‘They’re Trying to Cram Us All Into One Itty-Bitty Area’


Patrick cleans out his boot while sitting in a tent in the affected area

The Eureka Police Department plans to remove homeless camps from the northernmost end of the PalCo Marsh/Devil’s Playground area in Eureka.

“They’re trying to cram us all into one itty-bitty area,” a voice said from inside a tent yesterday. “All that does is put me into depression.”

The woman inside the tent, who identified herself as Sheila, said she has been homeless for over 10 years. She said she has gone “indoors” a few times but has always ended up homeless again.

“We gotta move to where the beginning of the slough is,” Sheila said. “I’m 50 years old. I can’t move the damn pallets like I used to.”

In an email, Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department said he estimated 42 “residential tents” were going to be affected. Sheila’s tent was one of them.

“We’ve been warning folks down there for weeks that some of those in the northernmost end were going to be moved,” Watson said over the phone. “Now that we are past the series of storms and the holidays are past, we have to follow through.”

Watson said that people who refuse to follow “Open Space Rules” will be removed from the area.

Patrick, who was in the tent next to Sheila, said he wasn’t aware of the city’s plans to move his camp.

“It’s the middle of goddamn winter,” Patrick said. “This whole move was out of nowhere.”

Patrick, who said he studied forestry and has a master’s degree in business administration, said he works during the summer, but can’t find jobs in the wintertime. While he talked, he put Tyvek on top of a pallet to keep moisture out of a tent.

image“A lot of people invested a lot of time [into their camps],” Patrick said. “This represents hours and hours of work.”

A group called Friends of the Humboldt Houseless will be meeting in the Bayshore Mall parking lot at 9 a.m. today to support the homeless population.

“We are not definite on whether [the police] will show or not, but we need to come together to defend the rights of the community in the Marsh,” the group said on their “Direct Action” Facebook page. “We can meet and decide what action if any needs to be taken, but we need to be there.”

Captain Watson said that he believes that the homeless advocacy groups and the Eureka Police Department are not that far apart.

“Our paths might be different, maybe a few goals are different, but, at the end of the day, we mostly want the same thing,” Watson said.

A 20-year-old named Max came to sit with Patrick and Sheila. He said he has been homeless since he was 13 years old, but, unlike Sheila and Patrick, he sleeps in the Mission at night.

“When your family gives up on you, you give up on yourself,” Max said as he sprinkled marijuana into some rolling paper.

Sheila said she used to stay in churches at night, but she doesn’t anymore.

“They won’t let me in,” Sheila said. “They said I’m too mean. They said my mouth is too vulgar and they don’t want me to influence their children.”

Sheila said she believes a lot of the area’s homeless problems stem from the city not having enough low-income housing. She said she’s been looking for place to rent recently, but she hasn’t been able to find anything affordable.

“It’s wherever my head lays is where my home’s at,” Sheila said.



  • Entitled freaks.
    Libs will brainwash them to vote for Bernie, anything to strip freedom from the people handing it over to the Goverment.
    Goverment loves playing Musical chairs with homeless zombies, it puts the Christmas goose on the table like clockwork.
    Libs survive on the idea of free services and the warm fuzzy feeling of Uncle Sam tucking them in at night.

    • Big John I believe you have assessed the situation correctly. Of course if the homeless did not cry victim the libs would be out of work. Some more enterprising libs actually get paid for this babysitting of adults in the form of grants.There are a few who do it out of kindness,but I feel they are mis-directed. I have money so I donate good sums of money to the 2 street mission, plus I have gone there to talk with the homeless about their situation. The ones on the sidelines that do not use the mission are very rebellious. They tell me they cant use the services of the mission and were thrown out. Asking more questions the truth comes out. They refuse to follow simple rules like no drugs allowed inside. No booze inside. they cant do it. So my feeling is they must like resting in their own self righteousness.
      When the pain of remaining the same is more than the pain of change ,they will change but not before. Please libs- stop catering to them,just like raising your children, let them try to walk by themselves.

      • Yeah, sounds just like what Jesus would probably say.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I get upset at times as to the cluelessness of many of the homeless, and I’ve said so. BUT, what do you do? Blame everything on liberals? How nice. Fail. What DO you do? We’ve been digging out of the Bush/Cheney recession since’08. I’m surprised that you keep dragging up lib/cons. Issues since we got 9-11 and the Great Recession from the Daddy Party, the Party of Business. No shame.

