Watch as Injured Man Is Lifted from Deck of Ship by Coast Guard

CapturePress release from the Coast Guard:

At 8:00 pm last night Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay responded to a request for assistance from the captain of the fishing vessel Northern Lights, located twelve miles west of Point Arena, CA.

A 48 year old man aboard the vessel had been struck in the head by a steel rigging cable and the crew aboard the Northern Lights was unable to stop the bleeding. Fearing for his shipmates’ life, the captain requested assistance from the Coast Guard to evacuate the stricken crewmember. The Sector Humboldt Bay Command Center worked quickly to launch a 47’ Motor Life Boat from Station Noyo River from Fort Bragg, CA and a helicopter from McKinleyville, CA.

After making the hour long transit to the Northern Lights, the flight crew of RESCUE 6558 piloted by Lieutenant Commander Tombo Jones and Ensign Scott Swann located the vessel and began rescue operations. Flight mechanic, Matt Lawrence worked to deliver rescue swimmer, Adam Carr through the ship’s swaying booms and complex rigging to the deck of the vessel. Once on board, Carr assessed the injured crewman and called for extraction.

The aircrew then lifted the crewman through the rigging and brought him safely onboard the aircraft. After recovering the rescue swimmer from the vessel, the crew transited to Ukiah airport where an awaiting ambulance delivered the injured fisherman to the Ukiah Valley Medical Center. After being diagnosed with a fractured skull, the extent of the man’s injuries required further transport to Santa Rosa Memorial Trauma Center where he is receiving treatment.

Lieutenant Commander Jones said, “Great job by the personnel of the Northern Lights in calling the Coast Guard early before the injury became too critical. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

Please direct any questions to Sector Humboldt Bay at (707) 839-6113.



  • Hope the crewman comes through okay.

  • Great job to the Coast Guard crew for a job well done. Hope the crewman recovers quickly Sending prayers to him and his family

  • man, those cg people are FEARLESS…how lucky are we all to have them at our beck and call.
    a big thank you from me, kids!

    but…nothin’ personal here…i hope to never need to see you for your type of business call.

  • Hit in the head with a cable! He probably saw some northern lights. Thanks Coast Guard your better than the best!

  • Wow! The men and women of USCG are very impressive in courage and athleticism in their work. But when they helped us fold clean clothes for homeless vets at the Standdown they were very humble. We are blessed to have them so near.

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