Missing Woman Contacts Law Enforcement

11188312_10207099522156522_4164039285335583595_nJessalyn Dean, the woman reported missing earlier this month, has contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, a Community Service Officer with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to us that at 1 p.m. today, Investigator Greg Musson spoke with Dean.

“[Jessalyn Dean] has been contacted and is no longer listed as missing on our data base,” said Zorrilla-Mendoza.




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  • That may have satisfied the sheriff’s office but NOT her family. Jessalyn Dean IS STILL MISSING. Her family is concerned. They will not give up until she is found and has talked to them. Call the tipline 530-378-4491 or email missingjessalyndean@gmail.com

  • Wow. Kym is right on top of reporting this. Very not on top on following her sources saying Jess is okay. Who do you work for Kym?

    If she’s found, where again is she? She called in, to the Sheriff’s Department, who did not put her in direct contact with her family, who did not verify where she was, who did not physically see her, and whom were satisfied was okay based on questions without involving anyone who actually knows her.

    This is looking like there’s a cult up there. Headed by [edit], and [Edit] is one of their lieutenants. As are you.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      I wouldn’t be convinced by just a phone call. I’d need to actually see the person so a positive ID and a welfare check can be made. A phone call could be her, or could be anyone. It also says nothing about her condition, who she is with, or what’s going on in the background around her.

      • What article did you read? The one above mentions nothing about a phone call. It said she contacted the Sheriff’s Dept. She’s an adult. If she doesn’t want to associate with her family so be it.

    • How dare you. If HCSO says she is no longer considered missing..what is Kym supposed to do? Is she supposed to continue to act as though this is an active case? She is reporting the new development which, by the way, keeps this chick’s name and face in the news.

      • Well Kym would just be reporting what has been reported to her by law enforcement. And, Law Enforcement usually gets an officer to ‘lay eyes’ on a missing person. So, if someone called in, LE could have responded to them. If the individual does not want people knowing where they are, well, they have rights if they are over the age of 18. So LE does not have to let someone know where they are. A person could be in another state and a different officer can clear them from missing. I hope she contacts her family so they feel better about this. It sucks when family members are missing and people are worrying. But picking on Kym for trying to keep people informed? really?

    • Hey, kym kemp is the best source of up to date information in so hum . There is no cult hiding people up here . If this woman contacted sheriff they are satisfied she is ok than they would remove her from there list . It is not kym the sherif or anyone else fault that this woman dosent want to contact her family and it nto any one job to force her too . I get your upset , but don’t bad mouth kym for it ,she is a friend to this community and we are grateful for her

    • Blaming Kym ? Ok… Obviously some do not have a basic understanding of their right’s and how Law Enforcement and the media must respect those rights. Neither Kym or LE should violate the rights of the missing person. The fact that LE has stated that this person is no longer missing should be enough to bring the missing person case to a close. However one can understand that many including the family may desire more details and assurances. The fact is that the missing person has a right to personal privacy that should not violated for public disclosure purposes. The missing person may have a reasonable explanation for the situation and it is not for us to judge that explanation. Hopefully the family can privately communicate and reach an understanding as to what has happened and how to rebuild their family. Please respect their right to privacy as they work together to heal.

    • Friends….

    • Kym, Thanks for the awesome job you do. It’s not like you have a staff of 30 roving reporters so people like the troll BW are jealous because you have a job, which you do very well. I wonder if Barry is old enough to feed himself. Happy New Year Kym.. We appreciate everything you do for our community. pj

    • Based on what I’ve read.. She appears to be a grown ass adult who doesn’t really have to answer to anybody.
      Just saying.

    • David Koresh used only date redheads, and that’s all I know.

    • Not against the law to be missing. If law enforcement has established she is fine, and is missing voluntarily, there is nothing further for them to do. They have no obligation to tell the family where she is if she is a voluntarily missing adult.

  • Kym is the best news source Humboldt County has. You should feel appreciative that she has helped at all. Would you even know the “perpetrators” name or any details without her reporting about her being missing in the first place? You can catch a lot more flies with honey then vinegar…

  • Jess or whoever is feeding me lies via her email- I do not believe for one second she is on a personal journey and needs space to “work stuff out”. I met people in the Arcata community who said they were concerned for her well being. I will not rest until I hear her voice or see her in person.

    Why is detective Musson not looking into [edit]? I know about his previous arrests in Humbolt county and in Phoenix, AZ. This guy does not have Jess’ well being as a top priority, nor does he care that he’s making her friends and family worried sick.

    • Moreover, how does Detective Greg Mussen know what Jess’s voice sound like?

      Why are they breaking their own protocol? Officer is supposed to make physical contact with missing person, or missing person must call the person making the initial missing person report. Neither have been satisfied, but Kym does no investigative reporting here, just parrots a law enforcement release from an officer breaking their procedures.

      Now for the kicker – Jess is alive. Her aunt called her. Jess answered the phone, thinking it was [edit] calling her. Jess is so out of it, she cannot recognize the difference between 360 and 707 area codes. When she realized it was her aunt instead, the phone was muffled, with voices in the background, and she got back on the phone, told her aunt that another call was coming in, her aunt requested she call them back later, and Jess hung up.

      Why? Because they didn’t have a script for her to follow with an accidental talking directly to someone who knows Jess, like her aunt.

      Yet there is no investigation. I filed the initial report. The detective has not contacted me. So how exactly is Jess found?

      While her aunt has heard her voice, so we know she’s alive, still, no one, not even the Sheriff’s department, knows where Jess is. How is a missing person found, when….



      This is not the people of Humboldt being tight knit, this is not the people of Humboldt County handling their own, this looks like a cult that has taken someone to be a new member in their ranks.

      Why would Jess take a call from [edit]? How does Jess know [edit]? Why would [edit] be calling Jess?

      Why hasn’t law enforcement asked these questions? Why are they issuing a press release based on flawed procedure?

      Jess, unfortunately, remains missing. Barry was right, it’s time to involve the FBI.

      Sorry Kym, but this whole thing stinks to high hell, and you’re in the middle of the fetid stew that’s cooking.

    • Why did my comment get edited? Are you trying to protect [edit]? This is really weird.

      • I don’t usually allow accusations of illegal behavior without supporting facts. Now that Jess has contacted law enforcement, there isn’t any proof of a crime so accusations naming someone are deleted.

        • I find that very strange since people brought up his name (and license plate) in the previous post and you didn’t delete them. I spoke with a Sargent yesterday who told me his real name and his previous arrest record.

          • In the previous post, Jess was considered a missing person. Family was very concerned there was a crime committed. I was hopeful that the comment section could help lead to her whereabouts as people weighed in with information.

            But, with Jess not being considered missing anymore, I prefer to return to my usual policy of not allowing accusations without proof.

