afterglow of Christmas for a family?

David Widner, a reader, tells us that someone stole decorations from their front porch in Southern Humboldt on January 5. He wrote,

Christmas and the New Year are special holidays for my wife Starla and me. We chose the holidays for our marriage, December 23. One of the things we enjoy about the season is the opportunity share our joy with those around us by decorating our home.

This year we added new lighted decorations to our front porch. It was a shock to us when Starla went out on the porch to check the mail on January 5 and found that some inconsiderate soul had taken the Border Collie, Christmas tree with trimmings and toy soldier.

Their entire display disappeared. However, Widner said, that two young men have located and returned the soldier and the tree. Only the border collie is still missing. Have you seen this distinctive piece? If so, would you call (707) 223-8157.



  • I can never say this enough, get a locking mail box! Theives were on your porch…could have grabed your mail to. Better yet, a po box. Good luck, sorry that happened.

  • Sorry to here that Starla. They are one of the nicest couples in town. These two are what True So Hum represents, Love & Kindness.

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