[UPDATE 1:34 p.m.] Eureka Woman Found Dead in Santa Rosa Parking Lot

santa rosa PoliceA Eureka woman was found dead in a Santa Rosa parking lot near Farmers Lane a little after 7 a.m. on Monday. According to the Santa Rosa Police, Lia Angelica Rogers, age 49, was last known to reside in the Eureka area. Rogers also may have been known by the last name of McEnry.

“There wasn’t anything overly suspicious [about the death,]” said a spokesperson for the Santa Rosa Police.
The Press Democrat has more on Lia Roger’s death here.

UPDATE 1:34 p.m.: A family friend recounts that Rogers “was down south and suffered from migraines. She was dropped off at the Hospital….For some reason she left the hospital and called for a ride…They don’t know what happened but for some reason she was found Monday morning dead in a nearby parking lot… .”



  • How often, I wonder, are homeless people’s deaths too suspicious to let drop? RIP Lia.

    • I’ve wondered that myself…. Happy New Year; I almost always enjoy your comments! af

      • Hey! A darn nice way to end this crummy year. Thanks, and I hope your 2016 is packed with health and beauty and good luck. <3

        • What the fuck does that mean a nice way to end the year? That transient was my mom and she wasn’t homeless. Something weird is going on and stories from a third party who wasn’t present aren’t sounding or feeling right,either was her ride to hospital.

    • seems obvious to me…ER said “your fine. you can go now” sad reality of our times

      • You might be right. I dread the ER for anything involving pain. They are outright PARANOID about easing anyone’s misery nowadays… insured or not… homeless or not… if you are a biped in pain they can’t chance you being a “drug seeker” unless maybe your leg is hanging by a thread or you have third degree burns over half your body.

        She may have just left to go find someone on the street who could do it for her… and… that didn’t quite pan out the way she’d hoped. We aren’t going to know, though, because they’ve honed the Say Nothing press releases down to a fine art.

        No sense spending the money for a test — she’s dead after all — and we can just say it wasn’t the hospital’s fault and the public will be fine with what we tell them it wasn’t… some because they don’t care and others because they can’t argue with their gut feeling that at least she’s out of her misery. That sort of thing. 🙁

        • You need to [edit] stop speaking as if you knew Lia and that she wanted to be put out of her misery,I’m her daughter and she was coming to visit me and ended up having something happen to her she wouldn’t of sat outside waiting for her ride especially if she hadn’t talked to him she would of waited at the hospital and used the phone until she contacted and had her ride there for sure.so please stop leaving negative [edit] opinions regarding my mother’s death. Don’t you have your own life to manage or comment on?I’m dealing with enough without your input which really pains me to have to read thru

          • Buggy I’m so so sorry for your momma’s passing you don’t even know how much it pains me to know what you could possibly be going through! please forgive me for not being there for you… If I could of I would, please let me know when or if you have had services for her. Your mother was a beautiful person who will be missed by omg so many, R.I.P.Lia Semilla and I will never forget you or the times we had.

  • What day was she dropped off at the hospital? Did she go in? Was she admitted? Was she released? Why didn’t the person who dropped her off stay with her? Did her ride find her? How close is the hospital to Farmers Lane where she was found? An autopsy should tell what was the cause of her migraines as well as cause of death. So many questions. Hopefully we will have an update.

    • Thanks for the support and the questions . I didn’t think at first that she died any way other then natural causes but I know that something isn’t adding up and her ride might have played a bigger part then is being looked into

  • Who was her ride? Initials MDM???

  • Did your mom have any known enemies, marital issues or relationship woes? Did she live in Eureka or Santa Rosa? For how long was she in Santa Rosa? If not for long, who brought her there and why? Did she plan to go back to Eureka? Did she have health issues? More facts would help readers analyze the situation.

    I am sorry for your loss.

  • Is there an update on this?

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