        • Why wasn’t this standard applied to Nines?

          • In the earlier post, as I’ve stated before, I allowed a lot more leeway. (Mostly because I was hoping that something would come out that was helpful but partly because I was not having the normal amount of time to overlook comments.)

  • A river Runs through It

    I agree, until she contacts her family and they hear her voice, she is still missing! Can’t even believe the Sheriff’s office would consider a quick phone call to them as substantial enough evidence to publicly state that she is no longer missing. Humboldt is so derelict sometimes it makes my head spin!!!!

  • Actually Kym reported that Jess was found in the beginning when she never even confirmed with LE. Then it was removed as quickly as it went up. She said she was in contact with two people but never called LE until a few days later. She may be the “best reporter” but somebody is obviously reporting to her faster than her family knows what’s going on. So who is feeding her this info? Just because she is no longer on the missing list doesn’t mean she isn’t missing. Anyone who works a MP case knows this “Heather”. When a person is gone and can not be found, they are missing. Plain and simple. The only way this goes away is if Jess calls or sees her family.

  • Anyone can make a phone call,it doesn’t prove anything.she needs to call her family!!that’s the proof they need.i hope and pray she calls HOME,even if she doesn’t go home

  • Rather than getting mad at Kim and the lack of information about how the SO determined Jess was OK, get mad at the SO. Their lack of a professional public information officer that knows how and what information can and should be released is another example of the lack of respect Downey has for the community. Again the SO looks like a joke. The family should be camped on Downey’s office for answers.

    • Sheriff office let’s rapists and illegals roam free for job security and back room deals.

      FBI needs a branch in honeydew.

  • I know I’m going to regret this. I’ve come to recognize that there are people that you can’t convince no matter what the facts are but I’m going to try.

    At the request of Toni, Jess’s mother, I put out a post on her missing daughter. (I don’t regret trying to help though I must say being threatened with a lawsuit–by email—and called a cult member in the comment section has certainly not been a pleasant experience.)

    Two people contacted me (one that day and one later) telling me they had seen Jess and were trying to contact her to get her to contact her family or the Sheriff’s Department. To the best of my understanding, those individuals had no reason to contact me unless they were telling the truth.

    After some time with no contact by Jess, I contacted the Sheriff’s Office (several times over the course of the month) requesting information on whether she was still missing. She was.

    Those two individuals known to me continued to try and contact Jess. (Thank you to them for all the effort they went to!) When they made contact with her by phone, they asked her to contact law enforcement. One of them also contacted me and said that Jess was supposed to have called the Sheriff’s Department. I called the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office said Jess had contacted them today by phone.

    I never reported that she was located until today (I went back and checked my post history just to make sure there was no weird mistake. It shows all edits. And there is no such claim by me.)

    Jess is a grown woman. She does not have to ever see family or friends again if she doesn’t want to. Do I think that is a mistake? Yes, probably. But I have no power to compel her to call her family (nor would I compel her if I did).

    Do I understand her family’s concern about her only having contacted the Sheriff’s Office by phone? Yes. If she were my daughter, I would still look for her until someone trustworthy had contact with her in person. That said, the Sheriff’s Department has removed her from the missing person list. She is not legally a missing person anymore.

    • Kym
      I admire the way that you have reported this frustrating situation. The people that have accused you of wrongdoing have simply not read what you have accurately reported. You are not obligated to do a thing for this young lady that has put herself, her friends and her family in a bad situation. Yes, it is sad and frustrating, but as long as she has not broken any laws there is nothing that the Sheriff’s Department can do.

      Even though she may be being held captive by drugs or other persuasion. She is an adult and I am certain that she has been told many times not to engage herself too deeply into her headstrong rebellious ways. I remember my Great grandmother warning the young girls in my family about the “White Slavers” that would steal them, get them hooked on drugs, and sell them to the houses of prostitution in San Francisco. Good advice even today. I just can’t imagine a girl that has not been warned of the dangers that a young woman can face.

      I also strongly agree that her friends and family should try to help her, and at least assure themselves that she is where she wants to be. This could be very instructive for other young girls on why to not be too headstrong and to listen to their friends.

    • Very well stated Kym. Thank you for respecting the rights of everyone involved.

    • Well said ! You do your job well. This should be on the SO to confirm she is no longer missing. No detail was given on specifics of conversation. Maybe they did confirm it was her through personal information and such. All you can do is report what is the latest report, which stands as no longer missing. Shame on those throwing insults, threats and blame on you.

  • Wow conspiracy theorists gone mad here! If she is near Petrolia she may be with the scientology people who are a known cult of sorts. Otherwise you’re reaching.

    Sorry but if the family really wants to find her then hire a private investigator, that is what most other families in this position have done.
    Please do not insult kym who is the best source of information online and an amazing community member. That will get you nowhere with locals. She is reporting what the sheriff’s office told her, if you have an issue please contact the sheriff. I would guess the sheriff’s office contacted the family after the call? If she asked them not to then something must be up between she&her relatives. What did the sheriff tell the family she said?
    It seems like she wants distance from her family from what has been reported on. Publicly ask her to take a picture of herself with a sheriff for family to see she is ok and maybe that can ease worries.

  • Maybe the family is the “cult” she’s trying to avoid? Not saying that’s the case, but a lot of my family pretends to eat and drink the blood and body of Jesus Christ every week. Once I was out of that cult for a bit and had the ability to objectively look from the outside in…I left home at 16 due to the extremely controlling nature of that cult.

    Took me some years and life experiences to understand they were doing what they thought best due to the bubble they had built of only like minded peers, due to their own indoctrination growing up, and re-establish a relationship.

    • I am her mother. I have not threatened lawsuits against anyone. I am not in a cult. I have had a wonderful loving relationship with my daughter. The last couple months have been hell on me. Not a day goes by that I’m not in tears and overwhelmed with worry about my daughter and her safety. Yes I spoke to law enforcement today. My daughter indicated she would call me. I can’t make her call me but it would ease her families minds if any of us would hear from her. I lost my father 18 months ago, and I couldn’t live with myself if something happens to my daughter. I am not an overbearing mom. I am a mom who loves her daughter and just wants proof that she is ok.
      The way some people are portraying me is very hurtful.
      Jessalyn’s mom Toni

      • Toni, I’m sorry for all that you are going through. You never threatened a lawsuit or called me a cult member and I wasn’t saying that you did.

      • I don’t think Kym was referring to you, Toni…it was about a few commenters who think she’s a cult member (WHAT?!) , and someone threatened her with a lawsuit via e mail (WHAT?!). I really hope your daughter contacts you.

    • Phild, while your concern may be because of your experience, in Jess’s case, it’s completely different — it’s not just her family, it’s everyone she’s ever known in Portland and in the Bay Area of California, with a handful in L.A. That’s the big deal.