    • “Disgusting”? Why yes John. Your blame-game truly is. Grow up and quit blaming all these problems on some
      word (Libs!) you parrot over and over, and take a look at who really pulls the strings. BTW, what do YOU do to
      help the situation? Anything?

    • At one time “the government” was the people. Thanks to conservatives, “the government” is now the ultra rich and their corporations.

    • The party of STUPID, useful idiot pawn Republicans speaks!

      • It’ll fly past their heads. I’ve been bringing it up a lot and few seem to want to take it out of partisan bickering to figure out who’s doing it to us and why.

  • “itty-bitty area”, a/k/a a Concentration Camp.

    • That is a ridiculous co

      • Is it? And then, in some ways, how bad would it be if it were some what like one. If people want free services and then complain that they do not want to enter clear of drugs and alcohol in their system or from their persons, what more can be done?

        I have done the homeless route. I was pregnant and I did not want to follow the guidelines that were set out for me by those who were offering help. There it is, I did not get the help until I started to comply and tell the father of my child that we were going to have to start to listen to others because we were getting no where doing it our way.

        My Mom would have opened her doors, but she had rules we did not want to abide by.
        His Mom had the same situation.
        Getting welfare, we really needed an address and phone number, mind you, this was over 25 years ago and people were not wiping our noses and our backsides.

        We (I) grew up. We took his Mom’s offer. I found a job in about two weeks of being there. I did get MediCal, there was no way I could have handled the medical bills. We got a place of our own before my daughter arrived into the world. I worked two jobs and saw that my daughter’s father was going no where and my money was going in the wrong places. I took my Mom’s offer. Again, found a job in about two weeks and got on with my life.

        It is fine to need help. But it cannot be on YOUR TERMS if YOU are the one asking for help.

        So if people are coming in and wanting help but, not willing to do what is asked of them, where will they go?

        They cannot always have these tent cities. The situation needs to be assessed. If they are there because they are on drugs and there is not a medical need, like legitimate pain that something legal can be offered in its place and even supplied under certain situations, then a work camp would be a good place to detox them and teach them a skill. It should eventually be a skill that when they leave, they would be set up with a job and maybe some kind of communal living.

        More social assistance? If the work they are doing is beneficial to the public, then it is not them simply getting money spent on them. They are paying back what they are “using”.

        Oh no! Does that sound like another system that people hate? Here is the kicker, it is only for those who need the help. It is better than filling our jails and cycling them through like a backyard puppy mill.

        I could go for days on this…

        • You said it !
          The helper gets to set the terms of help !
          Every individual has a different story as to how they got where they are. Some their fault , some just bad families or bad circumstance , but that is no reason to not be humble and start over . Try again .
          There is a significant amount of these homeless that cannot keep a house clean . They cannot keep away from drugs , raise children responsibly , go to the dump in a timely manor or be responsible in any way !
          What happens with them ?
          Who is suppose to pick up after them and why ?
          These are the people who join the mass of street people and stay .
          If they wont do what is necessary to stay alive without hurting others then why should anyone have any reason to help them on their terms !

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Absurd. They’re already living rent and tax free on public land. Why can’t they be moved away from some public areas. Sewage is still an issue Mr. fantasy.

  • Votes aren’t and haven’t been counted for over one hundred years.
    IMHO these people should be allowed to camp at city hall so they can use the bathrooms in there.
    Government created them, so they should live together in pure socialist harmony.
    Homeless people and government unions walking hand in hand on the beach at sunset, stoping for a smooch and a hug while admiring the ruins created from unionized control freaks.

    The ruling class always builds a new society on top of the ruined one.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Unions have been terrific for America. You like how it is now? Unions gave us the Middle Class, 40-hour work week, safer work environment, healthcare retirement. All going now, thanks to anti-union attitudes just like yours.

  • ouch, those two “passed” hurt my eyes.

  • We are heading toward a jobless future. These homeless encampments and their exponential growth are a good indicator of things to come. If we could separate out the addicts, and mentally disturbed, we are still left with 10’s of thousands of Americans that can’t find or keep work or housing. Have very little chance of getting off the streets. I don’t have an answer, but let’s stop blaming all the time. You have to think and broaden your scope.

