Felon Arrested Asleep With a Gun in a Hotel Room He Didn’t Pay For

hcsoAt approximately 12:30 today, according to Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, a Community Service Officer with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, an adult male was found in a hotel room of the Bear River Casino he didn’t pay for. According to the scanner, the man had a visible gun when he was discovered sound asleep.

“He was not supposed to be in the room, and it is unknown how he gained entry,”  Zorilla-Mendoza said.

Jonathan Hawthorne Augborne from Oakland was “arrested for 3 outstanding felony warrants, possession of methamphetamine, and for being a felon in possession of a loaded firearm,” reported Zorilla-Mendoza.

We’ve been promised more information later.



  • What an idot.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Always dot your i’s, man. Gives a sense of completion and thoroughness. Back in the saddle, Bill?

    • Barry, was there a Toyota truck in the parking lot?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Redneck Caliphate is what we already have at the Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Typical sore conservative losers. Subsidized grazing at taxpayer expense is not enough for them. Too damn much wildlife at the refuge. Poor babies. Wah ha ha. Sniffle.

      Plus, parading around with open carry guns in an intimidating way in a public edifice DOES NOTHING to preserve our gun rights at this sensitive juncture. Where is the NRA when we need them?

      Catchy name for an a Country-western song. I just want 2%, or six figures up front.

  • Barry is scary lol

  • WHOA!!! Barry

  • Wow we don’t need new laws we need to enforce the ones we already have .

    • It is so easy to pass a law and so difficult to enforce it. California has 10,000 laws on the books and I would guess a police officer knows less than 100. Maybe less than 50?

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  • Was he driving a toyota

  • are you recruiting? Or joking? Lol I don’t think you will find many members here, well maybe but they probably have a Toyota and own a hat, is that allowed?

  • Mr Wallowberg. You never answered: are you the ex Mr X? I assume you realize you are encouraging an armed insurrection. Reading history, it seems most governments frown on that. Ours also frowns on that. Kym, I don’t know what your relationship with Mr. Wallowberg / Mr X is, but you might want to be cautious about allowing your venue to be used for his encouraging an armed “Redneck Caliphate”. Checking with an attorney might be prudent. Personally I don’t want to read his crap anymore but that’s just my personal stance.

    • Our news is already being throttled. Please don’t pour more milk-toast in the pipeline. Suggesting this or any other news source be edited of opinions such as those held by Mr Wallowberg flies in the face of the First Amendment Rights of us all. Thank you Kim. “Z” needs more AM radio. Zzzzzz…

      • I banned for using the slur “fags” not for his opinions.

      • Anon wish there was a thumbs up button. This new fad of trying to suppress someone’s right to freedom of speech because it might offend someone is going to be the down fall of all our freedoms if we’re not carefull. In my opinion true bigots will dig their own hole and alienate them self’s, they don’t need a moderator to do it for them. But then again this isn’t my web site.

    • He is entitled to his opinions. He is not entitled to say them here. In general, I allow all opinions including this one. However, the use of the slur “fags” plus his history got him banned.

      • Oh, sweet you finally banned barry? but can’t he still just use a different alias and perhaps email and be allowed to comment? I just posted something on another article about barry being here any minute lol…

    • Z. That’s the wonder full thing about a free country,if you don’t want to read it you don’t have to. Just remember someone might find what you say offensive someday and try to suppress your right to do so.

  • Humm “don’t know how he got there” maybe check one of the 500 cameras officer Barney lol

  • 1 well used toyota for sale……….

  • 3 outstanding felony warrant’s,geeze.why so many?if luck wasn’t on the laws side this probley turned out different.one bad guy down,so many.more to go!!!

  • felon in possession of a loaded firearm……with gun rights comes a tremendous responsibility. I wish the punishment for this was much more than it is.

    • Punishment for a lot of our laws should be more severe. After all what’s the point of hundreds of thousands of laws if there are no real consequences for breaking them. Then again making a copy of a CD is a (felony) using someone else’s WiFi with out permission is a (felony) using an alias on most web sites is a (felony)……

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  • Chain gang,for all these jerks.stop treating them so well,shit their criminals and you’ve broken the law.if they get worked hard everyday sun up till sun down.

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