      Her current situation, whatever it may truly be, includes a basic fact, she only communicates and interacts with unknown people, and an unID’d man, using an alias who claims not to know her that well, and that she’s always, no matter what, somewhere else, doing something else, no matter how many anonymous tips see them together. That’s the other big deal.

      Finally, she has never made a statement that has her ID verified–everything is online. Except 1 call to LE from self-reported location, unconfirmed, and voice unconfirmed. Easily researched LE question answers used to confirm her ID, without question input from anyone knowing her, closing case in violation of official policy. That’s a big deal.

  • What a mess ! Hopefully the SO has a protocol in place with personal questions asked to verify the person calling is who they say they are.

    • Than you for someone finally bringing this up. Yes, this is a LAW ENFORCEMENT agency. I am sure that there is procedure in place for this including providing identifying information that ONLY the person being sought could possibly provide. This more than likely not Barney Fife on the other end of the call determining case closed, no longer missing.

      • Lmao! Have you had any dealings with the HCSO? Barney Fife would make a model deputy ’round here’! Aint that right, Pa?

  • By HCSO Department Policy a missing person adult or juvenile CANNOT be cleared from missing status unless personal contact is made by a Law Enforcement Officer, no matter where they are. If Musson did not do that here, he is purely Lazy and out of policy.

  • Wow. Accusations flying all over the place at everyone. Please don’t turn this into another Lost coast outpost commentary folks. For whatever reason this girl, at this time doesn’t want to talk to her folks. Maybe she is involved in the grow scene. Who knows. Whatever was said to the SO convinced them to remove her status as missing. They don’t have to share that with us. It’s not our business. I hope this girl has the decency to contact her folks and put this to rest. I’m sorry for the undue stress and worry the family has gone through. It states contacted SO Nowhere does it say it was a phone call contact

    • She was contacted by someone who told her to call the SO. She called and spoke to the detective. She told the SO she would call me (her mom) which she hasn’t.
      Her Dad and I don’t care if she is working on a grow farm. We are thrilled that pot is now legal here in Oregon.
      All I want is to hear her voice.
      Jessalyn’s Mom

  • OK. It’s time I must speak up. First of all, name calling, listing people by name, and other misc. mudslinging is NOT helping validate Jessalyn, my nieces safety.

    Since I am the only family member that has spoken with her, Today @ 1:58pm, roughly an hour after she contacted HCSO (verified by her Mom). These are the FACTS:

    I called her and it went to Voice mail. While leaving her a message she returned my call. She didn’t recognize the number as mine (I’m not sure my number is in her current phone). I was elated to have her calling and said “Jessalyn” to which she replied questionably “Ann”. I said, No this is your Aunt K___. Her demeanor and voice changed immediately. There was rustling of the phone like she was covering up the mic. I asked her how she was, told her people are worried, She respond by saying she was working on her Personal Development. The phone was garbled again, then She quickly said she had another call and had to go. I asked her not to hang up. Things were rustling against the mic again and she hung up.
    Did I speak to her. YES. Do I question her safety? YES.
    It’s unfortunate that the HCSO would rely on a phone call to take her off their Missing Persons List.
    We WILL NOT stop looking for her. Someone we TRUST needs to physically see her to Validate her WELL BEING. There are hundreds of people sharing posts, flyers, talking to people, etc. Some of which are disclosed, other avenues NOT.

    MOVING FORWARD….Please turn those Negative outbursts into Positive ones. Share posts, contact friends in the area, prayers, do a random act of Kindness!

    This is from another post of mine: Feel Free to Share

    We still believe Jessalyn Dean may be in danger. She contacted the HCSO but no one has physically seen her. She refused to meet with anyone to validate her Well Being. Hopefully she isn’t being held against her will and being forced to contact them to fend off the authorities. By her contacting the authorities, they no longer consider her a missing person.
    ****Please Continue to Share and keep a lookout in Humboldt County. Possibly Willow Creek, Garberville or Eureka
    It’s reported her hair may be darker. With or/without Dreads. 5’4″ 100 lbs.

    • Humdumery…. You’d know her voice, she’d know your name, and Humdums wouldn’t cover ass.

      If you think it’s Fake it is…

      Call Steve wilkos he will stomp Humdum ass, even cover up cops

    • You may have good reason to be concerned. We have some weird scenes up here and the cops do not do their jobs. I won’t scare you with examples of how often the sheriff’s department has dropped the ball but I will say- you need to do this yourself! Kym’s done all she can. Do not expect help from the sheriff’s department. Hire a private investigator. Get to your niece in person. There are many good people around but we also have some predators in these parts and you should get somebody you trust on the situation. Maybe she just had a reaction to some psychedelics and is truly sorting it out with some confused but decent people? But…you don’t know. And the sheriff- don’t waste your time there. Sounds like there are some people that can bridge into her scene? Talk to them. If you truly just want to know she’s safe while sorting it out…most people here can understand that. Good luck!

    • I’m not sure how it works with landlines or other cellular carriers these days, but if you called her from a Verizon cell phone you may very likely be able to at least determine the closest city where her phone was located when you connected by viewing your usage records when you log into your Verizon account online. You may even be able to compel Verizon to provide more specific information about that particular call, such as the GPS coordinates of the tower to which she was connected, particularly if you can convince HCSO that all is not well and get them involved in the information request.

      If it were my daughter that’s the path I would be pursuing right now.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you for the suggestions. They are exactly what I coordinated.

        However, the HCSO lead investigator inexplicably refused to use a carrier ping on the GPS of Jess’s phone, despite being given express permission to do so. Now the case is closed, policy is they will not. So hopefully it’ll be reopened, and hopefully a different investigator will be made available, who will honor the policy, and utilize tools offered freely to her or him.

        Thanks again for the suggestion, it affirms I chose a reasonable methodology.

  • I don’t get it. This all end if she would just call. But why isn’t she? Is she being held and can’t call? I have to believe if she could call, she would

    • Hire either a pi, thugs, FBI, or call Steve wilkos for help.

      Cameras will scare the dopers into spilling the beans.

  • the right to be left alone is one of our basic ones…
    (internet busybodies have something to do)

  • Where’s the normal flood of nines posts with this?

    Pretty easy to see Humboldt oil float to the surface on this thread

  • Does anybody know the law about whether phone contact is sufficient to discontinue a investigation? Seems to me she needs to meet with a LEO, in person, so she can accept or reject help in a safe environment. Of course she may be forced to say anything on the phone. Hopefully just another young festie kid, come up here, took some acid, and wants time out to process reality. Happens all the time. But to discontinue a investigation based on a phone call is irresponsible. Thankfully she is ALIVE. Jah Bless

    • Thankfully, she is alive.

      No, the phone call is not sufficient by policy. Mussen violated policy in clearing Jess.