  • You can call me heartless, but I feel zero sympathy towards these people. Most of them are drug addicts and there is a reason(s) why they are homeless, probably most common reasons are because they are too tweaked out to find crappy jobs or they are to lazy or just don’t want to try an find a job because they are insane and nobody would higher them either way…Bottom line is, housing in eureka is relatively cheap in some of the not-so nice areas of eureka I see posts for apartments for 400 to 500 a month ALL the time on craigslist. And I know that some of these homeless that stand on the corners with there signs asking for handouts probably make at LEAST 25-50 bucks a day IF NOT MORE which if you do the math could easily afford a 500 a month rent for a ghetto apartment. So no sympathy for them at all from me.

    • OK, we can officially call you “Heartless”.

    • They don
      t earn 25 to 50 bucks a day if folks think like you do. Don’t be silly.

    • Saucy, it’s not about being heartless. You’re being ignorant with sweeping generalizations and illogical conclusions.

    • saucy, YES! we who love the homeless n the soon-to-be homeless, do think u r heartless n thats why i feel pity for you. u r Ebenezer Schrooge. maybe u need a visit from a ghost of a homeless vetern who died on the street for ur right to bad mouth them. speaking of drugs, which pharmasuedical drugs do u take everyday? sweet dreams in ur warm bed with ur full belly n ur warm coat n dry shoes. whats the secret of ur ‘success’?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      i’ve taken crappy jobs to avoid exactly this situation. Suddenly, these folks can’t. Now I’ll get the same cruel and heartless accusations from others living in a fantasy world almost as “far out” as most of the homeless. The jobs don’t come to you, you have to get off your ass.

      • Lost~

        Sadly, there are not even that many crappy jobs out there. Those jobs are usually saved for those who do not talk and are willing to be paid under the table. I am sure they are willing to work under the table, however, if they were to be injured seriously enough and they have no insurance, the “boss” does not want anything to do with it. If you are “legal” then you can press the matter. If you do not have your paperwork in order and are from another country…you tend to go away.

        Now, crappy jobs are hard to find.

        I will say this: if you are determined, cleaned up and ready to work and can be reached, you have a better chance of being hired. You have to know a little something too. My daughter and her boyfriend were both looking to change jobs. His was more seasonal and hers was driving her to stress points that it was becoming (HONESTLY) medical. They put out their applications with resume’s and within a week or so, they both had job offers that they were able to pick from.

        My daughter had experience in the field she applied for, as did her boyfriend.

        They are not crappy jobs, however, they are not jobs either one saw themselves doing a few short years ago.

    • Saucy,

      I hear you. I can understand you feeling jaded about the homeless. I do sit on a fence with this subject and can quickly fall hard on one side to the other, depending on the situation.

      I shared my homeless story of me having to learn to do my part to get me off the street. But, I have also worked in a homeless shelter and not all the people are there due to some fault of their own.

      Honestly, if my landlord were to tell me that I have to move in 30-90 days for no fault of my own. Let us say that they were selling the place. We thought that was going to happen when the husband of the married couple that owns this place passed away. I have some money saved however, moving costs, even doing it on your own is not that easy. Not to mention, those who hold the rental market in this area, they are not rental places that are great to rent from. We got really lucky to get where we are and our neighborhood is still not great.

      So you are looking at these homeless people and many have admitted, in this article, why they are homeless. They have seasonal jobs. I remember that as a kid…my father had a job that was basically dependent on the weather. Now, the one woman did say that the shelters refuse her because she is mean and has a dirty mouth. She admits it and knows why she is not getting help. I do not feel we should open a wing for those who can do what they wish. I am on board with you on that one!

      When you get to that rock bottom place, you really need help getting up. You need a place to shower. You need clothing to apply for jobs in. You need to know how to rejoin this world. But what if this world is something you physically cannot rejoin. You mentioned those who are mentally ill.

      Please, we used to house those who were mentally ill and could not care for themselves. We closed the doors on those places and let these people loose. Now, they are on the streets for all of us to see and have to face them. What do you say we do with them? No matter where they try to lay down and rest their bodies, there will be someone with some form of complaint about them. So what would you do? What is your suggestions? You appear to have a strong grasp on the problem and a negative point of view to go with it. What answer do you have to go with this???

