One of SoHum’s Most Wanted Arrested at the Fortuna Safeway


Two Fortuna Police officers arrest one of Southern Humboldt’s most wanted. [Photo provided by a witness.]

One of Southern Humboldt’s most wanted was arrested yesterday afternoon at the Fortuna Safeway. Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht confirmed that the Fortuna Police Department had been tipped off that Brett Mehrtens was in the area.  Officers responded and arrested him at approximately 3:15 p.m.

CaptureBrett Mehrtens had only been added to Southern Humboldt’s most wanted list on December 29. He was wanted for multiple warrants including one for assault with a deadly weapon.

According to Ellebrecht, Mehrtens was “booked into Jail on his warrants.” Mehrtens remains in jail at this time.



  • There are like three or four Toyotas in the parking lot captured by the picture.

    The cops should be running those plates.

    Was he driving a Toyota when they got him?

    Also, it’s hard to tell, but is that a Toyota symbol tattooed on his neck?

    • Toyota Nation!

    • Barry I bet you drive a Prius, right?

    • you can see three or four toyotas in that picture?? Only cars i can tell what they are for sure is the red jeep and the police cruiser…Now I know what your problem is, you think every car is a toyota, because you don’t know what they look like.

    • I don’t get your way of thinking. Someone gets busted with 200 pounds of illegal weed and you are ranting about their rights. If you see a Toyota, you come unglued. You have serious issues. What I take from you bullshit rants is its ok to commit crimes, but not in a Toyota. Is this correct?

      • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, brah.

        Park your Toyota around the side, and no tattoos allowed.

  • Bothelia?

  • We use to call them KNIGHTS OF TOYOTA.

    • Kym should do a story on how many Toyotas are plated in the triangle.
      Interview a few cops on what they feel is the number one vehicle associated with property crime and acts of terror.
      Then interview trimigrants asking the question, ‘ if you could have any vehicle, what would it be?’.

      It could be the story of 2016.

      Happy New Year’s everyone!

      Report those suspicious Toyotas!

      • NEWS FLASH!!— Toyota’s are great reliable vehicles…If you check the numbers on plated toyotas in ANY city (I’m talking like population 100k or more) I bet there will be just as many toyotas registered, if not MORE then that are in the emerald triangle. Toyotas are fing everywhere, get a life.

        • Why reply to such an obvious fool and loser? Barry probably got beat down by somebody driving a Toyota; he sounds like a butt hurt little bitch!

          • Maybe Toyotas polluted my spring, killed wildlife, clear cut, and brought cops?

            Know what you drive too, got stickers and a bill hat? That 707 tattoo?

        • Well,

          Looks like investigative reporter Kym Kemp should settle this in 2016, once and for all.

          The people that don’t think Toyotas are causing crime and part of terrorist grower uniform are the ones hating, and we know what you drive.

          Kym, do this story and settle this.

          • Lets put on white pointy hats drive around in fords & chevys n jump those toyota a**es. How dare they pollute our rivers n clearcut our forests. Our Fords n Chevys are never involved in this criminal activity, only good honest legal activity. If you are a disgruntled Ford & Chevy owner & tired of these toyota terrorists come n join us for our 1st meeting at Barry’s place! Our s**t smells better & hope to see you there.

  • Yes another one down,thousands to go.good job

  • I noticed Kenny Springer in” booked” this morning. Doesn’t he deserve a feature article too?

  • Fortuna is starting to became as bad if not worse then eureka is as far as being a mecca for criminals.

  • Good springer is having a shitty new yr that good for nothing pos dope dealer I’ll probably get censorship ed , he is a menace to society and belongs behind bars he starting to withdrawal and he’s hating life maybe he will think about all the lives he’s affected buy being a tough dope dealer

    • Hay I just seen Kenny and why would be be going threw withdrawals ?Kenny is a good person ..why don’t you say that to Kenny’s face ??? [edit]

  • All the homeless are all plyled up on the lawn between McDonalds and Burger King and buy it directly behind the pizza joint it looks like Woodstock situation is getting worse and worse but if you ride without your seatbelt in Fortuna you’re like an axe murderer or if your caught on your cell phone god forbid

    • Safeway is zombie land late at night and early in he morning. They also congregate on the sidewalk in the shopping center making “art” out of pieces of trash. Some are so high, I can hear their brain sizzle as I walk by.

  • He isn’t in jail at this time. He was released already.

  • Brett used to be a kind hearted kid. It’s hard seeing that. I think he still has that goodness in him, just hard to show it when all you have is evil around you. Hopefully he changes after this. And follows in the footsteps of his late great grandfather. His grandfather was a very great man. Also his grandfather did a lot for the fortuna area. Just hope he changes his act, cause he’s going no where fast!

  • I have three toyotas. One for crime, one for business, one for fun.
    Things get complicatedwhen I’m committing fun crimes or crimes for business or on those days when business is fun.

    Oh What a feeling !

  • Seems like these kids born in the 90’s are having a helluva time with it, one more social barometer of a society in free-fall collapse mode…

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