      • Although what is the law if said person does not want to be found right now and states that to the officer?
        When people say the sheriffs office won’t help its sadly true, they do not have funding &/or desire to take on certain cases. I am sure the name of the private investigator who has worked in the area before is available.

        If anyone is speaking to jess in the community perhaps ask if she can send a dated photo to her family

        • 332.8 When a missing person is found

          When any person reported missing is found, the assigned investigator shall document the location of the missing person in the appropriate report, notify the reporting party, and other involved agencies, and refer the case for additional investigation if warranted.

  • Kym,I’m glad your on our sides.you always report the facts you have,and gone beyond to help folks out THANK YOU.keep on doing what you do so well.

  • It’s funny how everyone attacks the reporter whose just just doing their job. Don’t thank Kym for reporting her missing or any updates on the matter at all no, no, just attack, attack. In all honesty this woman is an adult and if she doesn’t want to contact her family then that’s on her. Kym, you’re in a field of work that is going to have trolls attacking you anyway they can. I’m glad that you don’t let that take away from you’re hard work. I love that if you make a mistake (which all humans do!) you own up to and fix it. I’m sure being a reporter you deal with a lot of hear say and he said she said b/s. I and a good majority of our community here in SoHum appreciate/respect you more than Lost Coast Outpost. You’re someone we all listen to. Keep doing what you do.

    • Just sayin’ Kym protects alias Nines when Nines makes defamatory remarks and suggests people are engaged in illegal behavior. She does not edit the accusations out.

      I appreciate that Kym has been a boon in the past. However, in the present, she has misrepresented facts, and is heavily editing to protect certain identities, addresses, and aliases, while offering no such protection to others. She does so even though the identities, addresses, and aliases are public record, or have spoken publicly, or otherwise availed themselves to scrutiny, while no protecting others that have not.

  • Everyone say a prayer

    If anyone sees this person contact law enforcement right away !

  • No parent or family would stop just because LE said they talked to her. LE doesn’t know who was in the other end of the phone. They certainty didnt follow protocol and meet her in a safe place without some tweeter in her ear. If this were your daughter in this unusual situation you wouldn’t be saying she is an adult and leave her alone. Many unusual things are known and unless you’re in our shoes you have no idea what’s going on

    • If my daughter did this I would be worried sick . Especially since it would be totally out of character . If this is totally out of character for Jess, then something fishy is going on. I don’t know, it sounds like Jess had a mental break( drug induced?) or something……….

  • This happens with MP cases all the time . Once a family member speaks with them like the aunt did , they are not considered a missing person any longer . She clearly said she was into personal growth and did not want to talk obviously. There are so many reasons for this . She might even be in re-hab . It is really an unfortunate situation to be in as a parent . There are laws that protect the adult and their privacy. With that being said , there have been several high profile law suites against journalist and organizations that continued to share the pictures and fliers online . The family should continue their search for the answers they need . I would respect her wishes about not wanting her name and picture all over the internet until you have the proof you need to justify doing so. Prayers for Jess & her family that a resolution will be in the very near future.

  • >But, with Jess not being considered missing anymore, I prefer to return to my usual >policy of not allowing accusations without proof.

    Nines has said I’m the real threat to Jess, Nines suggested I killed her, invested my gonads in her, then said even more insulting and awful untrue things about me, mixed in opinions that are inherently not defamatory, unless said with malice, which they were.

    Where’s your policy now? Same place as the Sheriff’s Department’s on missing people, discarded when it comes to Jess? I’m suing because you’re illegally protecting Nines from legal recourse for defamatory statements. You’re not threatened. It’s not a threat to take legal action, IT’S MY RIGHT AS AN AGGRIEVED PERSON.

    To all the people defending Kym, she has a solid past, I understand the reason for your faith. It’s commendable you wish to defend her. But, you must understand why I cannot. She has obstructed finding Jess, by refusing to identify Nines, despite having no valid reason to do so.

    Nines publicly defamed me, using privileged knowledge from Jess’s phone. Nines does not get 1st Amendment Protection for that, but even without it, Kym stated to me, she would not identify Nines, even if she could. That is why I must use a lawsuit, she has allowed publication of defamatory remarks, and denying me recourse against the person issuing them, who does so under an alias.

    I’m using my real name. I’m being defamed, You would not like it, if reporters could be used as proxies to defame people with no recourse. That’s not what reporting or the 1st Amendment is for.

    I am also being profiled, stalked, and my private messages to Jess’s phone being used as a means of attacking me publicly. These are all indicators that there is malicious person or persons trying to prevent jess from being discovered, and now focusing on me. Will they kill to prevent me from finding Jess? I don’t know.

    I won’t say because I’m not supposed to but I think Nines name rhymes with Dan Slam-End. Or might just be whom Jess thought she was calling.

    [Edit: This is a private website. I may delete all comments I deem inappropriate. [See here.] Frankly, I think you’ve gotten wild in your accusations and are targeting people who are trying to help you. I try to allow all voices here. But you are very close to getting yourself banned. You may attack me but I won’t allow people I believe to have been helpful to Jess’s family to be attacked.]

    I am making these statements because I’m being targeted, and don’t particularly want to die, so must make myself more visible here. So that if I do disappear, a bunch of people don’t just assume I want to be left alone. I wish I could have counseled Jess prior to Symbiosis to do something similar.

    Nines has abused me. Kym has made false assertions veiled, about her being threatened, not true. With lawsuit, without providing context.

    If Kym were consistent with her asserted policy, she would have never been asked for Nines’s identity. She would have never refused, despite not having a right to, and thus, there would be no lawsuits. It exists not as a threat, but because she failed her responsibility. Which she doesn’t say: she didn’t enforce her own policy against Nines.

    [Edit] is not subject to be edited, it is an alias, not his real name. Why is she protecting an alias?

    By definition aliases get no protection, THEY ARE THE PROTECTION.

    • cool ur jets buddy

      Wow stop drinking the kool aid dude!
      What’s your last name if you’re being so open, it sounds to me that you are slandering kym right back.
      Talk to the sheriff’s office with your issues, even if kym had some source she is not legally or otherwise obliged to tell you or anyone else.
      Please call sheriff Downey with your issue and ask him why protocol was violated, if it was. Maybe a sheriff is going to meet up with her, its a multi hour drive from Eureka to hills of so hum.
      The fact that kym is still helping amazes me.

      If you want to get the word out then give info to all news outlets in our county. I dont recall seeing it in the paper or other web news sources.
      Leave kym alone…really. It maybe would help if jess mom could say if she knows who this malakai person is or not as I think he is having a very detrimental effect on this story. Why would kym, as a journalist, want to report on this anymore with that guy threatening her? As a mom and fantabulous person, she would because she cares, and I bet I am not alone in saying I am super grateful for her so Mr.M — back off!!!!!!!