  • “Laziness”, hopelessness, lack of self worth, drug addiction, these are all mental health issues. Long term, inpatient rehabilitation that focuses on mental health is needed.

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  • In October, the city decided they needed more open spaces. Bam. They kick out the homeless & achieve more open spaces.
    The city has the power to achieve what it wants. Apparently the city likes to stare at empty spaces & chase people around in circles. Power trips suck.

  • In the old days, Patrick could have gotten a job pumping gas, bussing tables, stocking shelves, flipping burgers, but all that has changed with the screw the people save the planet campaign. What we need is a good old fashioned revival. Cut back the nonsense taxes, fines & fees, let the people work odd jobs, stay on spare couches afforded by friends & family who are back in business. Housing costs would once again be affordable too, without the over reaching buracracy undermining every detail. Any progress towards sustainable for corporations but not the people can be slowly added, converted. The rush job happening is deplorable & lop sided.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      If Patrick has an MBA as he says, then he could get some job somewhere. Maybe Nebraska. Maybe Wyoming. Housing might be cheaper. It used to be, you had to go where the jobs were. Now we get this attitude that I won’t work if the job isn’t customized for ME. This is batshit crazy. Sit around in the cold rain and mud because you refuse to work for half the year.

      • Patrick does work in the on season. It’s the lack of work in the off season that hurts him. For every automated teller, there is now a new homeless person. Restoring businesses so they can restore employees is our only hope, but this can’t be achieved as long as officials keep tapping them for more.

      • Shak,

        Moving takes money. Also, when you are homeless, you build a family after some time. That family is what keeps you alive. Being on the street, beach or where ever else you try to rest your body, you need that family and when you look to make a move, you include that family in that choice, much of the time.

        Now, obviously, if someone from there was going to help move him out there and promise him a job…where would he stay for the first while? Shipping him away only makes it one less face for us to see. If he had a job, a place to stay when he got there and so forth…your answer would be great.

        Here is the flip-side…I have been told that I am over qualified for some jobs. Even when I have stated that I was willing to accept the pay rate that they were offering to the person who was not over qualified, they still told me they had someone else in mind! I had another job I was working, I was just not happy there. I was not going to quit without having another one lined up with equal or better pay. Not everyone has that ability.

        Does that mean that Patrick should get a pass? No, it just means that somehow, he is going to need to figure out something he can do in the off season. I remember in high school, late 80’s our teachers were working at the pear sheds in our area. I did not understand. Well, they had three months of the year they had to pay for without work. If they did not budget correctly or their pay was not enough to spread for the full 12 months, they needed to supplement their income. My son worked at the pear sheds two years ago and most of the workers there are immigrants and very few speak English. My son worked hard so that he was one of the last ones laid off at the end of the season.

        We are competing with so much. The answer is not wrapped up neatly in one little box that fits all sizes.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Get out much? All those jobs happen all the time, right here in River City. These jobs involve personal responsibility, getting cleaned up with Betty Chinn, showing up early in the morning, and putting yourself OUT to Work for a boss and customers, most of the week. Oh, wow, man, sorry for the imposition, Ooooooo, so sad . . . . Have to get UP.

      • Oh you got me. I love how the service station workers rush out to wash my windows, check my oil & tires, fill my gas tank, change my windshield blades. I love how there is a cafe open on every corner, bustling with business.
        I guess I’ll just eat my hat & cry me a river for being so wrong. Golly, whatever was I thinking.

  • Liberals and their mis-directed policies have screwed up this country. Regulations that are suppose to help do the opposite. Helping hands become crutches, Hand outs become hand cuffs. In Calif. if you let somebody crash on your couch, you by law must serve them an eviction notice. True. Most people dont know this. When it becomes common knowledge most people will not invite the homeless into their homes. Technically these people are not home less ,the correct term is house less. Home is an esoteric term. These people need shelter. BUT at what price ?
    When I was younger I would let some of these people stay in my cabin, Bad idea, they tore the place up. Would not go to the dump. If something broke, they would not fix it. etc.
    You bleeding hearts on here probably never really had any contact with them.

