Humboldt Bay Firefighters Quench Two Fires Overnight

Press release from Humboldt Bay Fire:


Humboldt Bay Fire early this morning. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Last evening and early this morning, Humboldt Bay Firefighters were kept busy with responses to two separate structure fires.The first occurred shortly after 9:00 PM and was located at 3527 Middlefield Lane in the Myrtletown area. This was reported as a garage fire which the owner believed to be extinguished but he needed verification that the fire was out. Upon arrival, the engine company captain observed smoke inside of the garage and occupants outside.

The fire, which was likely caused by discarded smoking materials, ignited cabinets and surrounding combustibles and then spread to an adjacent wall and the ceiling. The occupant attempted to extinguish the fire with a garden hose for approximately five minutes prior to calling 911. Thankfully there were no injuries and fire damage was limited to the garage. Firefighters completed full extinguishment and overhaul of the fire in approximately 20 minutes.

The second fire [see earlier story here] occurred at approximately 5:15 AM, was located at 1 F Street, known as the “Bayfront One” building on Old Town Eureka’s waterfront.

A first alarm assignment responded. Upon arrival the first battalion chief reported light to moderate smoke coming from the building from an unknown source. This is a three-story building with occupied apartments on the second floor above first floor shops and a restaurant. Based upon conditions a second alarm was requested, bringing a total firefighting force of 20 personnel, including a mutual aid engine and chief from the Arcata Fire Protection District.

The fire was located and confined to a dumpster which was stored inside of a mechanical room. The upstairs apartments were searched and no injuries were reported. Smoke was removed from the building and there was no damage to the structure.

Both of these fires had the potential to cause serious property damage, injuries, or loss of life. This potential is increased when there is a delay in notifying the fire department. When a fire first ignites, quick action with a fire extinguisher may be sufficient to extinguish a small fire. However, within minutes of ignition a small fire can completely consume a room’s contents and spread to the building’s structural members. The smoke and heat produced from a rapidly spreading fire is very dangerous to extinguish without a firefighter’s protective equipment. Remember that the safety of all occupants, including you, comes first. If it takes longer than a few seconds to extinguish a fire all occupants should leave the building and call 911.

We would also like to remind our customers that our services are supported by tax dollars – you will not receive an additional bill for Humboldt Bay Fire’s response to your home.

For an excellent illustration of how quickly a fire can spread, click this link to view a video, courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association, showing a fire started by a cigarette which fully consumes a living room within two minutes.


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