    • i understand how you feel but I think you are confused. You aren’t from here . You haven’t followed RHBB for years like most of us have. Nines has always been verbose and opinionated, quite frankly I don’t know why she(?) was sparing with you like she was, and it was out of line, but I really think you are barking up the wrong tree. i don’t know what recourse the family has at this point, this has gotten so complicated. If it were my daughter my head would be exploding . Targeting Kym after she graciously put out word that Jess was missing is wrong. She is not some random blogger no one knows, she is lifelong active person in our community. I understand your frustration, don’t let it take you down a path that leads to no where.

  • Hey all family members sounds like she doesn’t want to talk to you. You sound over bearing and it’s a common occurence that people come to Northern California to get away from this exact crap. She’s probably a trimming or working for somebody quoting attacking our news source and face the fact your family is nuts needs to shut up and face the fact she doesn’t want to be near you. She’s not missing you and you can’t deal with that

    • “Face the Fact” ? and you deem this fact on what? Unless we can prove in person of Jessalyn’s “Well Being”, we will continue the search. As I said in my earlier post, attacking people is not helping. You sound confused on concerned family vs. overbearing. What we can’t deal with is doing nothing and the worse case scenario happens. You don’t know us so please refrain from your negative profiling.
      I applaud Kym for doing what she has. I can’t believe how twisted this blog has become and accusations that are being launched. This is not helping people!!

  • Addressing Just sayin comment…yes, I thanked Kym…re-read the posts. Addressing Malakkar…TMI…Adressing A friend…the biggest problem here is…this blog has a mixture of family, friends, locals of all sorts, concern citizens, not so concern citizens, not everyone knowing whose who and everyones own perception of what going on by what is being posted..so dont be saying “family is nuts, she doesn’t want to talk to you, doesn’t want to be near you, shut up, assume you know what she is doing and how she is feeling…FACTS…she IS missing, her wellbeing is questionable, this IS out of character for her and if she IS wanting to live life in a different direction, she has many family and friends to choose from to legitimately tell, that is not happening at this time.

  • hilarious comments, not that i’m reading them…

  • I would seek out a PI in this case and possibly get the FBI involved or outside LE party. I would also try other helpful forums, etc. to try to continue to get the story out that while she has contacted the SO by phone there was no physical sighting of her by the SO or to anyone else that knows her and has her well being in best interest. I thank Kym because without her blog she might not have not even been found, but if you feel you need to still take this further then do it! It’s Jessalyn’s life at stake possibly, and I would rather piss her off and have her hate me the rest of her life and know she’s okay and not under any outside influences, then have her end up dead and buried on the side of a mountain by people that were just using her for what she had to offer them at that time.

    • Hope:

      This has been my approach all along. I have the additional motivational onus of the fact that everything she owns sits in a pile in my room. Autobiographical journals (that I have not read, I’m not a stalker, I respect her privacy) dating back over 10 years. Her keepsakes. Things she wouldn’t willingly part with.

      I’d rather be wrong and overbearing, then right and mourning her because I did too little. What problem is there with the choice to err on the side of saving lives? Why should I err on the side of leaving her alone, if to be overbearing risks no death, but to err on leaving her alone, does risk death? Is being overbearing going to kill her? No. Hurt her? Maybe her feelings for the length of a 30 second phone call.

      Is leaving her alone going to kill her? Yeah, if she’s in bad hands. Hurt her? I’d argue she’s already hurt, deprived of all property, all autonomy, all family, all friends. Socially, she’s been reduced to a child, dependent on whomever is housing her and feeding her, which no one knows, and by all sightings means the alias Kym will no longer allowed to be published even when not asserting a crime. Leaving her alone, at this point, with everything that’s questionable, amounts to apathy, or ignorance, IMO.

      Had she announced her intent when she vanished, things would be different.
      If she had made one 30 second phone call to her family, things would be different.
      If HCSO didn’t violate their own policy in clearing her, things would be different.

      The problem? Despite HCSO clearing her case, not one person has stated affirmatively where she is. No one knows.

      To everyone who says she has a right to disappear, I challenge you: I have a right not to hold her stuff the rest of my life. How do I get rid of it, legally?

      No mailing address, no known county of residence, phone unanswered, no area to publish in, no personal service. Jess has a right to notice before disposal of her property – how can I legally notice her?

      Now, reality: I will never throw her stuff away, I am her friend, and was a healer to her. I would never sue her, hurt her, or damage her things. I have not asked to be left in this situation, I have asked specifically now that LE have physical contact, with questions having input from her mother, with me as last in line for input, in case her mother abstains. I am no longer asking she be returned to the Bay Area if found and needing help, but that she be returned to her family in Portland, if possible.

      I would rather I never see her again, and that she be safe, then to even see her for a minute, and know she remains in this current state of anonymous, unknown, refusing or unable to talk to her family and loved ones.

      Unfortunately, people mistake love for obsession so easily, because it’s hard to understand that altruists do exist, and that some people truly do care even when it might not be convenient. I purposefully subjected myself to attack by Nines, to stop Nines from attacking Jess’s mother. It does not make Nines defamatory remarks legal, they are libel, and actionable, except I cannot identify Nines by a legal standard.

      I purposefully saved Jess’s property from destruction, knowing it would encumber me, both physically, and emotionally, because I have to look at it every day. No one else does. No one else has to feel that — looking at her stuff daily, wondering where she is, and why she wouldn’t even take delivery of her own clothes. She’s never seen in public so it’s doubtful she’s bought clothes.

      Jess’s email has communicated with me several times, it has failed all proof of life questions offered, all of them. It has never stated what to do with her stuff. It never even sounds like her. I’ve known her for four years, and for the six months prior to her disappearance, shared hundreds of walks and talks. I’m very familiar with Jess and her language usage, something really hard to fake, which is partially what made her such an interesting friend to have discussions with.

      The recent missives are nothing like her at all. Focused, directed, and strategically utilizing perceived weakpoints – namely, a large and vocal peanut gallery of leave her alone, a gallery that doesn’t consider that everyone who knows her, says something is up. Something’s not right.

      Jess’s mannerisms are chaotic, unfocused, and tangent and relational driven. When she’s angry, her focus goes even more out the window. She doesn’t know strategy beyond the immediate, and she doesn’t even desire to use focus as a practice in her thoughts or in her writing, she specialized it into her camera lens.

      And I’ve seen no pictures from her since she disappeared, despite disappearing with her camera. And I’ve seen only a handful of her random looking thoughts and words, in pages after pages of focused, intent-oriented text designed with one thing in mind – to stop people from looking for her. And none of which has info that only Jess would have, they’re all generic impersonal demands for personal space, when her person hasn’t been confirmed.