    • The now generation hasn’t a clue how it used to be before citizens & businesses were taxed to death. To them, pumping your own gas, talking to an automatic machine, scanning your own store items, is normal business. They have no idea that those machines used to be hard workers. More businesses are switching over to machines, because they can’t afford wages, insurance, fines & fees. By the year 2040 if you don’t grow your own potato, you don’t eat. If you can’t bicycle you can’t travel.

    • There have been articles that I have read about some of the nicer low income places that they had elevators in (disability act reasons) and people would just use them as a bathroom. The urine HONESTLY, ate through much of the flooring.

      This is where I fall hard to the other side on this topic.

      When there is something given, it MUST BE RESPECTED!

      We are grateful for what we have and I think we might frustrate those who do the maintenance for our place. If we can fix it, we do! And on our own dime!

      The eviction thing is a scary situation. This is why if you have someone stay with you, do not let them accept ANY MAIL at your home address. Make sure anything coming there is returned to sender. It just shows they were definitely there!

      I help some of our homeless in our area, but, I have one solid rule…I never bring them home. I had one person who I grew very attached to and she wanted a shower and NEEDED ONE TOO. I could not bring her home with me. It makes it too easy for them to stay or keep coming back. I helped her find assistance to get her a hotel room for a few weeks. In that time, we were able to talk and she got it in her head to return to her family and let them help her. She knew there would be rules but, it was better than being on the street and not knowing what your fate would be next. This young lady will have some serious stories to tell her kids, should she have any later in life.

  • Again, the Pope just stated he houses a Syrian family in the Vatican, turns out they live in a one room apt. 3 miles from the Vatican. Now if the Pope does not want these people in his house, why should we ?

    • Barry Wallowberg

      Who cares about the Romans? The Pope will be all over the TV when the fake alien contact is made where they tell the world we need more taxes and social restructuring.
      Project blue beam will usher in a new religion for the unwashed masses.

      • At least they don’t drive toyotas huh Barry?

      • Barry, I’ve heard that conclusion from several sources & I have to admit, it’s not as far fetching as it first sounds. They already master the art of fear & deception. The amazing advances in holograms, sound wave towers & video camsdisguised as common objects, green screen editing, the next fear is fast approaching. Even so, the part I fear the most is the advancements they’ve made that won’t allow people to die. They’ll just keep adding robotic parts until we are nothing but robots with souls.
        Just as an aside note, Obama’s vacation reading list includes murder, aliens, flight, and cold cases. Interesting material he could have read at the WH. In fact, DC could have been homelessness free for a whole year on what this Xmas vacation cost the taxpayers.
        If Bernie gets elected, every baby will be held as collateral, sold to the highest slave runner, just to pay off their greedy parent’s free free free higher education. Already every child born is in $60,000 debt.
        Tit for tat.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Wow, man, I told everybody: stop smoking the G-13. Worst strain ever. So what happens if Trump gets elected (gag)? Don’t even think about it in your fragile state.

          • Let’s hope Trump isn’t elected. He’s an “I” man, our country needs a Constitutional man, a country man. Rand Paul is close, with a few minuses, but at least he understands (mostly) our rights, the difference between military & defense, immigration with protocol, how to cut back government spending & over reach & more. He’s not his Pop, unfortunately, but he’s close enough on a lot of issues. I can’t say as I trust him any more than the others, & I sure as heck don’t rely on any of them to “lead” us out of ruin. That job is up to the people, not a glorified employee.

        • Judicial Watch: Secret Service Expenses for Obama’s 2013 Hawaii Christmas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $316,698.03, Taxpayers Paid Over $8 Million for 17-Day Vacation


          I do not care who wrote this, such as what party… The numbers just flatten me. Even if it is half as much, it is crazy!

          Yes, I will point out that it states 2013 Hawaii Christmas Vacation, regardless the year…it is still all too much!

          • White House Budget says Obama paid for nearly all expenses. And it was nowhere near 18 million. But we do give Israel annually 3.8 Billion taxpayer dollars and Israel has not lifted a finger in support of America, nor eradicating the ISS, nor help in Iraq or Afghanistan and wouldn’t even attend the peace talks with Iran. Gimme, gimme, gimme!!! said the Israeli. 39 Billion dollars in ten years that could have been spent on roads, highways and bridges.

    • Thus the reason I do not follow organized religion.

  • Where do the homeless get their blue tarps? There are many and I know they stop from getting soaked.

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