      So believe what you will, but for everyone saying to leave her alone, that she has a right to disappear, I expect you to be able to tell me, how do I get rid of her stuff? I won’t ever do it, but I have a legal right to — how do I do it legally? She has a right to be noticed before anything is done with her property. Informally, I’ve asked her email and her phone dozens of times. Not once have I received an answer – don’t you think that strange? Why wouldn’t someone answer that? Until I know, I am burdened.

      Because I cannot legally dispose of her property, as she has not been found, and until she handles her property, she actually does not have a right to disappear, it creates undue burden on others. This is what it means to live in a society of ORDERED liberty. I understand the want for absolute freedom, my counsel on this is easy – don’t own anything, because it owns you in return. Property is the beginning of personal slavery.

      To re-iterate, I will never throw away her stuff, I will never sue her. She is my friend. Those action are the antithesis to friendship in my book. The exercise above is to demonstrate the problem in the assumption one can just disappear, when one has responsibilities. It’s a false assertion, you do not have the right to do so. You always have a duty/responsibility/right/privilege to be addressed by the legal system, you are living under its tenets.

  • Hey kid, Jessalyn! Your an adult, but your actions are childish if your avoiding your family. You have every right to not speak with them. But this is a very small community. They can n probably will come n post up in The Sherwood or Humboldt House Inn or The Brass Rail till they run into you. Im speaking from my own experience. My fam took turns staying in the area till some found me. My mother n grandmother found me walking thru town, on a random rare day, i jumped behind a wall, i thought they were gonna kill me. Then i thought this is stupid, i got bk up n walked right up to them. They were so relieved to know i was ok. They hugged me like they never did before. We ate dinner that night & they left the next day. It been all ok since. They dont fully support my lifestyle but they ok with my choices cause they know im ok.
    If your out there by choice please contact your family, phone, skype, or in person. As crazy you might think they are or may be, they are still your family & obviously care very much, otherwise they would not be looking for you as they are now.

    • Well said…she has made choices with her life of her own accord…I have always been supportive of her, she knows Im not judgemental and am there for her. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  • I don’t know what the situation was for her at home. However, what I do know is. When I left my ex-husband, he kept putting missing person’s reports on me. When in fact I was in hiding do to him being EXTREMELY ABUSIVE to me. He filed 3 missing person’s reports on me.

    So with that being said. If she has contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Letting them know she’s ok and why she left. Then her family need’s to respect her choice of leaving.

    • Ok,but what if it wasn’t her,but rather someone else trying to be her to the cops.I don’t know but do the cops know her voice?I hope.and pray she’s ok.im sorry to her family,hang in there!!

      • OR being controlled by someone else…at this point we are not sure of her wellbeing…This is why we/I will keep looking for her.

  • I’m going to stop commenting on this site since my comments are getting edited to protect thugs.

    All I will say is please STOP with the negative comments. Her mother cannot take it and does not deserve this backlash. She is not crazy. She is not overbearing. She’s doing what any mother would do, I know my mom would react the same way if I went missing. The call Jess’ aunt got proves to me, she is being held somewhere against her will. And even if she willingly wants to be there, the people keeping her there are controlling her and her responses to people to protect their own asses.

    Kym, I know you mean well and I appreciate you sharing her story, but this has gotten so out of hand. Your update on the previous post says “located”. Located means to find the place or position of (something or someone). She has not been located. You have the right to delete and edit comments you see fit, it’s your site, I get it. But I dont think it’s right to edit the comments I made. I am not verbally attacking you, I am trying to get HCSO to take this case seriously with information that needs more in depth investigation. I know they are monitoring this post and the previous one.

    • Emily,

      “Located” means to me that the Sheriff’s Department knows where she was. While her family has not located her (and I do understand why they continue to search,) law enforcement no longer considers her missing. I need to tell my readers that.

      I am so sorry for what your family is going through. It sounds like hell. But while many of you seem to have decided that a certain individual is criminally responsible for Jess not communicating with you, there is no legal proof of it. I don’t allow accusations of criminal behavior without proof. I allowed it in the last post only because I felt that the nickname wasn’t an actual name and because I hoped that being able to share information would help the family. I don’t feel I can continue to allow it any longer.

      • The detective in charge, said Jess called in from her cell phone. They never located her by their own statement. They broke policy and closed the file, for now, with her not found, not located. Located in their policy means location noted, ref. Policy 332.8 HSCO, cell phone call in locates no one, call could be from anywhere.

        I would hope a simple check could have been done, but it was not, I checked myself, by contacting the detective’s superior. I guess I’m an investigative reporter too now, since I’m not afforded protections of a private person on your blog, and I have to do the investigative research for the facts.

        I spoke first with the detective assigned the case and whom closed it. This detective threatened me – “You need to watch what you say about people on the blogs.” He is a government employee, the 1st Amendment protects me from him. Yet he felt comfortable breaking policy to close the case, and threatening me. Care to investigate this?

        I wish I could believe your concern, however, there remains the following:

        You have a mountain of references from the people of Humboldt County, whom I believe are sincere, and truthful in their statements defending you, stating you are fact-driven, caring, and kind, considerate in your reporting.

        My investigative question is why have you ceased to be fact-driven, caring and considerate in Jess’s case? I can’t fathom why, it and Nines appear completely off the deep end in this case. Why?

        For instance, I fail to see where it has been alleged the person CRIMINALLY interfered with Jess communicating with people. It has been alleged the person HAS INTERFERED; that he or she is intentionally stopping communication from Jess is not in and of itself a criminal allegation, unless force is alleged. That’s a fact. She or he could be nagging her to death not to, interfering without criminal activity.

        You stated you had two sources, people known to you, that stated they had seen Jess, and Jess would contact her mother soon. Later, this was retracted somewhat. You failed to followup on those leads, which seemed like good ones. To date, you have not indicated you talked to those people again. That seems uncaring to me. I never demanded their IDs; I respect a reporter’s right to source confidentiality.

        I did ask for Nines’ ID, after defamatory remarks of Nines alleged I commit crime(s), and say I should commit crime, and further defame my character with false and repulsive statements, maliciously making public private information from Jess’s phone. Why is Nines exempt from law, and to your standards? Nines malicious attacks and criminal allegations remain unedited whatsoever.

        It seems pretty inconsiderate to me. It’s had a chilling effect on finding Jess, as less people are willing to trust me, to talk to me, with the defamatory remarks continuing to be published to this day. It further discourages people to openly talk about their concerns for Jess, for fear of Nines’s publicly humiliating them, as Jess’s mother indicated previously.

        I have requested repeatedly you stop publishing them, and issue a retraction. You have not. I demanded you identify Nines as a person who must be legally noticed for the defamatory remarks, you refused. I think that’s inconsiderate, considering I’m being damaged. You said even without the law, even without 1st Amendment Protection, Nines would not be identified. That seems to mean you are no longer fact-driven, but emotional or personal vestment driven.

        You stated you didn’t know the identity of Nines (but did the two sources for Jess being okay), so factually, you aren’t protecting sources. It seems inconsiderate to allow the blog to be used to assault my character, which is libelous as it is publicly published, and uncaring that it interferes with efforts to locate Jess.

        To everyone, I understand why you believe in Kym, you’re not wrong for it. I don’t believe that faith is being repaid well here. I’m sorry this is my belief. I believe that faith is being abused, and counted on by Kym. It’s not fair to any of you, and it’s not fair to me. I have a right to confront my accuser(s). And I believe we all have a right and reasonable expectation that Kym perform as she has in the past.

        I have pointed where I believe she has fallen short and evidenced why, I welcome discourse on this, backed with facts, because I readily admit I am not always right.

    • Woah. I swear I saw her at the celebrity DJ-b.j tent at Burning Man this summer?

  • i am sure the cop shop recorded the conversation

  • So some people think Jessalyn is no longer missing and family and friends know she is still missing. It has been stated she has been seen in the Humbolt area. As to her wellbeing and being it by her own choice has yet to be verified to anyone, ANYONE who has known her previous to September that is. That said, has ANYONE since spoken to her face to face, knowing she has choose to be there away from and not speaking to any family or friends who love and support her. I will wait and see how many replies I get, as I will be checking back.

    • ANYONE spoken to her face to face, knowing she has choose to be there away from and not speaking to any family or friends who love and support her. I see nobody can take claim to that, so quit saying she has been found.

  • Trying to respond to some commentary, I wasn’t going to at first, but I feel it’s disrespectful to ignore people who have issued statements regarding me.

    The person asking for my last name: Are you being serious? How many Malakkars do you know? My first name is as good as my whole name, I know of no others with it. But if you must have a last, it’s Vohryzek, because I do not hide, and if you’re serious about wanting it, it’s yours to have. Could you introduce me to the other Malakkars? I’d be interested in meeting them.

    When I’m not being engaged as a healer, I’m abrasive, combative, and not a sympathetic character. I make no apologies for it. It is partly what makes me the person I am, Part of that is I do not give up on people, even if they’ve made bad or stupid (IMO) decisions. No one should be condemned for a mistake or a bad call, not even if it costs your team the superbowl. That’s just my opinion. Yes, I used to watch the Carolina Panthers, so what?

    One trait I do have, is integrity. It’s never for sale, never up for grabs, and it demands I do the things I do. I told Jess I loved her and cared about her. That means, until she is found, until she herself confirms what is going on is her will, I cannot stop trying to confirm that she’s alive, she’s okay, that she doesn’t need help, that this is her will. I have yet to confirm that she’s OK, that she doesn’t need help, that this is her will.

    I make a promise to any of my loved people-if whatever happens to you, I will try to help you, I won’t abandon you. If you go missing, I won’t forget you, I will try to find you, or find out what has happened to you. Anyone who thinks this is crazy, obsession, and/or stalking, I feel sorry for, IMO you don’t know what it means to be given committed love and friendship. I hope someday this changes for you.

    From Jess’s angle? One phone call, 30 seconds, if that. “Malakkar, please don’t look for me, I want to be left alone.” Would be answered, “I’m heartbroken you say this. What do I do with your stuff?” and then, “Please reconsider, I love you and am hurt you want me out of your life, so don’t hesitate to call if you change your mind. Goodbye.”

    That’s it. None of this would have happened, This call has still not happened, and no one has been able to reasonably tell me why it hasn’t.

    I’ve been accused of obsession, of insanity, of stalking, of threatening, of being the true danger to her by finding her, of being an angry, rage-filled, ex-con, having my gonads invested in her, of being spurned, of being fat, greasy and disgusting, of needing to take LSD, of killing her, of suing her, of destroying her stuff.

    I’m a monk. I’ve been a celibate for over 7 years. I don’t care much about my personal appearance, but I’m hardly greasy or disgusting. Abrasive, sure. Cantankerous, at times. Self-righteous, uh, yeah, that’s happened, I’m not perfect. My gonads are invested in no one. Jess has never spurned me, because she has never been extended the offer, that is not how I think or act.

    I’m not forbidden to have romantic involvements, I’m a Taoist, but I’m not inclined, and they are not to distract me from my work. I am dedicated to freeing people from harm, incarceration, enslavement. Currently, Jess’s condition suggests she might be suffering the fate of what I am dedicated to ending.

    It would be insane to think I have a wish to kill or harm Jess, or that I would threaten her with anything other than an unpleasant dressing down if she was doing some malicious acts of cutting off communication voluntarily. I never intend harm for Jess, I was her healer, and would remain so today, were she in my presence and desired it.

    I can’t stalk Jess, she has no online presence. and her physical location is unknown, I can’t follow her. I haven’t seen her since 9/17/2015. Not once.

    My appeal request to HCSO is that LE makes physical contact, and if she needs help, that she go to Portland, where she is from and where her family is. How can I be obsessed with her, when my solutions for the missing person’s report don’t involve me seeing or contacting her at all?

    No one has stated here: “It’s reasonable Malakkar thinks Jess should call him and say not to look for her, she moved out to be left alone, and what to do with her stuff.”

    Is anyone willing to say, that based on the above, it’s reasonable to be worried? That my concerns are valid? That my actions exemplify love and caring, not insanity?

  • OMG Kat! I been hoping you find ur gal. I been checking back here hoping there is an update. I didnt talk to my parents long ago & this kinda reminded me of a bad time long ago. I been hoping she would call you all. Then i read his comment above, this dude is wack, insane, and what he said is more than enough to rise suspicion as to your relative whereabouts……especially when the dingus says this………………………..danger to her by finding her, of being an angry, rage-filled, ex-con, having my gonads invested in her, of being spurned, of being fat, greasy and disgusting, of needing to take LSD, of killing her, of suing her, of destroying her stuff……………………………………..sounds like a invert way of admitting wrong or doing something wrong. I would push this when trying to report her missing again or see what a private investigator or FBI can do. I believe you & her family that something is seriously wrong here. I dont know this dingus who wrote above but if he opened his mouth to me in town, with this shit coming outta his mouth, id walk fast the other direction. Please dont give up as hopeless as it may seem & your families love & perseverance will shine thru this dark time. I hope it will all be all ok in the end & that she is safe. I promise to keep a good eye out for your loved one. I work in town 5-7days a week. Take care

    • Thank you for your comments. In regards to finding Jess. I’m following the Churchhill model – never surrender, never give up. I’ve seen the first picture of her since she disappeared just this morning. It looked like a ransom note, and she did not look like shew was doing something she wanted. As I aided her in healing, it was a picture that didn’t feel very good to see, outside of knowing she’s still alive.

  • To everyone saying leave her alone: you enabled her captors. You were all wrong, she was being heavily abused. Jess escaped her captors a couple weeks ago. Shame on all of you, I’m mainly relieved that she’s safe, so I’ll keep my vitriol that I have for each and every one of you to a minimum. There’s nothing I can tell you, that you’re not already aware of — You know why the world is worse off due to your existence in it.

    You help them permanently damage my friendship with her, because early on, they recognized I was a problem, and began conditioning her to hate and blame me for her situation. One of her last statements to me, was that I saved her property from being destroyed so I’d have a reason to harass her and her family.

    Bear in mind, I haven’t contacted anyone in her family but her mother, who actually contacts me occasionally to see I know more than she does about what’s going on with Jess. 5 months is a long time, Patty Hearst was with the SLA for 2 months when she became Tonia, at 4 months she was robbing banks with them. I’m just lucky Jess’s captors weren’t quite so proficient, or alternatively she was more resilient to conditioning, otherwise the accusations would have been even more outlandish than they currently are.

    For those who weren’t part of the stupid lemming apathetical idiot contingent — those that offered support, and those that tried their best to help out: endlessly appreciated, many of you made a critical difference, and I cannot express how grateful I am to you, and how the world is a better place because you are in it.

    More specifically, Jess is better off because of it. She has a long road to recovery, but she is now safe and on that road. Because of the conditioning, I can’t be a part of it, which causes me great sadness, it hurts.

    As for Nines: now that she’s escaped, I will find out directly how you came to know what was on her phone. There is no legitimate way for you to have the knowledge you did of Jess’s phone’s contents — You will be held liable for whatever your participation has been in the abuse she experienced. See, I don’t “keep losing to this” anymore, now do I? Thanks for blowing your cover with that comment, it actually helped because I began to understand it wasn’t just one person, there was a crew of people involved in oppressing and abusing Jess, and you’re either one of them, or you’re friends with one of them. I’m guessing the latter, you seem like the Wizard of Oz Lion.

    Which makes sense, because everything I had gathered on Dimsong, indicated he is a village idiot, so how was he so effectively controlling and hiding Jess? Well, naturally, he had support! However, his support might be a little lacking, now that I make his real name, Dimi Alejandro Stones, public knowledge, alongside his Arizona bail jump on a case involving a 23 year old female, drugs, of course, evasion, impersonation, supplying false evidence law enforcement and theft, which now means he has a felony arrest warrant outstanding in Maricopa County.

    Innocent until proven guilty! Okay not a problem, but if we look to Arizona, that’s 1 outstanding case, he has 19 other cases, as his past times include suspected statutory rape, evasion, providing false evidence to police, fraud, theft, impersonation (you think maybe Jess’s postings were actually him? Could be!), and extensively, drugs, and also quite extensively on the petty level, vehicle violations and parking in handicap zones, just in case you thought he might display one mark of human decency. His vehicle is not smogged in California, which is also illegal and distinctly bad for the environment.

    What’s telling though is every crime he has been arrested (and almost all he’s been convicted, except on the bail jumping one pending) where a female is involved, drugs are involved. His theft cases without a female, he doesn’t get popped with drugs–coincidence? It’s almost like he uses drugs to take advantage of women with, and generally picks very young ones. He caught a case at 27 years old, escaped his arrest while handcuffed, but was caught the next day after a manhunt at a high school, where he was hiding out with his 17 year old “girlfriend,” and probably looking for new victims while he was there.

    Kym Kemp: this is my last demand, now made direct and public, instead of by reference and public – take down Nines’ defamatory remarks against me, it is damaging to my reputation and repugnant in its assertions.

    You have published it now for over 100 days, damage to my character is extensive. You were notified within 4 days of the original defamatory remarks of their existence, and my demand for them to be taken down, and a retraction given for allowing it to be published. To date you have neither ceased publishing nor have you made a retraction. This constitutes notice of liability, under theory of negligence, failure to provide due care, if not reckless endangerment. Your continued protection of alias Nines also incurs liability.

    I still will try to help you – your suppression of anyone naming the alias Dimsong, because he was not accused of a crime that you knew of, protected a person with a felony arrest warrant on him. You see, aliases aren’t names, they’re protection from being identified. Once Dimsong was identified as Dimi Alejandro Stones, suddenly he is a criminal, and there’s a felony arrest warrant out for him, and a bounty, as he jumped bail in Arizona. The diligence necessary to lend your protection should be at a minimum of finding out exactly who he was before giving protection. That way, you aren’t protecting a fugitive from the law, who also is a notorious abuser of women, and convicted dopehead, liar and thief.

    Perhaps you could take this to heart, and research who Nines is, since you’ve extended her protection as well. I’d hate to find out Nines was actually Dummy’s source of drugs used to capture and control women, and he showed her Jess’s phone with my text messages as how she got the info. That would be two felons you’d be protecting in the same blog posting! Given what we now know about Dimi Stones, is anything I’m saying really that outlandish?

    You don’t like me, I get it. That does not excuse breaking the law with allowing, and in fact through publishing, actively participating in the defamation of my character.

    It also doesn’t stop me from being right, in that your lack of diligence resulted in YOU protecting the alias of a fugitive from the law, a multiple felony conviction miscreant with an extensive criminal history. and pattern of behavior of abusing women, who was actively abusing Jess. I know by saying this, you don’t like me even more. Fortunately for both of us, I have no need further need to post on your blog, this wraps the case and what I need done in terms of legal liability.

    So, please take my words at face value. I’m not going hide that I dislike you for what you’ve done, as I see your behavior as having enabled the continued abuse of Jess, of her mother by Nines, and of me, because you had some personal dislike for me, or some desire to protect certain parties for unknown reasons, you had no transparency to the metrics of how you determine whom got your protection on the blog.

    I think reporters without transparency too easily become confederates, and that would be true of reporters trying to endear themselves to grow ops which most of your 2013 emerald cup statements indicate you have an interest in. I have not called you any names here, I’ve only remarked on your actions, and your words, and you can change both. I know your fanbase will hate me too, it doesn’t stop me from being right about this: you protected the alias of a fugitive, while he was abusing my friend.

    Perhaps my dislike of you is understandable, especially since early on, I did say you didn’t seem to be practicing diligence in your reporting, and I’m the one who brought the details of the fugitive to you. I’m not a reporter, I’m not an investigator, I’m a harm reduction worker who primarily does administrative work, and one of the shittiest Taoist monks on the planet. I shouldn’t be the one doing this, it’s not even close to any job description for work I’ve ever engaged in. I’m not qualified, just dedicated to helping my friend.

  • what happened? how did this end? Was there a cult? Is she safe?

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